Last call, WWE Universe!  Wrestlemania is coming up quick, and the final stop on the Road to Wrestlemania is here, and it’s time for the GuysNation review of the Blue Show!

There are very few questions left to be answered, and now it’s just heat-building time!

With no further ado, let’s get down to it!

Just like this article, Smackdown starts off strong, giving us an Intercontinental Championship match!

Match – Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett (c)

Wade walks to the ring with a smirk, Kofi makes the pyro go boom, and they sell the idea that Kofi looks more determined and intense.  If I were Kofi and they left me off the Wrestlemania card, I’d probably be intense too!

Very early in the contest, Kofi goes for his Trouble in Paradise, but it doesn’t pay off (obviously, because the match would be over and I wouldn’t say “early in the match”).

For the second week in a row, Kofi Kingston fails in his attempt for the Trouble In Paradise as Wade Barrett spots it coming, this time giving him a big boot in the process.

Outcome – Kofi Kingston wins the match (but not the title) because The Corre shows up after Kofi hits the Trouble In Paradise, resulting in a disqualification

The Good Guy Alliance shows up and takes out The Corre, leading to an in-ring/out-of-ring staredown between the guys in Wrestlemania’s 8-man tag.

We get a recap of what happened with Cody Rhodes attacking Rey Mysterio last week, and then Matt Stryker interviews Cody Rhodes backstage.  Cody is apparently enacting The Right Of Eye For An Eye, claiming that Rey deserves to have the same punishment inflicted upon him that he endured.  Rhodes says he plans to kick it up a notch at WrestleMania.  He’s got his protective mask.. and he’ll also be wearing the knee brace to inflict damage.

We get a look at WrestleMania Axxess, which looks cool, as they have various WWE memorabilia, such as the limo they blew up to fake Vince’s death.

I don’t know whether the electricity in the areana hosting Smackdown went dark, but Smackdown basically turned into a recap show and hype machine for Wrestlemania and the WWE Axxess happening in Atlanta this week.

I literally just fast-forwarded through over an hour of recap stuff that didn’t involve anything new.  They showed things from RAW this week, things from past weeks from either show, hype videos, and more from the Axxess events.

Finally, an actual match.

Match – Cody Rhodes vs Chris Masters

All this talk about how Cody Rhodes’ facemask should be deemed illegal, and yet there’s nary a mention of Lex Luger’s steel-plated forearm.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, as that hapened 18 years ago at Wrestlemania 8, and they’re not even mentioning Triple H having faced Undertaker 10 years ago.  Still, it would’ve been an interesting reference.

No one expected this to be a long match, so I don’t think anyone would be surprised at the length of time it took to complete.

Outcome – Cody Rhodes with his Cross-Rhodes finisher picks up a pinfall victory

After the match, Rey Mysterio rushes the ring, nearly gets the 6-1-9 on Cody, but Rhodes escapes in time, leaving us to wait until Sunday.

And that appears to be the final new piece of content produced for Smackdown, as WWE uses the final 20 minutes of Smackdown to recap the encounter between The Rock and John Cena from RAW.  If you want to see what happened there, view my RAW article.

There’s also an article you’ll likely enjoy featuring a preview of things to come at Wrestlemania on Sunday, featuring plenty of polls to help you voice your opinion!