It’s Friday Night, time for the blue show (which, sadly, doesn’t include any of the elements which factor in to make comedy “blue”)!  We’re a few days removed from RAW’s King of the Ring, and because a RAW competitor won the tournament, there shouldn’t be too much direct fallout from it, but there are things we can expect.

Rey Mysterio cost Alberto Del Rio his semi-final match against John Morrison, so you would think that those guys are going to interact tonight.

Drew McIntyre got counted out of his match during the King Of The Ring against Ezekiel Jackson, but I highly doubt he’ll be following that up with a continuation of that feud with Zeke.  Likewise, Cody Rhodes was unsuccessful in his first round match, getting kicked by RAW competitor John Morrison, so he’s without a feud as well.  What will those two guys be doing tonight?

Jack Swagger seemed upset when he lost to Kofi Kingston last week in the qualifier match.  Will things continue between them, or is that a one-time deal?

Who’s next up to face Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship?

Speaking of Ziggler, now that Kaitlyn is the winner of NXT, what’s the next step in the saga between Kaitlyn, Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.

We start things off with Rey Mysterio showing up, and he talked about how he screwed Alberto Del Rio out of the King Of The Ring tournament semi-finals because ADR screwed him out of the qualifier match.  Makes sense, I suppose.

Alberto Del Rio shows up, and for the first time ever, I see Del Rio pay someone to protect his car.  After all these weeks and all the cars he’s used for his entrances, wouldn’t you think he would of thought of that already?

I can understand Rey Mysterio saying he’s not afraid of Alberto Del Rio, but shouldn’t he be at least a little more cautious with his fiery speech when he’s sitting prone atop a ten foot ladder?

Match – Ziggler & McIntyre vs MVP & Kaval

As I’m assuming most people have heard by now, MVP got his release from WWE to pursue his options in Japan.  How sad is it that MVP starts getting a push again, gets paired up in a promising duo with Kaval, only for him to leave WWE?  Smackdown won’t feel the same without him, and this is a big disappointment for the tag division, which could’ve had a decent team with Kaval MVP.

Did anyone else catch the comment by one of the announcers regarding two covers being a blanket?  Is it sad that I chuckled at that?

Am I the only one who doesn’t watch Jersey Shore and just heard the “Grenade” term tonight for the first time ever?

How is it that in wrestling, you can’t punch someone, you can’t choke someone, but strikes to the back of the head are illegal?  The differences between pro wrestling and MMA surprise me sometimes.

Is it just me, or does this crowd seem to be one of the more exciteable audiences WWE has had in a while for Smackdown?  They seemed way into this match, unless WWE is piping in extra reaction through the speakers.

Outcome – Dolph Ziggler gets the pin on Kaval after a little distraction by Vickie Guerrero and some interference by Drew McIntyre

Kane shows up, he’s looking for Edge, and he wants Paul Bearer back.  Am I the only one who agrees with Kane that “this has gone on way too long”?  If I have to sit through another episode with tomfoolery of Kane chasing Edge around with Paul Bearer in a wheelchair, I’ll be doing plenty of fast forwarding on my DVR.

The Slammy Awards are coming up in two weeks as RAW gets yet another 3-hour episode, and while I’m looking forward to it, it begs the question:  has Smackdown ever had a three hour episode?

Oh look, a RAW Rebound!  Who… would’ve… thought.

Kane looks around backstage, chases a wheelchair-pushing Edge, can’t catch up, watches a dummy in a wheelchair have something shoved onto him… and I was fast forwarding, just like I’ll be doing if that sort of segment happens again later tonight.  Which it will.  Because the Blue Show Creative team seems to be out of ideas for the World Title for the meantime, or else they don’t understand the concept of angles getting STALE.

Tonight, Edge and Kane face off with the winner getting to pick the stipulation for their match at the TLC pay per view.  Why do I seem to think the stipulation is going to end up being “if Kane wins, he gets Paul Bearer back”?

#1 Contendership Spot for the Intercontinental Championship – Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger

Just as a sidenote, I did a poll last week to find out which wrestler fans wanted to have qualified for the King Of The Ring, and Jack Swagger won.  By a significant margin.

The announcers make a good point.  Why does Kofi get another chance at the Intercontinental Championship?  We saw Kofi vs Dolph something like 8 straight weeks.  Kaval gets two matches and that’s it?

Wait, you mean we’re still halfway through the match and Kofi hasn’t beaten Jack Swagger yet?   YEAH, like we’re going to get Jack Swagger (HEEL) facing Dolph Ziggler (HEEL CHAMPION) for a title.  Not unless Kaitlyn starts to make Ziggler more of a face.

As Kofi Kingston got the advantage of the match out of the ring, have you ever seen a series of moves which were all as innovative as what Kofi did?  Leaping through the ropes, leaping over the steel step to cause Swagger to run into them, then the Superman punch springing up off the steps?  Quality exchange for sure.

