Tonight is the 2011 Tables, Ladders And Chairs pay per view, and it marks the return of WWE pay per view predictions here at GuysNation. We don’t just have one person predicting… we’ve got the dueling perspectives.

United States Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Zack Ryder

Stan Grubb: With rumors swirling about Cena possibly reffing this match and Kane being in a feud with Cena, I’m picking Ziggler due to Kane interfering. I figure he’ll chokeslam Cena, then Ryder, then leave. Ziggler makes a cover, Cena comes to, and Ryder pays for Cena’s issues.

Jer: I’m a little torn on this match. I feel like Ziggler is doing a fantastic job of just being a consistent heels that puts forth awesome performances night after night, but I’m also on the Ryder bandwagon because you simply can’t deny the charisma and drive that this dude has. Both have made great use of social media to get their characters even MORE over, so this will be a fun match. I’ll predict that Ryder gets the upset because they’ve been building towards this for awhile.

Another IWC Jerk: Zack Ryder. It’s time to see what he can do if given a chance. It’s also time to push Ziggler up to the Main Event slot.

Drezzy: The match, itself, will be solid. Ziggler has proven to be a fantastic in-ring talent, especially by WWE standards (though he’d likely be able to fit in on any roster in the world and adapt comfortably,
that’s the kind of worker he strikes me as), Ryder is solid as hell and brings the old-school fan interaction kind of psychology, and on top of that? They’re good friends outside the ring. Good friends tend to bring the best out of each other. I could see this being one of the better bouts of the night, even if it’s been overdone a bit. As far as a prediction goes, I see Ryder getting the belt, if only so they can build Ziggler towards the main event where he’s been proving more and more that he’s going to be sooner rather than later.

Nathan: Ryder. He has to win, I mean what else has this push been for? If he doesn’t he faces the danger of becoming all talk. Dolph is primed and ready to move up to the main event and there’s no reason for him to continue to hold the title. Of course that is probably why Creative will have him retain.

Rob: Dolph Ziggler is far more entertaining and far more talented, but that speaks to the fact that he needs to be in the main event. He’s ready. He doesn’t need to continue with the United States Championship. Even if the “creative” forces determine that Ziggler isn’t ready to move up to the big time, this is the right spot for Zack Ryder to take the reins of the division. There are plenty of feud possibilities for him, and that’s what needs to happen to reignite a division which hasn’t been exciting in YEARS. Time to make Ryder an actual champion, not just a self-made man.

Tables Match
Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

Stan Grubb: I can’t seem to get excited about this. That’s most likely due to Randy Orton being in this match. I pick Barrett because I support the barrage.

Jer: Barrett is a good worker and he’s great on the mic, and Orton always gives it a 100% and he makes pretty much all the matches he’s involved in memorable. I’m assuming this “Barrett Barrage” push is going to move forward, so I’ll say Barrett wins.

Another IWC Jerk: Randy Orton. Winner most likely replaces Show/Henry in the Main Event slot next PPV. As much as I want to go with Barrett, Orton’s been losing an awful lot lately. I expect Orton/Henry going into 2012.

Drezzy: Orton’s always a blast to watch. There, I said it. Barrett is a great character when they give him direction, but his ringwork has always struck me as average (plus, the Wasteland has usurped the FU/Attitude Adjustment as the worst in the E for me). There’s a gimmick in play, which means we’ll see a lot of teases of table bumps, but the fault of Tables matches comes fully into play here: how do you build to one
spot that’s been done ad nauseum since the mid-90’s? Granted, the core audience right now is children, so they’ve never heard of Sabu or Public Enemy or even the Dudley Boyz, all workers who used table spots
as a prime part of their matches, but I’m feeling a little disappointed in this one. It’ll likely be solid and Orton giving Barrett the RKO through a table will get a huge pop (shit, Orton gets a huge pop when he looks at the crowd a certain way), but it won’t do much for either man long-term.

Nathan: Barrett. I’m torn on this one. If WWE wants Barrett to be legit, then they’ll have him go over Orton in the Tables match. But what would that do to Orton? He’s been putting others over lately and he’s due for a big win sooner or later. If he does end up losing, it could be motivation on the road to his Wrestlemania match.

