We have just 48 hours left before WWE presents the OVER THE LIMIT pay per view event, and we don’t have a full card yet. Smackdown is set to give us the final “go home” moments leading us to decide whether or not to buy the pay per view… and it should be an intriguing time, but it’s also a sad time.

As a long time WWE fan, I’m quite sad by the news that “Macho Man” Randy Savage died this morning. He was one of the greatest competitors in the history of this business, and he was one of the first guys I’d consider to be a superstar.

But this article isn’t about Randy Savage, so let’s get down to business.

Match – Christian vs Sheamus

Wow, a pre-taped backstage interview with Sheamus standing in front of a generic green curtain is shown during Sheamus’ entrance? What is this, the early 90’s with WWF Superstars?

With everything that happens in wrestling these days, why does the referee even admonish Sheamus for considering a vertical suplex to the outside? What makes him think that Sheamus is going to reconsider his next offensive move just because a referee wants him to keep the action in the ring?

How pissed is Mark Henry going to be backstage when he hears the comments from Booker T about how Sheamus is “the real deal”, and Christian has a tougher opponent than Orton (who faces Mark Henry later in the night)?

Outcome – Christian wins by roll-up pinfall

After the match, Mark Henry shows up and works over Christian, with Sheamus getting involved and actually working with Mark Henry despite having feuded with him briefly a few months ago. Randy Orton starts to show up, but then he just watches the attack for a minute, letting Christian get beaten down a little bit longer. What’s that all about? Even with Orton acting like a dick, the fans are still going to cheer him as loudly as ever, right? Frustrating…

Backstage, the Bella Twins are being interviewed by Todd Grisham (otherwise known as the man most likely to be a heel announcer in the year 2016), and while Todd tries to ask the tough question about how the champion Bella Twin abandoned her sister on RAW to let kHARMa annihilate her, the Bitchy Bellas agree amongst themselves that they both would’ve done that to the other, so they’re okay with it. How great is that sort of attitude after LayCool just split up a month ago over a similar potential spat?

Match – Natalya vs Brie Bella

Am I the only one who still can’t tell the Bella twins apart? If anyone has any hints, I’d love to hear it… Maybe one of them moans more in the ring (it would have to be Brie, because I can’t imagine Nikki moaning more than what I’m hearing from Brie right about now).

Did Natalya really let her offense get stymied because her arms aren’t long enough to reach the Bella Brie who was hanging over the middle rope? Why not just reach between the ropes?

Outcome – Brie Bella gets the win by pinfall

Did Josh Mathews just mistake Zeke Jackson’s name for “Phil Jackson”? Maybe I’m hearing things…

Zeke Jackson hits the ring and talks about how he had big plans when he joined Smackdown, and that things didn’t work out as well as he had wanted to. Apparently he wanted to make an iMPACT, and I’m thinking someone should’ve told him the best way to do that would be to join TNA, not Smackdown.

According to Zeke, it’s written in the Book Of Ezekiel that Wade Barrett’s title reign is going to end on Sunday… and I think Zeke needs to be worried about whether it’s written into the WWE Creative Team’s book.

The Corre shows up, no surprise there, and before they can make the attack, they’re stopped by Teddy Long, who sets up a six-man tag match to take place…

Match – Zeke Jackson, Big Show and Kane vs The Corre (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater)

So the main things we have to suspend our disbelief about with this match:

1 – Big Show and Zeke Jackson can get along with one another despite having heated exchanges two months ago

2 – Big Show and Kane have work-rates good enough to be involved in Smackdown AND RAW

3 – Heath Slater still belongs on a mainstream roster

Is that the first time Kane has ever had to make a hot tag? How unlikely was it that Heath Slater was the one who caused Kane to need help from his tag partners?

Outcome – Zeke Jackson gets Justin Gabriel to tap out to a Torture Rack

So… two days before Zeke matches a up with a guy as big as Wade Barrett… they have Zeke debut a submission hold that he can only use once he hoists a guy up onto his shoulders? Not smart.

