Every Monday, GuysNation.com presents our take on Monday Night RAW in the form of questions and comments.  Some people are amused by it.  Some use it as their way to find out what happened on RAW, while others use it to give themselves a recap of things they might’ve missed.  Recently, hundreds of folks have been enjoying the polls GuysNation.com started adding to our version of the article (not available on other websites on which we run part of the article).

Tonight, we’re going to be LIVE (at least on the GuysNation.com version of the article).  It might fail miserably, and we probably won’t be able to keep up with the event as it relentlessly drives on, but we’ll do our best!

Seven nights ago, eight men competed in the 2010 King Of The Ring.  The finals featured two RAW competitors, so you can bet that the fallout is going to be felt here tonight.

So what’s next for King Sheamus?  Rumors have the King Of The Ring winner set to face another King very soon, but will it be happening as soon as tonight?

John Morrison came up short in the finals against Sheamus, but will he keep the focus on the Celtic Warrior?  Furthermore, there have been a couple interactions with Melina lately, will we see some more significant interaction between “JoMo” and his former (and potentially “once again”) girlfriend tonight?

Zeke Jackson got screwed out of his match with Drew McIntyre in the King Of The Ring.  Will he just destroy someone random again tonight, or might he possibly start a new feud?

The only thing resembling a feud that United States Champion Daniel Bryan (Danielson) has had lately was with Ted DiBiase.  Will things continue between them, or will he get a new and different option for feuding partners?  Maybe a mixed tag match featuring Bryan & a Bella vs DiBiase & Maryse?

The Hart Dynasty split up, but are we going to get a more concrete feud there?  From what I can remember we’re yet to see a match between Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith…. or even a segment explaining the fallout.

In the main event last week, Jerry Lawler got screwed by Michael Cole out of the World Title… on his birthday!  How will Lawler react when they’re both on commentary?  WILL they both be on commentary?  How will the Anonymous GM react, especially given that Micheal Cole is his public announce medium?

Those questions and more… let’s get to it!

We start out the evening with a recap of what happened last week… but not the most important thing which went on.  Instead of getting a recap of the King Of The Ring tournament, which was two years in the making, we get a recap of… Michael Cole screwing Jerry Lawler out of the World Title.

The evening then continues by showing a two-man announce team – CM Punk and Jerry Lawler, and so I’d be very surprised if Michael Cole doesn’t come out to join them…. oh, and before I can get this all typed out, Michael Cole shows up and begins his “apology”.

Apparently Michael Cole doesn’t know why he did what he did, but he mentions that he has been a huge fan of The Miz for years.  As the explanation continues, he explains that he regrets stopping Lawler from climbing to the top of that latter.  That explanation isn’t good enough for Jerry Lawler, and Lawler says he’d like to finish the beating he started a week ago.

Wrapped up in Michael Cole’s argument is a claim that Lawler is to blame because Jerry made himself a headline of the evening because the announcers are supposed to be sports journalists and report on the news, not BE the news.  Does anyone else agree with Cole’s logic to some degree, or were you okay with the idea that Jerry Lawler almost became champion?

Was anyone else laughing at CM Punk even before he started reading the email?

When it was announced that Lawler and Cole had to shake hands, and that any physicality between the two would result in termination, did anyone else REALLY want to see Michael Cole punch Lawler?

Did anyone else think that Lawler should have squeezed the hell out of Michael Cole’s hand when they were shaking?

Maybe I’m forgetting something, but what exactly was Randy Orton’s big problem with Michael Cole?  Is it that he’d rather get the title back from Jerry Lawler than The Miz?  I would think that there’s an RKO with The Miz’s name on it, and that Randy would probably rather do that than get it from Lawler.

Orton’s message to The Miz, by way of Michael Cole:  he doesn’t blame The Miz, as there are similarities between how they would handle the Money In The Bank briefcase.    Orton wants everyone to know that he’s getting the belt back…. Tonight.  And…. I have no idea why that was directed at Michael Cole.

