Zapps Hotter n Hot Jalapeno ChipsAll of the different Zapps chips I’ve had were enjoyable, and while the Hotter n Hot Jalapeno flavor option is a good chip, I do have a problem with them.

They’re not that hot.

There’s certainly a bit of heat to the chips, but it only comes in the after-taste. While it’s hotter than the other flavor options from Zapps, I expected more from a chip called “Hotter n Hot”. I was hoping this would be a chip that forced me to drink some water or milk to quiet the burn, given the name

Zapps did capture a good balance between jalapeno flavor and heat. Some chips usually do one of them well but not both. Only one other jalapeno chip I’ve reviewed is better than the Zapp’s variety, and those two snacks aren’t likely to be located in the same store.

I prefer some of the other Zapps varieties more, but if you’re looking for a spicy chip and you’ve got the option to have some Zapps, pick up a bag of these.