Friday night is here, and along with the end of the work week, we get WWE’s second major offering – Smackdown!  But if you’re reading this, you likely know that.

You also know that Edge is the Blue Show’s World Champion, and he’ll be facing Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania.  With Christian having attacked ADR at Elimination Chamber, and Christian being one of Edge’s best friends (and former tag team partner), will we get more involvement from the E+C Connection tonight?  You’d assume Christian and Edge would still be friends, as there’s no reason for it to end up otherwise.  Might they do something to help establish a potential future tag team reunion between the duo?  I’d settle four a 3 second pose.

Kofi Kingston had issues with Alberto Del Rio, but they’re not going to be booked against each other at Wrestlemania.  So what’s up next for Kofi?  He’s likely going to just be in the Money In The Bank match, but I’d like to think WWE might actually invest some in their United States Champion…. I mean Intercontinental Champion.  The United States Championship is the one WWE Creative is ignoring over on RAW.

And how about Dolph Ziggler?  He got “fired” before Elimination Chamber, but will that hold up?  He’s possibly going to be RAW-bound, but you shouldn’t discredit the idea that he could come back to the Blue Show.

Most importantly, The Undertaker.  He has been a fixture on Smackdown for as long as I can remember, and he returned this past Monday night.  It looks like he’s going to be facing Triple H at Wrestlemania, given the 2.21.2011 reveal segment between them.  Triple H seems allergic to Smackdown, though, so I’m not entirely convinced he’ll show up.  And what about the heat Undertaker has with Wade Barrett and Kane, both of whom are responsible for him being “buried” a few months ago?  You’d think he has plenty to say about them.

The show starts off with a recap from last week, when Edge got stripped of the title, it was given to Dolph Ziggler, and then Edge won the belt back because Teddy Long setup a match… and then Dolph was fired.

Teddy Long starts off the show by saying that he’s not firing Vickie Guerrero… unless her team loses the mixed tag match later in the show.  Vickie teams up with Drew McIntyre, and they face Edge and Kelly Kelly.  Should be interesting, especially given the Kelly Kelly / Drew McIntyre angle going on.  Will Drew help get rid of Kelly’s biggest nemesis?

Starting off the show with a match:

Match – Rey Mysterio vs Kane

What are the odds that we’re going to get an interruption from Cody Rhodes?  He’s supposed to be returning, and he obviously has Rey Mysterio in his sights.  He could wait until the match is over, but that wouldn’t help put over Kane at all.

Kane dominant most of the time, but Mysterio keeps fighting back.  Any chane he sees his job being somewhat in jeopardy with the signing of Mistico / Sin Caras?

Outcome – Rey Mysterio wins the match with a sunset flip after escaping a powerbomb attempt by Kane

Post match, “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes hits the ring, and Mysterio looks excited to see him.  Is he forgetting that Dusty is the father of Cody Rhodes, the guy who Rey is currently at odds with?

After the commercial, we get an apology from Dusty to Rey for the way Cody has been handling his business, and Dusty then says he wants Cody to show up to apologize in person.  Without any fanfare, Cody Rhodes shows up, wearing a suit, wearing the plexiglass facemask, He’s looking a bit like a new school Mankind.

Cody talks about how he thinks his dad is being ridiculous for telling Cody to apologize, given that Rey is the one who hurt him.  Dusty basically says that Cody needs to keep focus on his main goals of big matches at Wrestlemania and eventually making the Hall Of Fame.  He then berates Cody for focusing on being “dashing”, while other guys step up and take spots that Cody could’ve attained if he had kept focus.  Dusty tells Cody to make things right and do what needs to be done, starting with an apology to Rey Mysterio.  Somebody’s about to get their ass kicked, and it might be Dusty.

To Dusty goes the apology, and to Rey, Cody apologizes for saying some things.  They all shake hands, Dusty gives Rey a hug, Dusty holds on to Rey’s hand… and Cody rushes in for the attack.  Cody and Dusty were working together the entire time, as Dusty leaves the ring with a huge smile on his face as Cody lays Rey laying on the ground after a huge beating, but not before taking off Rey’s mask.

After the commercial, Dusty and Cody are hugging backstage, celebrating the father-son moment.

Match – Layla vs Rosa Mendes

Slightly more hardcore than the standard Diva’s match, and as things go outside the ring, things get heated between Michelle McCool and Rosa Mendes, and Michelle ends up getting VERY involved.

Outcome – Rosa Mendes wins by DQ when the ref notices McCool’s involvement

Post match, Layla yells at McCool for getting involved, as she wasn’t too happy about losing the match because of her fellow LayCool member.

Before the commercial, we find out that before the night is over, Smackdown is nice enough to replay the John Cena promo from RAW.  Gee… thanks…  Most of us probably already saw that….