Glad to see Christian noticed how long it took Randy Orton to show up to help him not get beaten down. Christian claims he’ll be at 100% at the pay per view… and I’m wondering if maybe Christian’s going to get involved in the main event, causing Randy to get a beatdown similar to what he suffered.

For the first time in recent history, Chavo Guerrero shows up for a match… and it’s not only being televised (Dark Match Heroes, FTW), but it’s on a mainstream show, and he gets mic-time beforehand!

Apparently Chavo thinks he’s part of the random superstar picker from the WWE Draft, because he says he’s the reason Sin Cara is on Smackdown.

Chavo Guerrero says he’s going to beat Daniel Bryan in 5 minutes or less… and something tells me that’s less of a personal goal and more of a requirement from the production staff.

Match – Daniel Bryan vs Chavo Guerrero

How great is it that they’ve actually got a countdown clock shown on the screen? Not since the old days of the Beat The Clock stuff on episodes of Smackdown over a year ago have I seen something like this, and I like it.

Did Booker T just say Daniel Bryan “might be the real deal” just because he’s doing well in a match against Chavo Guerrero…? Maybe he missed the fact that Daniel Bryan is a former United States Champion, having beaten former WWE Champion The Miz to get that belt.

Outcome – Match ends in a draw because Chavo can’t get the pin in under 5 minutes.

Back in Ring Of Honor, if Daniel Bryan Danielson had a match end this way, the fans would’ve chanted for the match to get 5 more minutes… but Chavo will be lucky to get 5 more minutes of in-ring time in May.

Hold up… Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase coming to the ring together…? Didn’t they just wrestle one another a week or two ago? I’m not questioning whether it’s a good idea for Ted DiBiase to align himself with Cody Rhodes, because DiBiase’s career was certainly circling the toilet drain the past few weeks…

Wow, and Cody Rhodes gives Ted DiBiase a bag to wear over his head… and he does it? Ah, they’re goofing on the fans, as DiBiase is calling himself Corpus Christy, the name of the city the show is in tonight.

Match – Ted DiBiase vs Trent Barreta

Is anyone else excited to hear Trent Barreta get a decent reaction from the fans? It sounds like he got some new theme music, too.

Whoa, anyone else impressed with the short-arm enzuigiri by Barreta?

Outcome – With almost no transition, Ted DiBiase locks in the Million Dollar Dream sleeperhold and hits a slam to pick up the win by pinfall.

Aftermath – Cody Rhodes lets Ted DiBiase put the paper bag on Trent Barreta’s head.

Match – The Great Khali vs Jey Uso

The only thing I’m wondering about this match is how long it takes for the Indian guy Khali has been at odds with the past few weeks shows up.

One minute. The guy shows up with a microphone and Khali simply leaves the ring.

If this guy wants Khali to be less of a push-over, he should convince Khali to keep his eyes on the match he’s in.

Whatever Jinder Mahal said to Khali, it worked.

Outcome – Khali destroys Jey Uso in a minute after returning to the match

After the match, Ranjin Singh gets taken out too, and Khali is uber motivated again.

Match – Randy Orton vs Mark Henry

Early in the match, Randy Orton is getting the beatdown by Mark Henry… and is it possible that as Orton grows his hair out, it’s the opposite of Samson from the Old Testament, and Orton is actually getting weaker because of his hair?

Did Booker T just watch as Randy Orton did his signature taunt to setup for the RKO and pretend to have some sort of unique insight into the fact that Orton was about to setup for something big? 95% of the people in the arena knew what Orton was setting up for, and 2% of those people caught a glimpse of what was going on with the aid of a monitor while standing at a bathroom urinal.

Outcome – Randy Orton wins by DQ as Sheamus shows up and gets involved

If Sheamus and Mark Henry don’t end up becoming a tag team, I’ll be disappointed.

Christian lets Sheamus and Mark Henry double-team Randy Orton, and I guess turnabout is fairplay.

To end the show, the main eventers end up standing tall and glare at one another as Orton holds the title belt between them.