It’s Monday (when I’m writing this, not necessarily when you’re reading this), and that means WWE’s flagship show… and more importantly, it’s the GuysNation recap of RAW!

Normally I talk about the various things I’m expecting to see on RAW, and any other week I might actually write a separate preview article.

Not this week.

This week, we talk about one thing, and one thing only.

Normally I don’t like to just focus on the angle that John Cena is involved with.

That’s not the case this week. This week, he’s full-on in a feud with CM Punk, and it’s an interesting one before they even go face to face.

I’ll spare you the historical details for now, but this is a very similar thing that happened with CM Punk when he was leaving Ring Of Honor for WWE.

For some reason I don’t think Punk is going to be signing a contract to work for another company on the back of the WWE Championship.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe CM Punk will defeat John Cena for the World title at Money In The Bank.

That remains to be seen.

But for now, in this article, it’s all about RAW.

Now that RAW has started, I will mention that it’s the return of RAW Roulette and Shawn Michael, which means one representative of hard work (HBK) and the other representative is luck (roulette or whatever other means by which they determine matches).

Booker T is apparently master of the Spin-a-rooni whee, which means we ALMOST have a general manager… which begs the question: why do we need Shawn Michaels?

I’m not saying fans of HBK shouldn’t get to see him return to WWE, a group in which I don’t consider myself a member, but I would’ve waited a bit to bring him back for an evening, maybe sometime after SummerSlam.

What’s he got to say? The Showstopper, the Main Event actually finds himself in the opening moments of the show.

Shawn says he tried to stay away, but he wasn’t able to, so essentially he’s admitting to not being as talented as The Rock… who has NO PROBLEM staying away from RAW, despite promising to never leave again.

Here’s the rub, Shawn Michaels has some show coming on some channel I’ve never heard of, and it debuts sometime soon, and if you want those details you can go look them up because GuysNation doesn’t benefit by plugging his product… and I’m not going to be watching it. Maybe someone else will be, but that won’t be me.

Oh good, CM Punk and New Nexus interrupts Shawn, and for some reason Mason Ryan doesn’t follow Punk and the tag champs to the ring.

Punk calls HBK an addict to the brights lights of the WWE spotlight after leaving.

Not to be out-matched in a battle of words by Shawn Michaels, CM Punk doesn’t blink an eye when HBK says the fans will benefit from Punk leaving, actually agreeing that they’re happy he’s leaving, and he doesn’t care because the feeling is mutual – he’s happy to be leaving them.

Shawn tells Punk that the reason the fans cheer for HBK and not for the leader of New Nexus is because he’s better than Punk… and again Punk is unflinching as he agrees that in Shawn’s prime, he was better than Punk, but Punk says he’s better than Shawn now… which for some reason prompts Shawn to kick David Otunga with the Sweet Chin Music instead of answering Punk’s challenge.

The GM speaks up and just says that Punk has a match… which apparently isn’t against Shawn Michaels.

Spin of the wheel, it lands on a question mark, and apparently that means mystery opponent… which was the case regardless because Punk wasn’t going to know who his opponent was at that point anyway, regardless of whether it was a steel cage match or a pillow fight…

Turns out it’s the Big Red Fire Starter.

Match – CM Punk vs Kane

What a difference a year makes. Last year at Money In The Bank, Kane won the briefcase to get a title shot and then went ahead and got the belt. This year, he’s got significantly less momentum, being reduced to a jobber to the stars following a mostly worthless reign as a part of a transitional tag team championship pairing.

Showing that he doesn’t really care what happens, CM Punk walks out of the match with Kane halfway through, and for reasons unbeknownst to me, Kane just lets him walk away.

Outcome – Kane wins by count out

Sure, Kane gets a victory, but how far has the monster essentially fallen that he won’t even go after Punk as he walks out on a match? What happened to the Kane who chased Edge all throughout the arena week after week to get what he wanted?

Maybe he’s just happy to pick up a win.

Commercial thought – Note to Dominos: if you want people to be interested in your pizza, don’t distort the thought of pizza sauce by having a guy in your commercial talk about how he bleeds for your company. It doesn’t work for me.

Apparently last week, there was a problem with WWE’s servers, and THAT is their supposed reason that Mason Ryan won the vote last week.

