The last show prior to Night Of Champions is the September 17th edition of Smackdown.

Let’s get down to it.

How great is it to see Christian back in the ring for the Peep Show after hardly getting a chance to do anything following ECW being switched to NXT?  Back in the day, I used to really enjoy these segments – both in WWE and TNA.  He’s great on the mic and just seems really cool.  Not that Christian needs any additional fans – most people seem to like him as it is… now WWE Creative need to start allowing his popularity to help shape their bookings.

Is anyone disappointed that Christian is basically being used to help Alberto Del Rio “get over”?  I have a feeling that after these two finally have a match, Christian will once again fade away and Alberto Del Rio will continue to move up the card as WWE’s latest pet project.

Did anyone else notice that during Alberto Del Rio’s entrance, he wasn’t beeping the horn of the car he used to enter the arena bowl?  I know there are reasons for wanting to use sound effects instead of actually using the car’s horn, but Del Rio should at least pretend.

Interesting sidenote:  Christian asked Alberto Del Rio if he was the man who was in the pre-taped vignettes, or if he was the guy running around Smackdown and RAW attacking people.  Christian was implying that Alberto Del Rio was two-faced.  In spanish, Dos Caras is a term which translates to “two faces”… and it’s also the name Alberto Del Rio used while wrestling in Mexico.

When Christian listed those gimmicks he “outlasted”, how many of them was he actually in WWE for?  Seems to me that he was in TNA for a couple of those things.

Non-Title Match – Hart Dynasty vs Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes

The announcers mention that Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes have only aired up in a match once before tonight.  What would it say about the WWE Tag Team Champions if they lose the belts to a team which has such little experience together?

Was anyone else impressed when Cody Rhodes actually went to attack Tyson Kidd as Kidd was “skinning the cat” (often times the opponent is oblivious to their fellow competitor flipping back up into the ring during the “skin the cat”), only to have the series of moves include a missed baseball slide by Cody Rhodes and a between-ropes dropkick to the outside on Rhodes?  I can’t think of too many examples of innovative spots like that happening on RAW.  Interesting sidenote:  Bret Hart mentioned in his autobiography that he HATES it when people do a “skin the cat” move, given how it typically results in the opponent being oblivious.  I wonder what he would think of Tyson Kidd using it tonight on Smackdown.

I wonder how the Detroit fans felt about Matt Stryker likening some of the action in the ring to Mike Modano skating on ice… since Mike Modano has yet to actually play a game for the Red Wings, just acquired a month ago in free agency?

Outcome & Final Thoughts:  The Hart Dynasty lose after a failed attempt for the Hart Attack 2010 (with some provident outside interference).  Counting the blessings:  at least it was considered an “upset”, and at least the World Tag Team Championships will be defended on Night Of Champions – 30 minutes ago I had my doubts.

Is anyone else surprised at how clear Kofi Kingston’s english is?  I could’ve sworn that when he debuted, he had a Jamaican accent.

Match – Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger

We may be getting Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler for week 11 out of the past 12 at the pay per view on Sunday, but at least it’s not happening here tonight on Smackdown.

The announcers keep selling the fact that Jack Swagger could end the match at any time with his ankle lock and Kofi needs to be careful, but isn’t Kofi’s Trouble In Paradise kick more deadly swift?  It can almost come out of nowhere, and people escape the ankle lock.  Once someone’s hit with the TIP kick, the pinfall becomes elementary.

Outcome & Final Thoughts:  There you h ave it, the Trouble In Paradise connects and it leads directly to a pinfall victory for Kofi Kingston.  Does anone else feel like Kofi Kingston’s string of great matches are no coincidence?

Did anyone else get up to go get a beverage of choice when they found out a Hornswoggle segment was coming?  If only I could skip it.

Once Hornswoggle can talk, is he going to be les annoying or more annoying?

Was anyone else anticipating the suggestion of an exorcism when you saw the nun working with Hornswoggle?

