After taking a stop-over for Elimination Chamber, the second leg of the trip on the road to Wrestlemania is starting now, and it should be a huge night of action on RAW!

First and foremost, the 2.21.2011 stuff is going to be answered tonight. Undertaker is involved, as we’ve seen in the last of the videos, but there’s still a question of why he’s returning and WHOM he’s targeting…. assuming he’s not the target! You would think that his target would be Kane and/or Wade Barrett, but there’s always the possibility of Sting making his WWE debut tonight as the trench-coated figure standing in the rain looking at Undertaker’s house in those videos. Who knows? By the end of the night… we will!

The Wrestlemania card is actually getting a lot clearer. We know that Edge is going to be facing Alberto Del Rio with Smackdown’s championship on the line, and John Cena will be facing The Miz with the RAW version of the World Title up for grabs… but what’s the Rock’s involvement going to be? He made fun of both of those guys last week.

We’ve also got CM Punk and Randy Orton basically destined to take place. How about Jerry Lawler? You would think that he’ll be involved, seeing as how they made such a big deal about how he has never wrestled at the big event. Not once in 27 events. He won’t be wrestling The Miz, and his other top rival – Michael Cole – isn’t a wrestler. You’d think that someone might wrestle on Cole’s behalf. Alex Riley might fit into that role, as The Miz’s right hand man. Ted DiBiase would be an option, as Jerry Lawler knocked him out the other week and he might be willing to step up for Michael Cole. And Dolph Ziggler needs a job (having been “fired” from Smackdown), so he would probably be willing to suck up to Michael Cole and the Anonymous GM to have something to do at Wrestlemania.

Maybe most of you aren’t interested in this, but I’m curious who’s going to be named to the WWE Hall of Fame. You would think that someone would be named the second inductee on tonight’s show. What about Triple H? It could be interesting to see both members of DX go into the Hall at the same time, and there’s no guarantee that he’s returning to the ring. There’s always the possibility that he’s showing up on tonight’s RAW to target Sheamus.

Triple H, The Rock, and Undertaker all on RAW? Talk about a flashback to the late 1990’s. Now if only we could find the channel where Chris Jericho is wrestling…

Show’s starting, let’s get to it!

John Cena starts off the show, and after reminding the fans about what The Rock said last week, he reminds folks that he’s still got a degree in Thuganomics.  He busts a little rhymes, making fun of the Rock’s movie choices, and he does a great job in doing it.  The war is certainly not over, as John got a ton of his street credibility back just by busting on The Rock.  Did he show up?  I waited for John to get all the way up the ramp, just WAITING for The Rock to show up… and it didn’t happen.  I guess since we have 41 days remaining before the big event, they have to stretch things out a bit more than that.

The countdown clock for SOMEONE’s arrival showed up to start the show, and then also here at the first commercial break, and it looks like the start of the 10 o’clock hour is ground zero.

Match – John Morrison vs CM Punk

Both of these guys are selling leg injuries for this match, but CM Punk actually has deep welts / scars on the top of his thigh.  NO, I wasn’t specifically looking there, even though I’ve been known to speak VERY highly of CM Punk, but the cameraman zoomed in on it and we were shown footage from last night where his leg was even worse.

It was a decent match.  Want to know more about it, check  I can tell you the winner.

Outcome – CM Punk wins with the Go2Sleep

Afterwards, CM Punk gets on the mic, reminds people about how Orton punted him a couple years ago, costing him a championship, and he gives Orton an ultimatum:  Punk says that Orton can either walk away from the business, or he can remain the target of CM Punk and Nexus which will apparently result in Orton being retired as a result of the injuries he’ll sustain.  Punk says that Orton has until next week to decide, but Randy rushes in through the crowd and gets on the attack, but Punk avods an RKO and it looks like they’ll DEFINITELY have that match at Wrestlemania… unles Punk injures him first.

Or if WWE decides to have them both in the Money In The Bank match instead.

Alberto Del Rio is coming to the ring, and he gets attacked from behind by Kofi Kingston, who isn’t happy about the liberties ADR took last night, refusing to release the cross arm breaker submission until the result of the match was nearly overturned.  The tables get turned on Kofi, as Del Rio gets the advantage and locks in the Cross Arm Breaker again.

Frankly I would’ve thought that if anyone were going to attack Alberto Del Rio, it would be Christian – given what happened last night with Captain Charisma on the attack at Elimination Chamber.  We still have 5 editions of RAW and 6 of Smackdown, so there’s plenty of time remaining for that sort of thing.  Alberto Del Rio is sent backstage so we’ll probably be hearing from him later tonight.  If this were TNA, they’d have four more segments tonight with his involvement because they book shows with the perspective of someone who has never tried to eat ice cream for three meals in one day.  There is such thing as “too much of a good thing”.

