Last Monday’s WWE Draft and the Tuesday Supplemental round left things in a crazy state. The current RAW roster resembles Smackdown from a year ago, and the current Smackdown roster is a world of potential. Randy Orton showed up via the draft, as did Sheamus, but no one else coming from RAW has a World Championship on their resume… unless you consider the Ring Of Honor World Championship reign of Daniel Bryan (Danielson).

Every Friday night, GuysNation does a write-up for Smackdown to go along with the same type of article for Monday’s RAW. It’s one part recap, one part Seinfeld-style hmor, one part common sense.

I suppose I shouldn’t ever doubt the power of WWE’s production crew, but I’m impressed that they’ve already updated Smackdown’s opening video to include Mark Henry, Sin Cara, Randy Orton and Tyson Kidd among others.

Josh Mathews says the face of Smackdown has been significantly altered… but with Kofi, Dolph, Swagger, McIntyre, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and Big Show all on RAW now, he should’ve more accurately talked about a face transplanted to RAW.

Randy Orton kicks off the show, and during his entrance where the fans are cheering loudly for him, he actually says “wow” off mic, meaning he very likely wasn’t expecting such a response. Someone tell Randall that they don’t pipe in the fan noise just because they have the ability to do that on tape delay.

Keeping up with the fact that he’s unfamiliar with how Smackdown works, Randy introduces himself to the crowd… and I guess he doesn’t realize that they’re still part of the WWE Universe. Five years is a long time, but come on, Orton, you should know what Smackdown is all about.

He’s got a problem with CM Punk, this much we know, and before he can ramble on about that, Orton is interrupted by Drew McIntyre, who reminds everyone that he’s moving to RAW… and I’m getting the idea that he’s not getting a pleasant goodbye.

McIntyre wan’ts to rudely welcome Orton to the Blue Show, tries for the Future Shock DDT… and gets an RKO for his troubles.

I’m not even going to waste my time by asking if you saw that coming…

So Orton tries to continue, but he’s again interrupted, this time by Alex Riley, who can no longer hide behind The Miz and will have to stand on his own… making me think he should team up with another guy in that same situation, Brodus Clay. Anybody else think that would be a great team?

Before A-Ri gets a word in… BAM, RKO!

Orton tries to continue, and this time he’s interrupted by Alberto Del Rio…

ADR and Company (Brodus and Ricky Ring Announcer) start to get squirrely, talk about attacking Orton, but then Christian shows up to even the odds. Teddy Long shows up and does what he always does in these situations… he makes a tag match for later in the show.

Kofi Kingston gets booked on Smackdown tonight, despite being drafted to RAW, and he gets flattened by Sheamus.  I’m not even sure this match is going to even get started.

The United States Champion celebrates the fact that he just flattened Kofi without even needing a match. The most impressive part about it might’ve been how Sheamus dodged the pyro exploding during Kofi’s entrance.

Michael Cole gets his time on the mic and introduces Jack Swagger, who is going to be facing Sin Cara tonight in Swagger’s last match on Smackdown.

Match – Jack Swagger vs Sin Cara

How great would it be if Chavo Guerrero were to put on a mask and pretend to be Sin Cara, only to get beaten and we wouldn’t find out for a couple weeks that it was Chavo all along?

Sin Cara definitely not the juggernaut I thought he was going to be. They’re having him sell a lot for his opponents, which he does a decent job of – not only against Swagger, but the other week as well!

Michael Cole gives Jack Swagger a belt and tells him to use it on Sin Cara, but the Mexican superstar hops up onto Swagger’s shoulders and rolls into a pinfall before Swagger can react.

Outcome – Sin Cara wins by pinfall

After the match, Michael Cole berates Jack Swagger, and I’m thinking this isn’t going to work out well for Cole when Sunday rolls around.

The same “KHARMA” promo they showed on RAW was shown to the fans of the Blue Show, repeating the “doll head ripping” and the highlighting of “HARM” in her name as she laughs. This is going to be good… and I’m going to have a tough time not calling her “Awesome Kong”.

Tag Team Championship Match – Big Show & Kane vs The Corre (Gabriel & Slater)

Why in the world is Justin Gabriel wearing his Corre shirt like it’s a skirt?

Did anyone else think Big Show was about to demolish Justin Gabriel with that Chokeslam, and that all the “quick tagging to keep Big Show down during the commercial break” talk from the announcers was just to try to make The Corre look better?  Very nice reversal to the chokeslam by Gabriel.

Is anyone else hoping that The Corre loses this match so that we have a better chance of seeing Justin Gabriel vs American Dragon?

Justin Gabriel needs a South African nickname.