Match – Kelly Kelly & Rosa Mendes vs LayCool

I’m struggling to remember another time when Rosa Mendes actually competed in a match.  is this her debut?  Is it possible that this is the first time she has wrestled in 2010?

Does Rosa Mendes have a tattoo on her right side, just below her… ribs?

Outcome & Final Thoughts:  Rosa Mendes looked like she might try a suplex, which would’ve been interesting to watch as you don’t see that much during womens matches, but she gets kicked and Layla El gets the pinfall after executing the Lay-Out neckbreaker.  I suppose a different outcome wasn’t really an option, but I could certainly see this match happening again a month from now and a different outcome.

Is anyone else surprised that Michelle McCool rigged the raffle to make it so that she would get to wrestle against Melina at Night Of Champions instead of Layla?  I’m not, an it was a nice way to add tension between the two.

Speaking of raffles, if you leave a comment on the full version this article at, you will be entered into a raffle to get a free shirt.

Match – CM Punk vs Christian Cage

The first person to correctly respond to the version of this article with the answer to the following question gets their name entered TwICE in the shirt raffle:  When CM Punk comes out through the curtain for a match, he drops to a knee and yells something.  What does he yell?

In mentioning Punk’s upcoming match, did anyone else think it was kind of lame and mis-spoken when the announcers referred to Punk’s opponent as “The Giant The Big Show”?

Nice mention by the announcers that Christian said Alberto Del Rio has “two faces”.

Outcome & Final Thoughts:  Christian was holding his own but Alberto Del Rio provies the assist by distracting him, allowing CM Punk to hit the Go2Sleep.

Is anyone else amused that Alberto Del Rio is still ducking Christian, even after he pretended like he had reconsidered a pay per view match?  This feud could continue beyond Royal Rumble if WWE played their cards right.

Are we yet again given a Kane / Undertaker segment as the main event of the evening?

So apparently Kane was hoping all along that his match with Undertaker would be no holds barred?  Why didn’t he just request it himself?

If the Undertaker is having such troubles tracking down Kane, why would he make a big grand entrance?  Why not just do the Gong Lights Out Sudden Appearance entrance like he has in the past?  Isn’t he a bit worried that Kane would disappear before he could get there?

Looks like Kane outsmarted The Undertaker again, getting the lights to momentarily shut off so he could appear behind ‘Taker and attack him.

Whatever happens, how much better is the non-match main event this week, given that there’s actually some physical involvement? They didn’t just talk to one another this time around.

The announcers just mentioned that Kane using the Undertaker’s moves is an ultimate sign of disrespect… but I thought immitation was supposed to be the truest form of flattery?

If anyone out there is good with editing videos along with music, I’d love to see a fan-produced hype video for this feud using the song “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better”.  If someone does a good enough job with that request, I’d certainly send them a shirt.

Final Thoughts:

Very pleased that they’re going to have a World Tag Team Championship match at Night Of Champions.  I was worried… and getting a little frustrated.  They still need to put more emphasis on that division, as it’s a huge part of the industry they’ve been basically ignoring, and one of their tag team champions (Tyson Kidd) is one of the most electrifying competitors on the WWE roster.

Is anyone else glad that Alberto Del Rio isn’t booked to face Christian at Night Of Champions?  There are enough matches as it is, and it’s a good way to help get people to hate Alberto Del Rio by having him avoid facing Christian.

No MVP on the show?  I would think they’d want to feature him more, since he gets a good reaction from the fans.

If the WWE is going to consolidate / unify their Women’s championships into just one belt, why would they even have NXT Season 3 be all women?  There are plenty of Divas in WWE right now who don’t get much screen time, and now they have less opportunity to fight for a championship?

With Kane dominating The Undertaker ever since the Dead Man’s return, doesn’t it seem likely that ‘Taker would probably beat Kane at the pay per view?  I think that’d be the worst decision WWE could make.

Prediction Contest for Night Of Champions to follow in a different article either tonight or tomorrow.