Does anyone else have a lack of surprise that The Miz doesn’t have to defend the belt tonight?

I’m sure I’m not the only one surprised by Alex Riley challenging Randy Orton to a match tonight.  I’m doubting he’ll last five minutes in the ring, but it’s a step up from being a glorified valet to actually let A-Ri get into the ring.

For anyone who has been watching Smackdown, are you surprised that The Miz gets to pick the stipulation to the match in two weeks?  Kane and Edge had to battle it out to see which of them got to determine it for their match.  The Miz promises the stipulation will be “awesome”, does anyone else think it’s very likely to be “Tables Ladders Chairs”, just like Smackdown, taking the stipulation based on the name of the pay per view?

Josh Mathews joins the announce team, and for the first time I realize he only has one “T” in his last name.

Mixed Tag Match – Ted DiBiase & Maryse vs Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

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Did I call it or WHAT!?

Definitely some tension between the Bella Twins backstage as Nikki Bella wanted to be Bryan’s “partner” for the match.  Doesn’t she realize that later in the evening, when Bryan is tired and sore after a match and needs a massage, Nikki won’t be sore

Did anyone else laugh when CM Punk said he hoped another Maryse would walk to the ring after talking about how he enjoyed seeing the Bella Twins both at ringside?  Was anyone else really hopeful that somewhere, somehow, Maryse had a twin?

Josh Mathews accidentally referred to CM Punk as “The Miz”.  Did anyone else catch the quick comment by Punk where he almost referred to Daniel Bryan by his real name, Bryan Danielson?  They really should just start calling him “American Dragon”.  He already has the United States Championship.

Outcome – Bryan & Bella get the win via Twin Magic as Nikki Bella gets into the ring and replaces Brie unbeknownst to Maryse, getting a quick roll-up pin.

Is anyone else surprised by the 4-Way Elimination Tag Match (which is NOT a Fatal Fourway) for the tag titles?  It’s not very often WWE does something like this.  I’m surprised it’s not a Fatal Fourway (first fall wins), and honestly I’m surprised the belts are on the line. Maybe they won’t have time for it at the pay per view.

Is anyone else really happy that we’re going to get an opportunity to see The Usos, Santino and Tamina all at ringside at the same time in a while?  It’s definitely a big opportunity for something to happen in that angle, especially because three teams have to be eliminated before the match is over, so they can’t just have them not take place in the finish of the match.

Yet another recap from last week’s RAW.  It’s like they assume we don’t watch two weeks in a row, which begs the question:  could you watch RAW every other week and only miss minor segments?

Why would Wade Barrett be doing an interview via satellite if he’s just going to be taping it from a hotel in the area?  Doesn’t that just make him look like a coward?  What are the odds that Cena magically tracks him down before the evening is over, or at least coaxes him out of the hotel, bringing him to the arena to deal with Cena himself?

So apparently David Otunga is in the hotel for the interview, and he’s got a different Nexus shirt than the new one debuted the other week (the fractured yellow square last week, the yellow blueprint diagram Otunga is wearing now).

Does Otunga really think he can avoid paying for his room service?  Even if he doesn’t sign the receipt, they’re still going to charge it to his room, even if he pretends like he never got it.  There’s video evidence against that particular claim.

Is anyone surprised that John Cena showed up at Otunga’s hotel room?  I guess he hates it when people try to dine & dash, but in the end, that’s exactly what Otunga did… though he was fleeing an ass-kicking at the hands of Cena.

Now that Husky Harris got beatdown, does that only leave two members of Nexus who Cena still needs to get vengeance on?

Wow, so two matches booked thus far, and they have two matches that I mentioned in my pre-show write-up.

Match – David Hart Smith vs Tyson Kidd (with some sort of 7-foot tall bodyguard)

I have an educated group of readers who enjoy my articles, does anyone know the identity of this 7-footer bodyguard at ringside?