I need to start watching these episodes of Smackdown earlier in the evening.  Watching it later at night, while a necessity given my son who’s not yet a year old, makes it tough to enjoy matches like Swagger vs Kofi, which I’m sure is a really good match, but my yawning is keeping me from enjoying it as much as I could.

If Jack Swagger had Kofi Kingston up into position for a powerbomb, why didn’t he just throw Kofi backwards back-first down into the mat?  It’s basically his finishing move, and yet, just tossing Kofi off of his shoulders sets things up well for Kofi.

Outcome – Kofi Kingston wins after a Trouble in Paradise kick from outside the ring as Swagger was coming out there to get Kofi.

Did anyone think Jack Swagger was going to win that match?

Did anyone else think it would’ve been a better idea for Swagger to have won?

Why does Kane keep thinking that Edge is actually doing things to Paul Bearer?  Does he know by now that Paul Bearer is the winy little bitch who’s never around when something awful happens to an object in a wheelchair?  Next time he sees something like that, maybe he should ignore it.

Match – Chris Masters vs “Dashing” Cody Rhodes

Did anyone else hear Michael Cole talking about how he was happy that the TLC pay per view was in Houston, but then he didn’t answer when Matt Stryker asked if that was close to home?

I like the fact that Cody Rhodes is working some technical wrestling into his moveset.  That hammerlock chokehold he did was impressive, especially because he used his leg to keep the hammerlock synched in.

Outcome – Cody Rhodes wins with the Cross Rhodes

Is anyone else a little disappointed that Cody didn’t get hit in the face?  He didn’t get to do his little frustrated / pouting / tantrum bit.  It wouldn’t have taken much extra time to work that into the match, and it would’ve helped continue to build Cody’s persona.

Why do we need a recap for the things Kane and Edge and Paul Bearer have gone through over the past few weeks?  It’s all basically the same and we’re all basically tired of it, so do we really need a recap of what happened a couple times during the first half of the show?

Match – Rosa Mendes vs Layla El

So after all that time jumping rope and doing other backstage exercises, Rosa Mendes finally gets an opportunity to get into the ring and I don’t know how many people are interested, but I’ve heard she was decent in the independents.

Outcome – Layla wins with her LayOut neckbreaker, ending the match early with Michelle McCool getting involved

So LayCool attacks Rosa Mendes after the match, Hornswoggle shows up to stop them, eventually resulting in Beth Phoenix showing up and clearing out both members of LayCool, continuing things between them.  It’s nice to have feuds in the Diva’s Division that don’t revolve around the title belt, as there are plenty of Divas who are highly under-utilized.

Now we’re getting Swagger’s mascot showing up because he has beef with Hornswoggle?  If they get a match on pay per view, I’ll be disappointed.  If they get a Smackdown match, I’ll be angry.

Did anyone else worry about the mascot’s beak when Beth Phoenix helped out Hornswoggle with her inverted front layout bomb finisher move?

We get our second RAW Rebound of the night, and if there’s any Smackdown fans who hate RAW and support Team Blue in any of the RAW vs Smackdown battles, the overwhelming RAW Rebounds are probably a big part of the reason.

Apparently Michael Cole is going to wait until Monday to address what he did to help The Miz retain the World Championship.  Not giving any love to the Smackdown audience?  Shocked.

Match – Kane vs Edge

So the main question is this:  Will the match end with enough time tonight to allow us to find out what the stipulation is for Edge vs Kane at TLC, or will we get a cliffhanger and be forced to tune in to Smackdown next week (even though the folks at RAW could tell us)?

If Kane wanted Paul Bearer back, why not slam Edge down, then head backstage and find him?  Or maybe even get other heels on Smackdown to look for Bearer for him while he and Edge are in the ring.  He could easily threaten them, or even bribe them with a guaranteed title shot or something.

The failed chokeslam by Kane with Edge on the outside made me realize that this is the first time in a while that we haven’t seen Big Show on an episode of Smackdown.

So just when Edge is prone in the ring, Kane starts to heed my advice to go find Paul Bearer, encouraged to that end by Paul Bearer showing up on the big screen above the entrance stage, and when kane changes his mind and gets back to the ring, he immediately pays for his poor choice to not look for Bearer.

Outcome – Edge spears Kane right after Kane gets back into the ring which leads directly to a pinfall.

Edge picks his stipulation, we don’t have to wait for next week, and what’s the big shocking announcement?  At the TLC pay per view, Edge picked the TLC match as their stipulation.  Ugh…  The Rated R Superstar should be renamed (if just for tonight) to Captain Obvious.  They made us sit through all of that stuff just to get to an obvious stipulation?

Paul Bearer is back on the big screen claims to be on the ramp, and his wheelchair is clearly teethered to a tow truck, and you don’t have to be a genius to know where this one’s going….  Edge drives the tow truck away from Kane before the champ can get there.

Does anyone else think that these segments should be edited all together and put to some Benny Hill music to show just how absurd they are?

Another decent episode of Smackdown is in the books, but it feels a little lackluster because of the rise-and-repeat nature of the Kane & Edge stuff.

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