Another countdown timer for 2.21.2011.  Do they think we missed one of the three other countdowns?  Do they think we couldn’t figure out WHEN in tonight’s show it’s going to happen?  23 minutes from now is 10 o’clock (Eastern), just like it was 10 o’clock when the timer said 45 minutes at 9:15.

From one blow-hard to another, it’s time for The Miz on the microphone.  He was excited when The Rock showed up last week, though he’s disappointed that the biggest insult that The Rock could levy towards him was that The Miz “sucks”.  He’s not worried about The Rock’s pitiful put-downs, and he’s not worried about the fans calling him awful, because he’s going to Wrestlemania to defend his belt.

Another segment where The Rock gets responses from guys he ripped last week, and another segment where The Rock fails to show up.  The Anonymous GM has something to say, and one of the main events for tonight will be a tag team championship match, with The Corre (Gabriel & Slater) defending against The Miz… and John Cena.

They’re following last week’s backstage meele with the ladies by booking the following match:

Match – Eve Torres & Gail Kim vs The Bella Twins

As this match is under way, we get a big announcement:  Trish Stratus is going to be one of the trainers on Tough Enough… giving us yet another awesome reason to watch the show which is already going to include Stone Cold and Booker T.  Fans of wrestling from a decade ago are PSYCHED, and new fans are going to find out what they were missing!

The Bella Twins get into a rough spot, the referee gets distracted by Gail Kim, and the switch-a-roo takes place.

Outcome – The Bella Twin gets the pinfall with a small package due to the switch-a-roo

3 minutes remaining until the 2.21.2011 “thing” happens, which means the commercial break will be the final thing standing between us and… someone.

Back from commercial, and we get a countdown timer, and when it rings zero, we get The Undertaker’s face, Johnny Cash’s music, and then The Undertaker shows up live!

Awesome entrance for the Dead Man, who stops halfway down the ramp and a bolt of lightning strikes the entrance stage, causing fire to erupt for the remainder of his entrance.  Above the ring is the Undertaker’s symbol, which appears to be made out of lights.

He’s looking a little trimmer than before, in his face and neck, anyway.

WHOA!!!  Before The Undertaker can say ANYTHING, he’s interrupted by Triple H’s music, and RAW just hit the next level!

Triple H was a slightly lower key entrance, letting the water dribble out of his mouth instead of the normal spray into the air he usually does… though when he gets to the ring, he does the spit anyway.

Could this be, the master plan reveals that Nexus was working for Triple H all along, that being the reason why Wade Barrett attacked Undertaker to help Kane bury him?  Is Triple H pissed about ‘Taker retiring HBK?  Let’s find out!

After being interrupted by Triple H’s music, and locking eyes, and both looking at the Wrestlemania 27 sign, The Undertaker starts to walk away?  That would’ve been lame.  You’d think The Undertaker had something to say, obviously not knowing ahead of time that Triple H was going to show up, and to not say anything?

Even more lame is that WWE decides to just cut to commercial.  Very lame.  They’re going to come back from commercial and there won’t have been a word spoken.  Was it a fun moment?  Maybe.  Are they going to be fighting at Wrestlemania?  Almost definitely.  Should they have spoken?  Without a doubt.  It’s a loss for realism, because two men in that situation?  They don’t just do a staredown.  These guys seem more like actors from what we just saw.

Back from another commercial break, and just as expected, neither of those guys are still in the ring.  As they show the footage, Michael Cole asks if The Undertaker’s “throat slitting” taunt is Triple H’s fate (which makes sense).  He then asks if Triple H’s “suck it” taunt is The Undertaker’s fate… which just seems like a comment that he should’ve thought out ahead of time, or reworded.

And oddly enough, Sheamus is the next guy to show up, and I suppose he and Triple H are just going to be ignoring one another?  That’s lame, too.

Match – Sheamus vs Mark Henry

As ironic as it is that Sheamus shows up after Triple H was in the previous segment, does anyone remember that Mark Henry was The Undertaker’s opponent at Wrestlemania a few years ago?  It’s the only time I can recall The Undertaker having a casket match at Wrestlemania.

Did the referee really not see Sheamus taking off the cover to the top turnbuckle, or does he not care?