Does anyone else think that Tyson Kidd would’ve probably benefitted more from a bodyguard who could talk than just a guy who looked freaking huge?  That pairing worked when it was THE Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson.  WWE needs to pair people together based on strengths and weaknesses.

Outcome – Tyson Kidd gets the win as he reverses a powerslam attempt, going into a pinfall roll-up.

Surely I’m not the only one who thinks David Hart Smith attacking Tyson Kidd after the match was a bad idea with that huge guy watching Kidd’s back.

Nexus is talking backstage about their upcoming tag match and the difficulty they’re anticipating, given that they’re not fully recovered from the week before.  David Otunga shows up and talks about how he was just attacked… and while Otunga questions the plan, Barrett says the problem was in the execution of the plan.  Is it possible that maybe Barrett was happy with the execution of the plan, since Otunga got attacked, not Wade himself?  For some reason we’re lead to think that maybe Otunga is happy with how things turned out.  Otunga masterminding a mutiny?  If that comes about, I can’t imagine Husky Harris siding with him, since the masterplan involved Cena beating the hell out of Harris.

Fourway Tag Team Elimination Match for the Titles – Nexus (Slater & Gabriel) (c) vs Henry & Yoshi Tatsu vs The Usos vs Santino & Kozlov

Is anyone else really enjoying the pairing of Yoshi Tatsu and Mark Henry?  I’d like to see more backstage segments with them, possibly to involve them going out and about, having fun on the town, putting their personalities on display.  The British Gentlemen segment with Santino & Kozlov dressed in a suits from England a few weeks ago did good things for them as a team.

Am I the only one who was really disappointed that Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu were the first ones eliminated?  Wasn’t that the most likely thing to occur, given the length of time each of those teams has been together?

Wouldn’t it have been awesome, a la Taz being eliminated first against Masato Tanaka & Mike Awesome in the three-way elimination match for the ECW World Championship, for Nexus to have been eliminated first?  Do even 10% of my readers remember that match?

Did anyone else laugh at CM Punk’s comment about “chops and push kicks for all my friends”?

Is it possible that, after having Tamina stay at ringsid eto support Santino & Kozlov, we won’t hear anything about that from The Usos next week (or even later in the show)?

Wow, was that a recap of some things that happened recently on Smackdown?  Although it was primarily a preview of the upcoming pay per view, it’s the closest thing the Blue Show gets to promotion on RAW.

Outcome – Santino Marella gets the pinfall after the Cobra after John Cena provides some distraction.

Two months ago, if I had told you that Santino and Kozlov would be wearing gold, would you have believed me?

Now that Santino and Kozlov are the new tag team champions, isn’t it a lot more likely that a feud between the new champs and The Usos will be imminent?

Couldn’t WWE have at least laid some foundation for that feud with some backstage interactions involving The Usos?

Time for Sheamus’ coronation, and my main question is who’s going to show up to interrupt Sheamus’ moment?  John Morrison? Triple H?  Maybe Finley will show up to get his shelleighly back from Sheamus.

What kind of crown is Sheamus wearing?  Is that Celtic by design?  On the other hand, how much cooler is Sheamus’ robe than the one typically given to guys who win King Of The Ring?

So here comes John Morrison, and I suppose two weeks left prior to Tables Ladders And Chairs, that’s not enough time to build up a different feud for Sheamus, and also not high profile enough for Triple H to come back aside from one of the bigger pay per view events.

When Sheamus was mentioning all the accolades that he has collected which John Morrison can’t claim to having, why didn’t John Morrison just respond by saying “I’m with Melina”?  That would’ve been enough for most people.

What part of hitting John Morrison in the face made Sheamus think that Morrison was going to change his mind about bowing to him?

Diva’s Match – Natalya vs Melina

Is anyone else surprised that WWE is willing to do a face-against-face match, even though it’s just the women?  It’s not really a concept WWE is usually comfortable with booking.

I realize part of the reason LayCool was at ringside was to be annoying on commentary, but is it a bit of a shame they were ruining a fairly decent match in the ring which featured a fairly good pinning predicament employed by Melina on Natalya?