The wheel is spun, and we get a stipulation.

No Count Out Match – Evan Bourne vs Sin Cara

Despite this being a no count-out match, the match goes to the outside an after a brief staredown, both guys dive back into the ring, because apparently they realize that most of their offense depends on the ropes and the springiness of the mat.

How about that POWER RANGER chant for Sin Cara? For anyone who remembers the original Power Rangers show, doesn’t Evan Bourne actually look like the unmasked Red Ranger?

Feel free to forget I made that comment, or at least don’t hold it against me. I watched it primarily for the Pink Ranger, and I never owned any of the toys. Ever.

Michael Cole promised that we’d see things tonight that we’ve never seen before… does that include seeing Evan Bourne wrestle in a match with crazy blue and gold spotlights instead of the normal lighting?

Does anyone else see Spider-man sitting in the third row?!

After Evan misses the Air Bourne move, Sin Cara partially botches his headscissors-into-a-kimura-armbar-takedown finishing move and gets the win anyway.

Outcome – Sin Cara wins by pinfall

Sign of the night so far: Botch-A-Mania

Backstage, Kofi Kingston gets to spin the wheel, but Vickie Guerrero shows up, spins the wheel herself, and it’s PLAYER’s CHOICE, with Kofi Kingston getting to pick his match.

His choice? A one-on-one match against Ziggler, with Vickie Guerrero banned from ringside.

For anyone who’s a real big fan of GuysNation, you can feel encouraged to buy me a copy of that Best Of NITRO DVD set. I was a big fan.

So instead of having qualifier matches for the RAW Money In The Bank Ladder Match, they simply NAME the contestants. What a waste…

Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne, Alberto Del Rio, R-Truth, Jack Swagger, Alex Riley and The Miz

A couple big names left off of that list who I thought would’ve been involved.

Match – Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler (without Vickie Guerrero)

For the second time tonight, comprising 100% of the matches where it would matter, someone tries to walk out and get disqualified, as Dolph Ziggler barely lets the match get started before he walks up the isle.

Because he went after Dolph Ziggler and threw him back into the match, does that make Kofi Kingston more relentless than Kane?

Classic Jerry Lawler line of the night. Michael Cole calls Vickie Guerrero a “Saint”, and Lawler agrees, saying she’s a “Saint Bernard”.

It’s sad when the best line we get from Lawler or any other RAW commentator is a reference that a middle schooler could’ve made.

Kofi Kingston with the move of the night so far, not being thrown over the top ropes as he ducks his head and uses his shoulders to spring backwards and stay in the ring, turning it directly into the TROUBLE IN PARADISE kick.

Outcome – Kofi Kingston wins the match, but apparently this was a non-title match, so the title stays with Ziggler.

Maryse sighting! I have no idea what Booker T is talking about, but I can describe to you, in detail, the key on Maryse’s necklace which hangs just low enough…

Alberto Del Rio shows up and he has Maryse spin the wheel for him in hopes of bringing him some good luck, and clearly he didn’t pay attention when she was the girlfriend/valet for Ted DiBiase.

Steel Cage match for Alberto Del Rio… and if James Storm was there, he’d apologize to ADR for his poor fortunes.

Steel Cage match – Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio

They just said that ADR can’t run and hide in this match… but isn’t that the point of a cage match? You get REWARDED for running and hiding!

Did they just say that Big Show is only a two-time World Champion? It seems like he’s held the title in WWE more than that, and I thought he held the belt in WCW as well. Am I wrong?

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Seriously, was that the first time Big Show had done a Superplex – Off The Top Rope? Maybe that’s the reason he’s only been World Champ a couple times.

Jerry Lawler might be impressed by Mark Henry pulling the cage door off the hinges, but the fans in the front row who saw the referees attach it with rubberbands before the match? Not impressed.

With no door to stop him and Big Show incapacitated and distracted by the World’s Strongest Man in WWE, Alberto Del Rio has no problem crawling out of the ring.

Outcome – ADR gets the win by Cage Match rules

After the match, Mark Henry shows that the cage really does have some shoddy construction, as he his Big Show with the cage door, and the wall to the cage falls off.