Gabriel and Slater avoid a dual clothesline, which begs the question: Is this the first time that three chokeslams have been reversed in a single match?

If it has happened before, did the ending to that match feature two chokeslams which were completed? This was like a chokeslam exhibition!

Outcome – Big Show & Kane win by pinfall

Backstage, Rey Mysterio is wished well by The Great Khali, and I wouldn’t have even mentioned that segment except that Khali and Rajin looked star-struck as some other Indian guy shows up and they talk for a moment (in Hindi or Urdu) before the guy walks off… and does anyone know who that guy was?

Mysterio hits the ring and he says goodbye to the Smackdown fans, reminding him that their journey together can continue if they tune in on Mondays, because they’ll always be part of his 6-1-9 family. Does he really think that Smackdown viewers don’t watch RAW? There are two rosters, but there’s not exactly two groups of fans…

Mark Henry shows up, gets a mic and talks himself up, showing a little bit of his new “heelish” attitude.

Match – Mark Henry vs Rey Mysterio

Booker T on commentary says he wouldn’t want to change places with Mysterio right now, in there with a Grizzly Bear… and I guess that’s why it’s a good thing that Booker retired, because he doesn’t have to think about being in those positions.

Can you imagine how huge someone would have to be for them to have the same size differential to Booker T that Mark Henry has with Mysterio?

Does anyone else cringe when Rey Mysterio does the spot each match where he gets thrown under the bottom rope and he does a forward roll on the outside? If he messes that up even a bit, he could break his neck.

Mark Henry takes a huge spill on the outside, falling over the steel steps, and this move to Smackdown is already reminding me that Mark Henry is a good performer who is fairly agile for a big man. It’s a shame he didn’t get much time to work on RAW, but I suppose this is the reason they have the draft, to help make up for situations like this.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Mark should be World Champ anytime soon…

Saving us from needing an outcome to this match, Cody Rhodes shows up and helps build up towards the Extreme Rules match he has coming up with Rey.

Outcome – Match ends due to outside interference

In a great decision by the Smackdown Creative staff, Mysterio gets thrown back into the ring, not to finish the match, but to help get Mark Henry over, as the big man gives Mysterio a huge slam.

Continuing his gimmick, Cody Rhodes gets into the ring with the paper bag and puts it over Rey’s head as a mask.

Michelle McCool shows up, and this is the first time she’s had a singles match that I can remember for a long while. I was thinking they’d probably have her fight someone and have Layla interfere, but I guess they’re pushing fast forward on this feud…

Match – Michelle McCool vs Layla El

Michael Cole starts talking about how McCool is probably going to dominate Layla, but the young British Babe is doing a fine job of going toe to toe with McCool McTaker.

Outcome – The brawling stays outside too long, the match results in a double count out, and this will have to continue another week.

Layla wants a No Countout / No DQ match at Extreme Rules. McCool accepts… with one condition. Loser Leaves WWE.

God I hope it’s McCool who loses….

Christian is interviewed about his title match for Sunday night when he faces Alberto Del Rio, and Captain Charisma says that last week was the first time he put his hands on the World Championship because he felt like that was the first time he had really earned the right to do that… and the folks at TNA and NWA have to be a little frustrated about that.

Main Event Time – Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay vs Christian & Randy Orton

Nice Ferrari as his entrance automobile of choice for Alberto Del Rio… and I wonder how cool he thinks it is to drive those expensive cars week after week.

Booker T says this match could go all night thanks to the cardio training of Christian and Randy Orton… but I guess he doesn’t realize that it would suck if that happens because those of us watching on television wouldn’t get to see the outcome… unless they had some creative editing and well-timed commercial breaks. There’s only 15 minutes left in the show.

Anyone else really enjoying the skills of Brodus Clay?

Do those RAW & Smackdown shirts being worn in each match get on the nerves of anyone else? I understand having them wear the shirts to the ring for a match or a promo… but once the match starts, why not have them just wrestle like regular? They feel too generic like this.

Anyone else want to wager that Brodus Clay eats an RKO and gets pinned to finish this match?

King Kong Hippo is back in the ring with Christian, and he should’ve known to close his mouth before that second missile dropkick, because every person who has ever played Punch Out! knows that’s when you hit him to knock him down.

This must be King Kong Hippo Version 2, because he was actually able to get up off the mat, and it’s ADR who gets back into the ring to work over Christian.

Anyone who has been watching RAW the past year, is there any doubt that Randy Orton is going to get into this match to finish things off?

For a moment, it seemed like Orton was going to give Alberto Del Rio a send-off via RKO, but ADR avoids it, and he allows me to be prophetic.

Outcome – Randy Orton gets the win by pinfall after a RKO on Brodus Clay

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