Outcome – Natalya gets the win by one of the more brutal Sharpshooters I’ve seen from someone not named Bret Hart.  Yes, I do include Sting in the list of folks who didn’t put in a Sharpshooter as well as that one… even though when Sting did it, it was the Scorpion Deathlock.

Why is LayCool still feuding with Natalya?  Don’t they have enough going on with Beth Phoenix on Smackdown?

Do we really need a recap of what happened in the opening segment?  Most people watching right now have SEEN the opening of the show.  By NOT recapping it, you encourage people to tune in for the entire episode, not just the main events.

Alex Riley promises that Randy Orton will have to leave Louisville on his hands and knees…. but isn’t it from his hands and knees that Orton signals from the RKO?

Since The Miz says he’s going to show Randy Orton what the stipulation for their match at the TLC pay per view is going to be, did the odds increase OR decrease that the stipulation is going to involve tables, ladders and chairs?  The Miz would have to set something up to show Orton properly.  At this point, I’m doubting it a bit.

Match – Alex Riley vs Randy Orton

If I was faster at updating this article, I’d have a poll for how long people think this match is going to go.  I’d give an over-under at 4 minutes… though there’s 15 minutes left in the show, so there will likely have to be something else which happens tonight (like Wade Barrett calling out John Cena?), as four minutes wouldn’t even take care of the over-run.

Couldn’t Alex Riley get his own theme song?  Does he really need to show up to The Miz’s theme?  Maybe even just do a slight variation on it?  I guess that’s better than having him show up with the NXT theme song.

There he goes, The Viper on his hands and knees…. and The Miz gets involved.

Outcome – Randy Orton gets the win by DQ as The Miz gets into the ring and knocks out Orton with the Skull Crushing Finale

Is anyone else not shocked that The Miz is setting up a table in order to show Orton what kind of match they’re having?

If The Miz gets to pick the stipulation, why didn’t he make it a handicap elimination tables match so Alex Riley could officially be involved in the match?  Do his privileges not extend that far?

Did The Miz really not see it coming that Alex Riley was going to get put through that table when The Miz ran from the ring?

Can anyone remember another time when Randy Orton did a powerbomb?  I tend to think this might be the first time I’ve ever seen it.

Ten minutes or more prior to the end of the show (including some over-run), and is anyone else not surprised that Wade Barrett calling out John Cena is probably going to be given more television time than the main event match?

Wow, now Smackdown gets a commercial hyping up the upcoming show?  This is how Smackdown should do its RAW Rebounds.  Set it to some music, do the old footage quickly and hype up the upcoming matches pre-booked for the next show.

Did anyone else laugh when CM Punk called for security because John Cena was “a jumper”?

Has anyone ever tailgated before a WWE event?  When I go to events, I take the metro train, so I can’t exactly “pre-game”.  There’s no parking lot involved.

Am I the only one who sighed when John Cena made the reference to Step Brothers (taking twin beds, bunking them, making room for activities)?  I might be in the minority, but I didn’t really enjoy that movie… which you can read about in my article where I reviewed it in my Quest For 75 In 2010.

Did anyone else think it was a little ingenius that john Cena caused the Nexus to turn their back on Wade Barrett by showing just how selfish Wade was being when he essentially told John Cena that he wouldn’t reinstate Cena, even if it would result in the other members of Nexus no longer being attacked.

Hopefully CM Punk and John Cena keep their “diet soda” feud going.  Is it just me, or could that be an awesome part of RAW months from now when Cena is back in WWE and done with Barrett and CM Punk is all healed from his injury?  I’m sure a lot of people hope that CM Punk stays on the announce team, but i want to see him back in the ring before too long.

What are the odds that Wade Barrett is hoping he still has the contact information for Michael Tarver, Darren Young and Skip Sheffield now that the rest of Nexus gave him the ultimatum about hiring John Cena back or being removed from Nexus?