Isn’t ADR happy he got out of the ring when he could? Given another minute or so, Big Show would’ve won by rolling through the cage to the arena floor.

I guess that’s why people rarely get thrown into the cage walls anymore.

Is this why we have the Elimination Chamber now? I guess they realize that they needed some improved workmanship or a better design to keep things like that from happening.

A spin of the wheel and based on how the wheel is ringing up the matches, I’m thinking RAW’s not rigged tonight.

Submissions Match – Kelly Kelly vs Nikki Bella

So how many guys around the world are going to get weird looks from women around their house when the ladies on television are moaning in pain and grunting and going at it?

Kelly Kelly actually locks in a deep Boston Crab, nearly bending Nikki in half, and that match was over quicker than I figured it would be. It almost took more time to spin the wheel.

Outcome – Kelly Kelly wins the match by submission.

We get a little reminder that Big Andy was the winner of Tough Enough, though we haven’t seen him show up since he won and got the Stunner.

Nothing like capitalizing on his notariaty when people want to see what he’s capable of.

Booker T spins the wheel for Rey Mysterio, and we actualy get an interesting match coming up… but that’s not even the coolest part of the segment…

BANG!  DDP shows up, and yeah, he’s got a DVD to promote, but it’s a banner evening when DDP is on television!

Definitely did a Self High Five.  Don’t judge.

Drew McIntyre isn’t happy with Booker T and DDP being there because they’re taking up his television time… which is funny, because he hasn’t been on television in weeks, so if he wanted to beat up people who were taking his television time, he’d have a long night ahead of him.

Instead, Shawn Michaels makes it a short evening and just drops McIntyre with the Sweet Chin Music.

Talk about someone who suffered because of the draft.

Shawn Michaels with a funny moment, as he claims to have not seen anything from the Nitro DVD before… saying he worked those nights.

Did he? Wasn’t he injured for most of that time?

Tornado Match – The Miz & Jack Swagger vs Alex Riley & Rey Mysterio

In a match where all the competitors can be involved at once, isn’t it refreshing that only Swagger and Rey are in the ring? Why have it be a Tornado match at all?

We almost got a Legion of Doom / Road Warriors spot, and Rey goes and ruins the Doomsday Device spot. Thanks Rey.

Anyone else think the referee counted three when Alex Riley was covering Jack Swagger after that spinebuster bomb?

How crazy is it that Alex Riley is getting a much bigger reaction than Jack Swagger, especially given where their respective careers were a year ago.

Outcome – Riley & Mysterio show good teamwork and pick up the win

Now it’s time for R-Truth to spin that wheel…

Spin that wheel….

He’s looking to avoid some sort of controversy, and what does it end up as? Tables match.

John Cena doesn’t exactly have a great record in tables matches… but something tells me his record is going to get a lot better tonight.

R-Truth scares off Booker T with some talking to Little Jimmy, and some of the members of GuysNation had the perfect idea for who Little Jimmy should be… but that’s a different article.

Main Event Tables Match – John Cena vs R-Truth

So this is the main event, and we know why it’s happening, so there’s really not a whole lot to talk about… which makes my job easy… and tough.

Nice float-over reversal to a suplex into a jawbreaker by R-Truth.

CM Punk shows up, moves the table out of the way to keep John Cena from being able to get the win… and Punk is wearing a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt!

Outcome – R-Truth takes advantage and spears Cena through the table for the win!

Despite the fact that CM Punk has a title shot at the pay per view, the announcers say Punk had no business coming to the ring… and clearly they don’t understand that this was a No DQ match…

CM Punk sits atop the ramp and talks to Cena about how he hates that this business is all about kissing ass, which Hogan and The Rock were also good at.

Taking down the fourth wall, making me want to call him Deadpool, the rant continues as Punk claims to be a “Paul Heyman” guy, same as Brock Lesnar…

John Cena sits there, seemingly in some disbelief… and this is excellent! This is one of the greatest things to happen in years, and the fact that he’s naming New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring Of Honor and Colt Cabana makes me mark out!

So much great stuff mentioned in that promo… which might’ve been a work but REALLY sounded like a SHOOT project.

I’m a bit stunned… but all I can really do now is give a poll to let you all share your thoughts (if you check it on GuysNation, since I can’t do the poll elsewhere)