Zack Snyder teased it yesterday, but straight from his Twitter feed, we get our first look at the new costume for Batman AND the new Batmobile for the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie!

Brace yourselves!

Zack Snyder's Batman and Batmobile

Zack Snyder’s Batman and Batmobile

The Bat-Suit

batman-noel-cowl-batmobileSo obviously this Batman cowl looks a little different than what we’ve seen in previous movies. The ears aren’t very long and it has a more pronounced forehead. Just as some people had mentioned, it’s similar to what he wore in Dark Knight Returns and somewhat like Batman: Noel.

Zack Snyder mentioning that the photo was taken in Monochrome is probably for a reason… and that reason is probably because of the coloring of the suit. I’m expecting that the symbol, cape, cowl and gloves are going to be black, but the rest of it’s going to be a gray color, or even a deep, dark blue. Several people have mentioned that this batsuit is going to be different than anything we’ve seen on screen before, and I don’t think they’re just talking about the logo.

There’s no word at this point whether or not that’s actually Ben Affleck in the suit (I’d doubt it, but it’s possible), but one thing is for sure: this Batman is RIPPED! I had heard reports that Ben Affleck was working with the same trainers he used to get in shape for The Town, and they had mentioned he was getting BIG, but this suit is showing some serious muscle on Batman, even if it is partially just shaped to look that way.

The Batmobile

This looks a lot more like the Tumbler from the Christopher Nolan series than any of the prior films. The huge tires, the cockpit, the armoring. Because this is supposedly an older Batman, it would make sense that he’d only be fighting the BIG fights, and so a sportscar similar to what he had in the animated series isn’t going to fit the need. Besides, Bruce Wayne already has Lamborghinis.

Here’s a look at the back of it from Zack Snyder’s tweet yesterday:


So there doesn’t appear to be a place from which the Batmobile has flames coming out as exhaust, which is a departure from how a lot (if not ALL) of the previous Batmobiles were designed. This vantage point also gives more credence to the notion that this is less of a “sporty” car and more of a war-time vehicle.

I’m just glad they didn’t go all out and do the Bat-tank from Dark Knight Returns.

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