WWE ratings are down and they’re in serious need of some revitalization. I don’t know that anything that occurs on WWE TLC 2015 will be the turnaround, but it could play a vital role in some storylines that help turn things around.

Here’s what should go down on the event if they want things to go in the right direction.


Ryback should lose to Rusev

Back when Rusev was a dominating force who didn’t speak much English, he was actually valuable to the company. The past few months, Rusev and Lana have had their values drop considerably. Two huge assets to WWE who need revitalization, and this is the best place to start. Ryback doesn’t lose much with a defeat here, and honestly, he’s not a guy who can (or should) make it to the main event in 2016 anyway. Rusev is capable of being there.

Alberto Del Rio should keep the United States Championship

Despite what we’ve seen from him since his return, Alberto Del Rio is a great talent. He’s not my first choice to be World Champion, but I have no problem with him as the third-tier title holder. I would, on the other hand, have a problem with Jack Swagger holding the belt. If WWE wants to get their money out of Swagger, which I’m not convinced they want to do, they can eventually give him the United States Championship. But I wouldn’t do that until it’s time to take the next step with Del Rio and have him challenge for one of the two higher-tier titles (or even the tag titles). Until then, let Del Rio help put over some other talent by feuding with them over the United States Championship.


Increase the Wyatt Family Dominance

Eventually Bray Wyatt needs to take the spot that The Undertaker is ever-so-slowly vacating as the supernatural bad guy of WWE. He needs to be in the main event. He needs to be a World Title contender. While The Dudley Boys deserve to be tag team champions again in the near future, there’s no reason to put over Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno at this point. Having The ECW Originals win might be a feel-good-moment for people who remember ECW, but in the bigger picture, it’s a step in the wrong direction. Most of the fans who remember ECW and are enthusiastic enough about it to still chant its name are probably fans of The Wyatt Family anyway. They would’ve fit in with the company perfectly.

The New Day should retain the titles in the Three-Way Ladder Match

The Lucha Dragons are super talented but aren’t good on the mic. They need someone to be part of their team who can talk. Perhaps in the future, Alberto Del Rio is the right person to lead a three-or-four man group including the Lucha Dragons. Or Mark Henry. Either way, their time isn’t now. And I need to see some evolution of character from The Usos, and winning championships doesn’t do that. Losing championship matches to a heel tag team is a good way to bring about a situation which could produce character growth. I want them to turn heel, or at least find a way to better differentiate between the twins. Do something with them other than just have them wear facepaint on different sides of their face. Most fans would probably agree that The New Day is the best thing going on in WWE right now.

Charlotte should retain the belt against Paige and turn heel if possible

The right thing to do is to continue Charlotte’s title reign. Paige winning the belt does little good if Charlotte is still around. The Diva’s division still needs her here, and she can still do good things atop the card. If Charlotte can retain the belt and do the double-switch turn with Paige, it could really help out the division. Ric Flair was much better as a heel than as a face, and his daughter could get the same. The division would benefit from Charlotte turning heel and facing the likes of Becky Lynch of Brie Bella. If she’s staying face, she could face Naomi and Sasha Banks in the near future, but those ladies don’t have enough heat at the moment and could benefit by gaining some heat before getting a title shot. Paige has already had matches with Brie Bella, Naomi and Sasha Banks, so those aren’t fresh options. Either way, Charlotte is the right way to go.


The Feud between Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose should continue

Two of the best talkers in WWE, the feud between Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose has been a disappointment thus far. It’s a far cry from what it could be… what it SHOULD be. They could have legendary moments together, and thus far, nothing. I’d even mostly say that it doesn’t matter who wins the match, so long as the feud continues.


Sheamus should retain the World Championship against Roman Reigns

I’m probably in the minority, but I want to see Roman Reigns with the World Championship. I think he’s a great wrestler and could be a key factor in turning things around. I’m also not a huge fan of Sheamus, as champion or not, but now’s not the time to take the belt off of him. Build it up a little more until the win means something. Perhaps just one more month.