Non-Title Match – Kofi Kingston (c) vs Jack Swagger

If Kofi is in the driver’s seat in the match, how is it a bad idea to have taken the match – despite the hurt elbow?  If he can fight with one arm behind his back, which basically he is, then why sweat it?  It’s not like he uses his arms that much anyway, as his legs are the dreaded weapons.

Outcome – Jack Swagger got a win with his ankle lock submission as Kofi’s unable to roll-through the submission.

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero is already dressed in her ring gear, but she’s trying to plead to Teddy Long to not make her wrestle tonight.  Looks like she realizes what the eventual answer would’ve been… if Teddy would’ve opened the door.  Which he didn’t.  And you can’t blame him.

Not going to recap John Cena’s mic-work in response to what the Rock had said two weeks ago.  That took a good 15 minutes.

Match – Wade Barrett vs The Big Show

The Corre is banned from ringside?  I guess now that they have jobs, they can’t just run around lawlessly like they did before they had contracts.  Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them show up.

Is it just me, or was there never a match between Big Show and Booker T?  I’ve watched wrestling for the entirety of Big Show’s career, and I can’t remember a single time where Booker and Show were in the ring together.  I’m probably wrong, but I can’t remember it.

On that note, I do think they were both in one of the latest versions of nWo together.

Outcome – After brawling on the outside, Big Show gets the advantage, scoots back into the ring at a count of 9, and Wade Barrett is counted out.

After the match, The Corre shows up, and Big Show goes and gets a chair, and after Gabriel takes a shot to the head, The Corre scatter.  Did he not think they’d show up after the match when he was attacking Wade Barrett outside the ring?  The Big Show should’ve lefft well enough alone.

We get a voice-over recap of the Undertaker / Triple H segment from Monday night, and I’m disappointed that they’re probably not going to have a segment tonight – the one redeeming way to fix the subpar segment from Monday where they apparently forgot to write dialogue.

After returning from the commercial break, we find out that Undertaker is going to show up next week on Smackdown…. which is at least good for Blue Show fans who don’t want to have to tune into RAW.

Match – Kelly Kelly & Edge vs Vickie Guerrero & Drew McIntyre

Kelly basically has her way with Vickie Guerrero, and with all the tackling and close proximity, I’m guessing that a large portion of the male contingent in the WWE Universe wish they could trade places with Vickie tonight.  Of course, they’d let her pin them, and then they’d lose their job… but to paraphrase from the 1989 Batman film… “If you gotta go… Go With A Smile!!”

Edge evades the Future Shock DDT, hitting his Edgeocution DDT, then sets up for his SPEAR.  Vickie Guerrero gets into the ring and PLEADS for Edge to not hit his signature move, but she gets a Spear coutes of Kelly Kelly.  After the ladies move out of the way, it’s Drew who catches the move.

Outcome – Edge & Kelly Kelly get the win as Drew McIntyre gets pinned after being SPEARed.

In the aftermath, Teddy Long shows up, dancing in his pale blue suit, happy as a clam, mic in hand, and Vickie’s crying.  We’re… cutting to commercial?

Oh, I’ve got DVR.  I got this covered.

9 minutes left in the show, and Edge & Teddy Long are in the ring with the soon-to-be-former-employee Vickie Guerrero, and those fans LOVE Teddy Long and the decision he’s about to make more than anything I’ve seen from someone who was never a wrestler.

Vickie gets the chance to beg for her job, but Teddy tears the microphone out of her hands.  He then gives her the bandaid treatment and just rips it right off, FIRING her without wasting any more time.

I hope the RAW viewers are looking forward to seeing Vickie and Dolph, because those two are great performers and they’re not likely to be back on Smackdown.

Booker T has some fun making fun of Vickie, taunting her about being fired.

Michael Cole promises to try to talk to Teddy Long.  Vickie then begs a cameraman.

Edge looks like he feels a little bad for her situation, so Vickie gets a mic and joins him in the ring.  She LITERALLY gets on her hands and knees and BEGS him for help, holding onto Edge’s leg like a toddler who just wants their parent.  Edge says he COULD help her, and he looks very sympathetic.  Instead of helping Vickie, Edge helps by starting the chorus of “Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye!!!”

Believe it or not, this was an episode of Smackdown without a single bit of Alberto Del…


Alberto Del Rio makes his first ever entrance without the assistance of a high-priced automobile, and he gets into the ring and completely dominates Edge, working him over, locking in that Cross Arm Breaker, and the referee has difficulty prying Del Rio away.

So Alberto Del Rio has made plenty of enemies.  Two of those enemies, Christian and Kofi Kingston, hate him enough to have attacked him unprovoked in the past two weeks.  So when Edge is getting owned at the end of the show, where were those guys?  Christian potentially has the excuse of not being in attendance, but what about Kofi?  We saw him compete earlier!

The image I was hoping to see tonight