Labor Day is upon us and Monday Night RAW rolls into the Nation’s Capital.  I got sick this weekend so I’m not attending my hometown show (the tickets were well served, however), but as WWE rounds the turn towards 1000 and Night Of Champions, they’re sure to have plenty in store.

Note:  In case you think this is a sub-par version of this article, you’ll have to forgive me, I’m still recovering from this sickness.

Let’s get down to it.

We start with Nexus in the ring, and they’re sure to be pleased with their victory in the 5-on-5 last week.  First, they relish in their destruction of The Undertaker.

Does Heath Slater not understand that a majority of the WWE Universe doesn’t like Sheamus?  Calling him out to the WWE Universe as “your champion” doesn’t really hold the effect he likely wanted it to.

Why do people always seem surprised and upset when they’re interrupted in the opening segment of RAW?  I can’t remember a time when that didn’t happen aside from segments where someone was specifically called out.

So Chris Jericho has claimed that he will quit WWE if he doesn’t win the World Championship at Night of Champions, and now he’s in a match that he has to win if he wants to keep his spot in the Six-Pack Challenge?  Would he essentially be quitting if he loses this match?  Maybe he’ll be rethinking his ultimatum.

How many of those crazy jackets does John Morrison have?  He’s like the Ric Flair of our age… unless that doesn’t make sense since Ric Flair is still part of the wrestling business.

If Chris Jericho wants to know who the anonymous general manager of RAW is, why not take the laptop and find the GM’s email address?  He could at least try to communicate with him (or her) that way.

The security guard in the crowd is telling people in the good seats to stay seated during the Jericho / Morrison match.  Is that new?

Whoa, was anyone else surprised that John Morrison defeated Chris Jericho?  Does that mean that John Morrison takes Jericho’s spot in the Six-Pack challenge?

Does anyone else think that Jericho will somehow find his way back into the Six-Pack Challenge?

With all of the pictures that the cameramen ake of Melina on her way to the ring, how come those photos don’t end up online anywhere?

Why would Melina agree to a Diva’s Championship title defense this close to Night Of Champions?

Someone needs to practice those promos with Alicia Fox before she gives them.  Also, she might want to stop trying to twirl when she’s trying to take her thoughts and put them into words.

When Melina’s attempt at the flip-over bomb got blocked near the ropes, did anyone else think that Melina should’ve tried for a Tarantula-style submission hold?

Does anyone else want to see Tajiri back in one of the two major promotions?  Man, I miss his kicks and the Tarantula submission…

Does anyone else think that Melina used that split-kick guillotine-drop move to beat Alicia Fox because WWE isn’t confident that their Divas can do their part to execute the flip-over bomb that Melina has been using?

Zack Ryder calling himself a former Number One Contender?  Brilliant.  I knew that 7 second loss to Sheamus from a couple weeks ago would pay off for Ryder.

Is there a chance that even 1% of the people watching RAW remember that Zack Ryder was one of the Edge-o-holics back on Smackdown a couple years ago?  If you know the name of the other half of Ryder’s tag team from that partnership, respond to the version of this article on and you could win a free shirt!

If you were Ted DiBiase, lucky enough to be “dating” Maryse, and you had all the money in the world… wouldn’t you try to learn French so you knew what she was saying when she got upset?  I’d be Rosetta Stone’s top customer.

Is there any chance that Justin Gabriel beats John Cena… without Nexus assistance… in a match which isn’t even a main event?

How surprising is it to see mat wrestling from John Cena (a guy often ragged on for not being a great wrestler) and Justin Gabriel (a guy pushed as a high flyer)?

How many people put Justin Gabriel on their list of favorite active wrestlers due mostly to his performance in this match with John Cena?  That Side Russian Leg Sweep turned into a submission move (that I’ve never seen before, which says a lot) was incredible.

Can someone tell Michael Cole to STOP referring to the “Attitude Adjustment” as the “A A”?  It’s better than the “Double A” (which is reserved for batteries and Arn Anderson), but it sounds too much like a support group.

