Don’t adjust your computer, you’re not hallucinating. That’s right, our regular RAW coverage guy Nathan has something else going on tonight, so he asked me to fill in for him. I’ve stepped back from my GuysNation Wrestling Podcast preparation for a bit and put this article together for you. Never fear, I’ll still be ready when my co-host Jon hits record.

Here are some of my comments about RAW, with some of the things I liked, and some of the things I didn’t.

Big Show saying he knocked out Daniel Bryan last night because Stephanie told him to, and then Steph dodging the question by saying he’s twisting things around? Nice work.

Stephanie McMahon looks like she full-on SMACKED Big Show a few times, and then she took a line out of her dad’s script and fired The World’s Largest Athlete. Both of those things were excellently executed.


Damien Sandow facing Dolph Ziggler in a rematch from last night? If you listen to the GuysNation Wrestling Podcast, you already know that’s one of my pet peeves. Especially given the ending (which was essentially the same outcome as last night).

Rosa Mendes as a blonde? This might not be a NEW thing, but it’s the first time I’m noticing it, and I like the change.

Natalya teaming up with rookie Divas? I’m more than happy to see Eva Marie in the ring… or at least on the apron… but it feels like deja vu with Nattie’s role. It seems like only yesterday it was Nattie with AJ and Kaitlyn.

Michael Cole quotes Eva Marie as saying hair is red because of the fire that burns inside her? The quote is kinda lame… but if you even watched the first episode of Total Divas, you know her hair is red because WWE asked her to dye it red.


R-Truth showing up to help CM Punk not get ambushed against Paul Heyman’s duo. You’d think by now SOMEONE would realize that helping Punk fend off Curtis Axel would help them get a shot at the Intercontinental Title!

Bob Backlund showing up and campaigning for people to vote for him as the special guest referee in the Orton vs Bryan match at Hell In A Cell was one of the greatest cameos I’ve seen on RAW in a while. I’d love to see him win and call it HECK IN A CELL, you know, because he doesn’t like the “squalor language”.

Randy Orton’s powerslam on Kofi Kingston, who had just leaped off the top rope looking for a springboard maneuver? So excellent.

Kofi Kingston having decent matches against high-profile opponents. One of these days he’ll get a trial run in the main event. He couldn’t do much worse than Alberto Del Rio’s doing.

The brawl between Bryan and Orton outside the ring following the match was an excellent way to keep up the tensions. I guess for Bryan the match from last night doesn’t feel like it’s over yet… though was it a bad move, considering Bryan’s going to have his hands full later tonight as he works in a six-man tag match against The SHIELD?


Does anyone else hope that Daniel Bryan and Dusty Rhodes get together to lead the crowd in some chanting? I don’t even care what they chant…

You can’t hype up the Undertaker and mention October 29th (two days before Halloween) without getting a lot of us excited about the prosepect of The Dead Man coming back. I don’t care if his story IS a main part of WWE 2k14.

Shawn Michaels is one of the options to be the special guest referee for the match between his protege and his best friend’s chosen champion? Right, like WWE expects more than 10% of the vote going to Booker T or Bob Backlund. I’d be surprised if HBK gets less than 80% of the overall vote.

Torito showing up isn’t ever going to be the top highlight of my RAW experience in a given evening, but I do like the fact that he’s getting more involved. I found a pic where he’s giving a flying headscissors to one of the guys from 3MB, but I dig the entrance…


Perhaps the biggest announcement I’ve seen in a while, Alberto Del Rio’s opponent for the Hell In A Cell pay per view is… John Cena?! Going after the World HEAVYWEIGHT Championship?! That’s possibly the BEST news I’ve heard in months, and I’m definitely going to talk about WHY this is excellent news on the next edition of the GuysNation Wrestling Podcast.

Antonio Cesaro using the Big Swing on The Great Khali was fun to watch, and it was cool to see him do it to Hornswoggle (and to see the little guy weeble-wobble in the ring afterwards), but Santino Marela move in and hitting the Cobra was possibly the best part.


The Wyatt Family interrupting Miz TV was a great choice. Bray Wyatt continues to deserve high profile opponents, and the juxtaposition between his style and The Miz’s style just works great. I liked seeing The Miz escape, if for no other reason than it’s obvious that Bray Wyatt’s not deterred.

Not only do I approve of Goldust being back, but I dig the way they’re doing a Darth Maul style facepaint for him.


Though there’s plenty I could say about the main event, the ending, with Triple H getting his come-uppance because of The Big Show, and Daniel Bryan getting to stand over the fallen COO? Excellent.