Rob: I agree with Nathan. Barrett needs this win, though Orton should probably win the feud.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Cody Rhodes (c) vs Booker T

Stan Grubb: The fanboy in me wants to pick Booker but logic says Rhodes wins by pulling tights or something. It would be cool, however, if we saw a title change and this feud continues.

Jer: This will be interesting. I don’t like Cody’s new direction, I much preferred the masked tortured soul gimmick, and if you want my honest opinion it’s a mistake to revert back to the “Dashing” persona. Regardless Cody seems to be the fast track to success, so I’m almost 100% sure that he’ll go over Booker T.

Another IWC Jerk: Cody Rhodes. If WWE proves me wrong, it begs the question: WHY??!!

Drezzy: This has the potential to be fun if it’s WCW/WWE Booker in the ring and not TNA Booker. Given how he was only in TNA to collect a paycheck? I think we’ll get good Booker. He’s charismatic, he’s a solid hand, and Cody’s proving to be a solid combination of his older brother and his father: knowing how to get the crowd to eat out of the palm of your hand while also working your fucking ass off when you need to. Cody retains, of course, but we’ll get a solid bout out of it.

Nathan: Rhodes. Simple, no reason for Booker to hold the title, he’s just there to put over Rhodes.

Rob: I’d like to see Booker T return to LIMITED active competition, but I like him as an announcer. I also like Cody Rhodes as the Intercontinental Champion.

Kane vs John Cena

Stan Grubb: This hasn’t been confirmed yet but, if it gets confirmed I’ll pick Kane. Something about the teased heel turn by Cena seems to tell me he hasn’t struggled enough yet.

Jer: I am INCREDIBLY excited about this match. WWE has made the rare and greatly desired move of doing right by the fans and breathing new life into the Kane gimmick. I feel like this is an evolutionary phase for Kane, and my sincere hope is that the jobbing will stop and Kane will remain in the upper bracket that he deserves to be in.  I can’t recall ever seeing Cena & Kane feud, so this is fresh, and it has so much potential. I see Kane going over cleanly to fully establish his newfound “big red machine” status while the feud continues until Cena gets The Rock at Wrestlemania.

Another IWC Jerk: The no-brainer is Kane. If this match happens.

Drezzy: Should this match happen? Meh. As far as ringwork goes, neither man is anywhere near my Top 100 of people that I’d like to watch, though both men have proven they can bust out a solid match when they really need to. Kane’s return, if handled properly, could be an excellent send-off to a career that took nearly a decade to properly take off.  Essentially, I just want to see Kane give Cena a Tombstone…and
change the top of his ring gear because it looks lame as all hell. If the match is booked? Kane wins, furthering the tease of Cena turning heel that they’ve been working on since before Survivor Series.

Nathan: Kane. He makes the most sense since he’s just come back and needs the win in order to establish his dominance. No one better to start with then Cena.

Rob: Not that I fully expect this match to happen, but I could see John Cena winning by disqualification, with Kane destroying him and Cena getting frustrated with the outcome.

Sledgehammer Ladder Match
Triple H vs Kevin Nash

Stan Grubb: There’s a lot of people out there complaining about this match even taking place. Why? Well look at the combatants. Hunter and Nash are known for putting themselves over at the expense of those they work against. In this situation, we run the risk of seeing a slow paced, methodical, brawl rather than a spotfest that today’s fan seems to prefer. I, for one, am excited to see this take place. I pick Triple H simply because Nash hasn’t done anything to show that WWE is investing anything in him following this feud.

Jer: This will be hard to watch, because I really detest Nash. Trips will try to get a good match out of him, but there’s only so much you can do with a stiff dinosaur like that. Trips takes the win.

Another IWC Jerk: Triple H. I can’t see Nash going over, especially with a ladder involved. On a side note, seems odd to see [object] on a Pole Match replaced with a Ladder Match.