Does anyone else think that Legendary looks really good?  Anyone else think it’s cool that John Cena refers to the place where they filmed the wrestling training scenes as “the Dungeon” (even if it’s called “Church” in the movie)?  Nice nod to the Hart family.

Did anyone else notice that in the preview for NXT Season 3, they left out the 6th contestant – the woman some have referred to as “Amazonian”?  I hope she brings that up on NXT tonight.

Am I the only one who actually saw the season of Real World where The Miz got his start on television?  That’s probably a given.  I’m probably one of a very few group of people who even remember him as the host of Smackdown.  Not only are wrestling fans’ memories very short, but RAW / Smackdown cross-over viewership is low.

How great would it be if The Miz were to reference the fact that the dent in the briefcase was due to slamming Daniel Bryan’s head into it?

Part of what makes The Miz so great is that if you listen to what he’s saying, he makes it feel real because there’s a significant portion of it which is based in reality.  Was this not one of the best segments in recent history?

How funny was “American Dragon” Daniel Bryan (Danielson) when he made fun of himself, his haircut and his theme music during this promo with The Miz?

Is anyone else glad that the rumors of KAVAL being added to the Night Of Champions United States Title match were wrong?

How great did “American Dragon” look at the end of this segment, avoiding an assault by The Miz with that briefcase, throwing him from the ring, putting Alex Riley in the modified crossface.  Why didn’t The Miz get back into the ring to help save Riley?  He would’ve had a big advantage over “American Dragon”, who would’ve had to release the submission hold and returned to his feet, by which time The Miz could’ve attacked him with at least a couple moves.

Does anyone else miss WCW Monday Nitro?  Even when the booking was bad, it was still usually entertaining to watch on Monday nights.

Did anyone actually think that Zack Ryder was going to be chosen as Edge’s opponent?

With Chris Jericho losing his spot in the Six-Pack Challenge, didn’t most people think it was unlikely that Edge would lose his match?

How bad is it that the script on the keyboard of the laptop was clearly visible when Edge was “considering” destroying the laptop?

Did anyone find Edge’s pre-match antics entertaining?  Mocking Khali for being Frankenstein-like?

Do you think Edge considered the fact that if he had destroyed the laptop before the match, the GM couldn’t have restarted his match with Great Khali?

Shouldn’t someone have explained the rules of an Over The Top challenge to Great Khali?  He basically eliminated himself twice, and he threw Edge between the ropes when he probably could’ve thrown him over the top rope…

Why do fans in the front row always reach out to try to get high fives from heels?  They pay enough money to get great seats, and yet they don’t seem to realize that heels aren’t going to show them any love.

Two interviews for “Rear View” Josh Matthews tonight, and he barely gets looked in the eye for either of them.  I guess that almost lives up to his reputation.

Why didn’t Chris Jericho backhand John Morrison when he was mocking him for having lost earlier in the evening?

Did Michael Cole not see the empty chairs that were added to the announce position, or did he not wonder what they were for?  He sounded surprised when Lawler said that Sheamus was going to be joining them to do commentary on the main event.  Who else would’ve been coming to help commentate a match between two of the challengers for the Night Of Champions World Title match than the World Champion himself?

Apparently all the remaining challengers for the (Five)-Pack challenge are joining in the commentary team.

Why would Chris Jericho be conspicuous by his absence at the commentary position?  He lost his spot in the Night Of Champions main event.

Darren Young appears during the main event, and he asks Wade Barrett if the leader of Nexus actually thinks the Nexus’ antics are going to work… does he not remember how effective the Nexus was when he was part of it?

Did anyone else laugh when Darren Young called himself the Missing Link?  Where I come from, that’s not necessarily a compliment.

Anyone else not surprised that the evening ends with Randy Orton dishing out RKO’s?  I’d almost take odds that Orton won’t win the title at Night Of Champions.

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