Outcome – Mark Henry gets the win after a big slam on Sheamus after splashing into him with the exposed turnbuckle right in Sheamus’ back.

Backstage, Sheamus hears Daniel Bryan laughing with Gail Kim about something, and so Sheamus gets in his face.  No brawling takes place, as Sheamus decides to go ahead and walk away, but you can guess that these two are going to be involved with one another at Wrestlemania, and I could guess that it’s almost definitely going to be Money In The Bank, and Mark Henry would likely be involved in that, too.

Hall Of Fame inductee time… and it’s HOOOOOOOOOOOO “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.  I don’t know that I’d say he’s a legitimate Hall Of Famer, as I think he never held a championship in WWE or elsewhere, but this is better than Koko B Ware.

Michael Cole in the ring, and he’s going to be interviewing Jerry Lawler.  Cole promises to be impartial, acting “as a journalist”, taking the high road in the interview.  Cole places himself above the likes of various past announcers such as Gorilla Monsoon, and as the fans said “WHAT?” in unison just like they used to do with Stone Cold, most of the fans watching probably were saying “WHO?!”

As The King walks the isle, Michael Cole claps and the crowd chants, though Lawler looks disappointed in himself.  Michael Cole asks what it was like for Lawler to prepare for his match against The Miz at Elimination Chamber, knowing it could’ve potentially lead to a Wrestlemania match.  Lawler has no response, though it was a fairly tame question.  Cole talks of dreams being shattered, and asks if maybe Lawler was thinking that it was time to retire.  Again, no answer from Lawler.  What is it about tonight and the silent treatment by guys who have no trouble speaking?  Cole makes Lawler relive the final pinfall that resulted in Lawler losing to The Miz last night, bringing up Lawler’s recently deceased mother (saying she had the best seat in the house)… and the response to that?  Lawler grabs Coleand warns him not to ever mention his mother ever again.  Jerry says he will be at Wrestlemania, and he’s challenging Cole.

Cole calls Lawler SENILE and says that Jerry will NEVER get him in the ring.  “Be a man”, says Lawler, evoking the word “coward”, which gets a glass of some liquid thrown in Lawler’s face by Cole, who quickly runs away.  Looks like there’s an opening at the announce table!

Match – Avenue Awesome (Cena & The Miz) vs The Corre (c) (Gabriel & Slater)

Lawler’s on commentary, and he gives The Miz credit for his in-ring work and being a decent champion.  I guess he doesn’t need to try to cut him down anymore, now that they’re not opponents to-be.

Avenue Awesome having some obvious issues, as both are trying to one-up each other.  Frustrating, as the tag team champions aren’t being shown to be a good team in the process.  Justin Gabriel eats the Skull Crushing Finale, Heath Slater doesn’t even try to break up the pinfall… and I can’t believe it happened like that.

Outcome – The Miz gets the pinfall on Justin Gabriel with the Skull Crushing Finale

Wade Barrett gets on the microphone and says that they want to invoke their rematch clause RIGHT NOW, but the Anonymous GM rings in… and it’s Josh Mathews reading the email… which could’ve been a TEXT MESSAGE or TWEET because it was only “Ring the bell!”.

They’re killing the tag titles, and it’s killing me.

Rematch – Avenue Awesome (c) (Cena & Miz) vs The Corre (Gabriel & Slater)

This match, it’s all in favor of The Corre.  There’s outside interference by Barrett & Zeke Jackson.  There’s crisp moves by Gabriel & Slater.  There’s great teamwork from The Corre.  This is how the first match should’ve happened, and there shouldn’t have ever been a tag title switch.

So heading to Wrestlemania, The WWE has one of their biggest heels, The Miz, involved in a match which causes the fans to cheer him and give him sympathy?  I didn’t think it would happen, but I have to believe my eyes and ears.  WWFail.

And the announcers agree with that last point.

Does anyone else think that Heath Slater’s running bodysplash / knee drop is one of the worst moves in anyone’s arsenal?  It just looks uncoordinated.  He jumped about six inches off the mat.

Anyone tuning in right now who didn’t know the results of last night’s pay per view is likely really confused as to why Cena & The Miz are the champions right now and The Corre are the challengers.

John Cena with a head of steam, he hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle, he gets ready for the Attitude Adjustment, but The Miz moves in there and combines it into the Skull Crushing Finale on Cena in the process to knockout Cena, gifting the belts back to The Corre.

Outcome – The Corre reclaim the tag titles as Heath Slater pins John Cena who was hit with the Skull Crushing Finale by The Miz during The Attitude Adjustment

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