From the start, I knew I was going to be satisfied with the Zapps Mesquite Bar-B-Que chips. Give me a barbeque kettle cooked potato chip and I’m a happy snacker. Though it’s my favorite type of potato chip, I can still be objective in my reviews.

What Zapps gives you with these chips is reminiscent of a quality piece of grilled barbeque chicken or some good ribs. By that, I mean the sauce isn’t too heavy. Far too frequently restaurants slather tons of sauce onto an average (or subpar) meat and expect you to enjoy it. What Zapps did here was to put enough of the flavor into the chips to make it enjoyable, but they don’t overwhelm the senses.

The flavor is a typical mesquite offering. On the most part, it’s a smokey style, giving the snacker the idea that someone took care to grill it well with the appropriate amount of charring. There’s still plenty of times while eating these chips when you get a little sweetness, which is always a great addition when a chip has some smokiness.