Drezzy: Wicked McMEH. The only HHH matches of the last, oh, 6 years I’ve enjoyed whatsoever have been his ones with Jeff Hardy, and Nash… well, I really think they were onto something in TNA with Nash as a obsessed with getting paid and nothing else (since that, by many accounts, is the closest portrayal to his real-life personality, for better or worse). HHH/Taker from WM27 has divided the fanbase between
those who hated it and those who loved it, and I’m a part of the first camp, so this match…no. HHH/Rock in a Ladder match back at SummerSlam ’98 worked because they focused on settling the DX/Nation feud and worked a solid heated brawl around the ladder, but this? I don’t think this will work. At all. If you’re looking for a prediction? HHH wins because I don’t think they trust Nash to be able to climb a ladder.

Nathan: Winner = No idea, but it sure won’t be the people in attendance since they will have to sit through this travesty.

Rob: I’ll play fantasy booker for a moment… how about Sean Waltman shows up, helps Nash get the Sledgehammer, and then Triple H gets dropped, only for someone like Road Dogg or HBK to show up to stop Nash & Waltman from completely destroying him.  Either way, Nash is my pick for winner.

WWE Heavyweight Championship Chairs Match
Mark Henry (c) vs The Big Show

Stan Grubb: Mark Henry. The best monster heel in the business today will take down an already irrelevant Big Show. I stand by my pick said a few weeks ago on my show, Daniel Bryan vs Mark Henry at Mania.

Jer: They’ve had a solid feud so far, but I think Henry retains once again here. I believe his monster push is starting to wind down, and I think they’re saving his big defeat for someone else on the roster besides Big Show.

Another IWC Jerk: Mark Henry. Though, this one might end screwy just like the rest of their matches. Can’t see them putting the belt on a babyface Big Show, unless Barrett beats Orton.

Drezzy: They’re obviously doing something right with both men if fans are actually excited to see them work another match together, and giving them the Chairs stipulation, as opposed to the Ladder or the Tables, makes the most sense given both men’s limitations and how heated their feud has gotten since it started. There’s no way in hell they’re going to end Henry’s awesome reign right now, so he’s retaining. Expect a couple of big spots, but the match itself won’t be good, but with these two? It’s all in the presentation.

Nathan: Henry. What the hell is a Chairs match anyway?

Rob: I wouldn’t take the belt off of Mark Henry yet, though I’m not sure how Big Show comes out of this match without looking like Mark Henry has his number.

WWE Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match
CM Punk (c) vs The Miz vs Alberto Del Rio

Stan Grubb: How does either Miz or ADR qualify for this spot? Miz has been on the ride of his life until he started tagging with Truth. He is a terrific villain and could have a great feud with Punk. He went on a losing streak that really weakened his stance in a main event, however, so he’ll need a strong showing. ADR is already in the WWE doghouse due to a waning interest in him from fans. Classic example of too much too soon. I pick C M Punk, the only logical choice.

Jer: Punk retains. This match will be great, especially with the addition of The Miz. Del Rio is a very stale character, but he is good in the ring, so we can bank on that much at least.

Another IWC Jerk: CM Punk. I can’t see why they would take the belt off him so soon. This match can also potentially be a late candidate for WWE Match of the Year.

Drezzy: IF PUNK LOSES WE RIOT. That’s a sign that’s popped up a few times since Money in the Bank. If they’re going to take the belt off of Punk and give it to either man, both of whom he has some solid chemistry
with (you can put him in the ring with anybody but Undertaker and get a good match, though)? It’s here and now. ADR wrecked his arm at the Slammys via Cross Arm Breaker with a ladder, and Miz has proven time
and time again that he understands how to be a great heel despite his average-at-best ringwork, so this is one I’m not going to predict. If Punk wins? He overcomes the odds of working against two heated and ruthless rivals with an injured arm. If Miz wins? It’s through pure trickery and cunning skill, likely taking advantage of Punk/ADR fighting each other. If ADR wins? He’s going to cheat (well, cheat as much as a No DQ match allows him to), but he’s going to grab the belt decisively.

Nathan: Punk. Del Rio is on his way out of the main event, Miz is just getting back in and Punk continues his long deserved lengthy reign at the top.

Rob: This would be a decent way to put the belt on The Miz without CM Punk taking a direct fall, but the title has been swapped around too much in 2011 for my liking, so I’d keep the strap on Punk until after Royal Rumble.


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