In a somewhat shocking turn of events, WWE has suddenly decided to take its once moribund Tag Team division seriously. Daniel Bryan and Kane are top stars that hold the belts and to top it off there is an 8 team #1 contender’s tournament to determine who will face the champs at Hell In A Cell. With that field now down to four, Rob and I sit down to take a look at who remains and their respective odds.

The Rhodes Scholars

Rob: Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow are quite the talented team, but thus far they don’t have a lot of experience. They beat the Usos in the first round of the tournament, and I’m thinking they’re going to fare well against Ryder & Santino, but I don’t know that they’d stand a chance if they get to the finals against Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Nathan: They’re my favorite to win it all. The team gimmick works well and they have good chemistry in the ring. Its true they don’t have a lot of experience and each guy’s singles career is on hold, but they have a ton of potential as a top heel tag team. If anything they can provide for some great promos.

Rob: I’m sure the things Sandow will get to say about them will be classic, and the match will happen eventually, but I’m not sure they’re even going to get the pay per view title shot.

Nathan: The main reason I think they’ll win the tourney is that Mysterio & Cara will beat the PTP who will in turn cost them against The Scholars. Mysterio-Cara vs the PTP seems to be a brewing feud

Rob: I’d like to see the Prime Time Playas beat Ryder & Santino in a feud before having a storyline with Rey and Sin Cara. It would give the Prime Time Playas a chance to go up against a pair of guys who can both drive things forward on the mic, which isn’t something Sin Cara is going to do. Ryder and Santino both have those skills.

Santino Marella & Zack Ryder

Nathan: To me they’re the least likely to win the tourney. They’re basically two comedy guys Creative threw together because neither of them had anything going individually.

Rob: Agreed. The odds that they’d beat the Rhodes Scholars is very, very low, and a victory there would lead me to believe that the Prime Time Playas were advancing from the other side of the bracket, and I don’t see Zack & Santino winning that one either. Team Hell No is gaining good reviews for their pre-taped segments and a significant fan-following, so they’re not going to have them turn heel any time soon.

Nathan: Plus both Ryder and Santino’s acts are each wearing thin, so we can safely write them off.

Rob: What’s the possibility that one of them turns heel after they lose the upcoming match?

Nathan: Zero, because that would be totally out of character for Creative. If anything Ryder will be the one to turn heel because it’s been hinted at on his YouTube show

Rob: I’ll agree that there’s a low likelihood, but it could be a good idea. They’re clearly not willing to push him as a face, and he could easily ramp up the annoyance factor of his gimmick to get some good heel heat.

Prime Time Playas

Nathan: I thought they would lose most of their heat when AW was fired, but they’ve managed to stay effective. Titus in particular can be the menacing mean guy on the mic whereas D-Young probably should stay silent. They’re one of the young, rising teams and I don’t think they’ll win the tourney, seeing as they’ve already gotten their shots. However, they are one to watch.

Rob: I think a win for them would be a good thing, though not very likely, as that would mean Ryder & Santino would come out of the other semi-final match. I like the fact that they emerged from the other lower-card guys as the viable team in the group. And frankly, I’m glad they lost AW, because I didn’t feel like he added much to their pairing, and this forces Young & Titus to improve – which they probably wouldn’t have done with AW around. I hope this match serves as a way to shine more light on two young talents, and the tournament helps them move forward into a tag team feud after the pay per view.

Nathan: Yeah they can do decently without a mouthpiece to generate heat.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

Rob: The masked warrior and the heir apparent have been paired up and put to tag team action, but will Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara get the opportunity to run with the championships? I don’t think they’ll even get the title shot at the pay per view, but they certainly add some additional visibility to the growing division.

Nathan: I agree that Los Luchadores wont get the title shot, mainly because it would then be face vs face Their partnership is more to give the division a boost and lead to the heavily rumored Wrestlemania 29 match. whether one of them turns heel for that remains to be seen.


Rob: Are their any other pairings you would’ve liked to have seen enter this tournament? I think Alberto Del Rio pairing up with David Otunga or Ricardo Rodriguez could’ve been good for the tournament, replacing Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel.

Nathan: I actually like the team of Kidd & Gabriel. Two high energy guys who are massively underused.

Rob: I agree that they’re under-used, but the fact that Ryder & Santino beat them didn’t really say anything. They’re low card guys without any heat. If Ryder & Santino found a way to beat Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez, they’d get a good reaction from the fans out of that.  In the long term, Kidd & Gabriel should get involved in more things and get the opportunity to show their talents, but that’s not what happened in their first round loss.