It’s time for the Friday Night show, and I have tons of excitement as I anxiously delve into this edition of Smackdown, which I have been anticipating since 10:10 pm EST on Monday night, when Edge announced that he was retiring.

Forget all the secondary angles and championships, I want to know what’s going to happen with the World Heavyweight Championship which Edge has not yet lost.

I’m assuming they’re going to strip him of the title and put it up for grabs at the pay per view, but there are other possibilities.

Maybe Alberto Del Rio will be awarded the belt tonight?  He is the number one contender.

Maybe ADR and Christian will battle for it tonight?  They were deemed the top options for #1 contender last week.

Perhaps a tournament will be setup, culminating at Extreme Rules?  Maybe they won’t make us wait that long.

With The Undertaker likely on the shelf, Dolph Ziggler moved over to RAW and Drew McIntyre already wearing a championship, this could be the time for someone new to step into the title picture if they don’t want Alberto Del Rio to hold the belt just yet.

Could they bank on Cody Rhodes?  Will Kofi Kingston finally get his opportunity to be showcased as a top talent?  Might Rey Mysterio get another reign?  Maybe Big Show could break through the glass ceiling they’ve seemingly put above his tall head?

Smackdown’s got the answers to our questions!

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Alberto Del Rio is starting out the show, and he’s got one of his nicest cars yet – a cassic 1950 Rolls Royce.  Is anyone else surprised that he returned to the car rental entrances?  I thought that was over after Wrestlemania.

With a warm (by which I mean HEATED) reception from the crowd, Alberto Del Rio surveys the scene, and you get the idea that he’s surveying the dominion he’s soon to rule over.

In surprising fashion, Alberto Del Rio says that this night is not about him, it’s about Edge, and he puts over Edge’s accomplishments – all the titles Edge has won over the years, all his passion.  ADR says he didn’t want to get the championship in that manner… and he’s got the fans eating out of his hands.

Del Rio gets some boos from the crowd when he says that he’s willing to allow Edge to show up and hand him the championship.  Instead of Edge, we get Teddy Long, and that Playa Hater is walking with purpose (thanks Booker T), and I’m guessing he’s not HANDING Alberto ANYTHING.

Teddy apologizes to ADR and says no one is handing anything over.  He says that Alberto won the right to face someone at Extreme Rules in a ladder match with the World Championship on the line, but his opponent?  That will be whomever wins the Battle Royal main event match tonight!

ADR gets frustrated and says there’s a conspiracy, and Teddy says that’s just how they roll on Smackdown.  Alberto says he’s glad that he hurt Edge and forced him to retire.  Apparently Alberto thinks it’s Edge’s destiny to end up a cripple.  Long tells ADR to shut up, and then he leaves.

Any chance there will be a dual winner of the Battle Royal, and it’ll be a three-way ladder match at the pay per view?  I realize RAW is doing a three-way, but it’s not a ladder match, and it wouldn’t be the first time (or the last time) that Smackdown directly copies RAW.

Match – Ezekiel Jackson vs Kofi Kingston

There’s already a three-man announce team (Booker T / Josh Mathews / Michael Cole), and now they’ve got all three of the other members of The Corre joining them?  Good thing Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater are mostly silent…

On commentary, the Corre members are arguing about which one of them should win the Battle Royal, and then Zeke Jackson throws Kofi over the table at them, knocking them all to the ground.  Power struggle in full effect?

Just when I was thinking that they were going to go a different way with this match, Kofi didn’t get much more offense at all.

Outcome – Zeke Jackson gets the victory by pinfall

After the match, Zeke basically puts everyone – including the rest of The Corre – on notice that he’s going to win the Battle Royal and go on to win the World Title.

Time for LayCool’s couples counselling.  Michelle McCool is bitter because she doesn’t think they’re a couple, and then she denies that they’re even really friends.

While Layla just wants to be equals, McCool makes fun of her for being short and non-blonde.

We cut to the ring, where Cody Rhodes is giving a promo from underneath the hood of his leather jacket.  Rhodes doesn’t feel vindicated by having beat Mysterio at Wrestlemania, and he questions whether or not a Battle Royal victory and a World Championship would even be able to erase his “disfigurement” at the hands of Rey Mysterio.

The only time Cody will apparently feel vindicated is when he disfigures Rey Mysterio and makes him a monster that his kids will fear.  Rey Rey has heard enough, and he rushes the ring, trades shots with Cody, and then he hits a modified 6-1-9 into Cody’s gut, leaving him to walk from the ring.

Coming back from commercial, we get the same awesome, creepy Awesome Kong promo that we did back on RAW where she flicks the head off of a little doll, and I still wonder whether she’s going to be a heel or a face when she shows up, if she’s trying to kill off the dolls.

Match – Drew McIntyre vs Rey Mysterio

The announcers question how Rey is going to be able to concentrate with Cody Rhodes running around backstage.  I’m curious how Drew McIntyre can concentrate, knowing that he didn’t live up to WWE’s expectations prior to Wrestlemania, and that failure is keeping him from continuing a storyline where he could’ve ended up with Kelly Kelly as a girlfriend!

For the second time tonight, someone evades the 6-1-9 and attacks Rey in the process.

How sick was that spot where Drew swung Mysterio into the security barricade from the power bomb position?

After a decent match, the move that ends it was one of the more basic moves in Mysterio’s repetoir, a splash from the top rope right after McIntyre fell from the 6-1-9.

Outcome – Rey Mysterio wins by pinfall

They show a nice little hype video for Edge, and tomorrow GuysNation is going to present an Ode To Edge article.

Edge walks through the backstage area, and for the second show in a row they break character to give Edge a decent send off.  Something about this seems a little contrived, but for now I’ll just assume he actually is retiring.

For what could possibly be the last time, Edge’s music hits and he walks the isle with the World Heavyweight Championship, which I’m guessing he isn’t leaving the ring with.

Edge gets on the stick and says he’s being forced to retire, and then he reminisces for a moment, first about his entrance, then about some of his past matches, referencing some of our favorite Edge moments from his career.  After saying what the fans’ reaction means to him, Edge says he wants to go backstage and get one more opportunity to do his entrance and feel the reaction from the fans.  I don’t think it’s going to happen exactly like that, and I’m just waiting to see who gets involved…

Edge stops halfway down the ramp, his pyro shoots off, and I’m still expecting someone to jump him from behind.  He slides into the ring, and it looks like I was wrong, he wasn’t going to get interrupted during his entrance.

Apparently Edge is happy to wear his suit tonight, and JC Penny is happy they got some free advertising.

Does anyone else think it’s a crazy coincidence that Edge gets to make his farewell address in the city where he won his first World championship and came up with his “Edge” name?  Should we absolutely believe that?  Could someone verify the World Title part and leave a note as a comment?  You’ll get a shout out on Twitter and/or Facebook, whatever you want.

The entire segment progresses to fruition, leaving the belt in the middle of the ring, exiting up the ramp… and no one interrupted.

Was anyone else wondering who Edge was talking to backstage? I’m guessing it was Rosa Mendes, but they could’ve given us some sort of clue.

Very fitting for Alberto Del Rio to show up and offer a handshake, only for Edge to walk away after ADR winks at him, showing his level of sincerity.

And we follow up that moment with another touching moment… a Kelly Kelly match.

I kid, I kid…

Is this article no longer rated PG?

Match – Kelly Kelly vs Layla

Uh oh, more strife?  LayCool doesn’t even do their signature ass-first spin-around atop the ramp, and you better know that Layla realized it.

Kelly Kelly gets most of the offense in the match, and in the end, she would’ve been counted out of the ring if it weren’t for Michelle McCool rolling her back into the ring, just to get destroyed by Kelly Kelly.

Outcome – Kelly Kelly gets the pinfall victory

After the match, Layla tries to reconcile with McCool, but Michelle simply shoves her backwards, head over heels.

Is anyone else thinking that it’d be a cool to find out that Kelly Kelly is getting some angry aggression by learning a few things from Drew McIntyre?  Tie things together and give that hot blonde some depth already…

After a recap of Undertaker vs Triple H from Wrestlemania, it looks like it’s time for the main event… and I’m curious to see if Booker T just gave away the ending to this Battle Royal, as he says he can’t wait to see Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio at Extreme Rules.

Is anyone else having trouble picturing Big Show in a ladder match?

Battle Royal Time

I understand this is Smackdown’s championship, but they could’ve used this opportunity to bring someone over from RAW.  Some of the guys in the ring obviously aren’t going to win it… no matter how much I would enjoy Trent Baretta getting a pay per view main event opportunity.  He did get new ring attire, which I guess is a decent start.

Wow, Big Show eliminating himself as he clotheslines Ezekiel Jackson over the top rope?  I guess Booker T didn’t flub it after all.

What if Jack Swagger wins?  Does that mean he has to pull double duty at Extreme Rules?

Commercial note – did anyone even know there was a show called Sanctuary?  Am I seriously missing out on something good, or is this another “MERLIN” type show which gets hyped on the channel but isn’t worth the effort?

When Curt Hawkins had Rey Mysterio on his shoulders, was anyone else thinking that there was no way… NO WAY that Hawkins was going to eliminate anyone, let alone Rey Mysterio?

How many of you actually didn’t realize that was Curt Hawkins without being told?

Wouldn’t it be crazy if they had Brodus Clay win the Battle Royal?  It would be a crappy main event at Extreme Rules, but it would be interesting.

As I see Kofi Kingston get eliminated by Wade Barrett, am I the only one thinking that they’re missing a huge opportunity?  Hopefully they’ll do a main event match between Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston for the Heavyweight Championship at some point, but it won’t be at Extreme Rules.

Christian eliminates Tyler Reks, and I’m thinking about how that guy’s career is like a yo-yo… in the hands of a young child who has no idea what they’re doing with it.  I’m not saying he’s a great wrestler, but they can’t seem to decide if they want to do anything with him other than asking him to grow his hair out and wear it in dreadlocks.

Was there anyone in this match, aside from Curt Hawkins and Brodus Clay, who was less likely to get a World Title shot than Chris Masters? Yoshi Tatsu would’ve been a better choice.. and I’m not surprised that Master got eliminated.  There was a nice spot right after that where Justin Gabriel helps eliminate Wade Barrett, then remains until the final four.

Is anyone else shocked and amazed at how quick Justin Gabriel is?  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check the spot where Gabriel avoids the 6-1-9.

It’s all down to Jack Swagger vs Christian in the final two after Michael Cole sacrifices himself to stop Swagger from suffering the 6-1-9 (the fourth time tonight it has failed somehow), and that leads to an interesting spot where Rey Mysterio gets eliminated while trying to use his flying body scissors to throw Swagger over the top rope.

Anyone else just hit fast forward at this point, since there’s very VERY little chance that Swagger would actually be the one to win this match?

Why aren’t the announcers talking about the emotional toll on Christian of his best friend retiring tonight and this big opportunity and the chance to face a huge rival…? I’d blame Michael Cole for the failure to sell the storyline, but he’s laid out at ringside.

With Alberto del Rio holding onto Christian’s leg, trying to pull him off the apron, Christian drops down to the apron ledge and pulls down the rope, allowing Swagger’s momentum to pull him over the top rope to the outside.

Outcome – Christian wins the Battle Royal and we get exactly the two guys in the Extreme Rules title match that I thought we’d be getting.

Edge comes to the ring and celebrates with Christian, and they stare down the belt as the show ends.

This article will be updated as the night continues, so keep checking back for more content, and by the end of the night, there will be polls!