Week 2 following SummerSlam, we’re on our way to Night of Champions, we’re one week away from the 900th edition of RAW, and it’s Monday Night so you know WWE is putting their full efforts into things.

Aside from Darren Young, each member of Nexus got the better of their Team WWE opponents.

What do they have in store for us tonight?

Will “American Dragon” get revenge on The Miz?

Will any other members of Nexus find themselves out of the group?

Are we going to find out who’s getting title shots at the ppv?

Let’s find out.

We start out with Sheamus coming to the ring, and he doesn’t look happy about last week.  He starts by talking trash about American children… and he actually goes to the front row and runs down the fans.

So Randy Orton is a petulant kid who cries a lot?  Doesn’t Sheamus seem like he’s complaining, crying about what happened last week?

The RAW GM doesn’t have a problem with Sheamus… does that mean it’s definitely NOT Triple H?

Sheamus gets a throne?  I guess that’s what happens when you have props left over from skipping King Of The Ring.

If Sheamus is going to be watching the matches tonight to determine who impresses him enough to deserve a World Title shot at Night Of Champions, shouldn’t they have put his throne closer to the ring, or given him some sort of monitor to look at?

I know what you’re thinking, and NO, the Titan-Tron is not sufficient.  Then he has to sit with his back towards the ring, in which case he may as well be sitting backstage.

Does anyone think that R-Truth is a legitimate contender to possibly get a shot at the top championship in WWE at Night Of Champions?  Even Sheamus looks doubtful.

Did Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler just question the existence of the Easter Bunny?  TV-PG no more.  I’d rather my son be watching scantily clad women with fake breasts when he’s 8 years old than to have the announcers say something that I don’t want him to hear just yet.

Edge gets the victory?  Who would’ve guessed.  Decent ending to the match though.  Missed spear, missed scissor kick, follow-up spear.

Does Edge actually think that talking down to Sheamus and talking about his own accomplishments is going to make him a more popular option in Sheamus’ eyes?

John Cena vs The Miz later tonight?

Is it just me, or is this segment hyping Cody Rhodes’ appearance on Warehouse 13 the closest RAW gets to a Smackdown recap?

Commercial question:  How many young boys just lost interest in the Metroid series because they realized that the lead character, Samus, is a woman?

Commercial follow-up question:  How many young teenage boys… and older teenage boys… and 20-something-year-old-boys just got MORE interested in the Metroid series because the commercial presented her as a HOT woman?

Confusion – are all of the matches tonight eligiable for Sheamus to pick his challenger from?  They didn’t make it clear before The Great Khali walked to the ring.

Now that I see Chris Jericho coming to the ring, I’ve got a fair amount of faith that he’s going to win this match and he’ll be a potential opponent for Sheamus.

Did Michael Cole just use a random quote in reference to the fact that he wouldn’t want to face The Great Khali NOR Chris Jericho?  It was a fairly inocuous quote, but if someone knows where it’s from, I’m definitely interested to hear it.

When Sheamus was walking to the ring, favoring his left leg, did anyone else think he was actually SELLING a fake injury?  This might be the first time I’ve ever seen The Great Khali have some ring psychology used against him in a match, especially where an injury is involved.

Is anyone else surprised to have seen The Great Khali tap out?  That might be a first in his career.

Did the RAW GM say that Sheamus had to pick his Night Of Champions opponent ONLY from the winners?  Sheamus might do well to pick The Great Khali if he’s sporting a hurt leg.

John Cena looks “Rear View” Josh Matthews in the eye for nearly the entire interview.  Is it about time i retire that nickname?  The segment even ends with John Cena looking Matthews in the eye.

It’s good that Jillian introduced herself as a “former DIVA’s Champion”.  Did anyone out there actually remember that?

Couldn’t Melina have worn the same nude-color pants from SummerSlam?  I see no reason she had to get a new outfit.  If it ain’t broke…

Lawler just mentioned that Undertaker returns on Smackdown this week.  Does it take a Diva’s Championship match for the announcers to talk about Smackdown?

Is anyone else more amused by Jillian’s version of a “surfboard” than you would’ve if she would’ve used the actual version of a surfboard submission?

Michael Cole just admitted to watching women’s golf, is there any chance he’s noticed former WWE Women’s wrestler “Bull” Nakano?  (article about that on www.GuysNation.com)

Did LayCool just make an announcement on RAW that they plan to make an announcement on next week’s RAW?

Did The Miz just start an interview with his back to not only “Rear View” Josh Matthews, but the entire WWE Universe?  I guess that helps add to Josh’s nickname.

Does anyone else feel at least a little bit bad for The Miz after hearing that he didn’t cash in the Money In The Bank at SummerSlam against Sheamus because he was thinking about the 7-on-7 match?  He could’ve rightfully cashed in the briefase…  Although, he probably could’ve cashed in against Sheamus, won the belt without breaking a sweat and still faced Nexus.

The Miz ends the interview by walking away from “Rear View” Josh Matthews?  No surprises there.

Secret:  I’m referring to Josh Matthews by his “Rear View” nickname as a subliminal message so that you’ll remember my articles every week as you watch RAW.  Has anyone else seen a backstage interview and the term “Rear View” has gone through your head?  It will…

Michael Cole is asking why John Cena would’ve picked “Daniel Bryan” / “American Dragon” to be on Team WWE instead of The Miz, and while they won’t mention it, does anyone else remember that John Cena wrestled “American Dragon” years ago in WWE?  Videos are available online, give them a look (especially at www.GuysNation.com if you’re reading this at Bleacher Report).

It’s certainly interesting to note that as we look into the “Rear View” to find that match, backstage interviewer Josh Matthews was one of the announcers for Cena vs Danielson.

You’re welcome.

Why didn’t Aaron Riley join The Miz at RAW tonight?  He wasn’t backstage, he’s not at ringside.  Is there a downside to him being in attendance?

Is anyone else impressed with that combination move by The Miz where he hits a backbreaker from the inverted DDT position and then swings around into a neckbreaker?

Would John Cena have been disappointed if The Miz had tapped out to the STF because it would’ve meant that he didn’t get to adjust Miz’s attitude (with the Attitude Adjustment, obviously)?

Did anyone else doubt that “American Dragon” would show up to attack The Miz?

How great was it that the referees had to PULL “American Dragon” off of The Miz?  That really shows some great intensity which some “superstars” seem to lack.

Even without knowing who their opponents are ahead of time, is there any doubt that Santino & Kozlov are fighting The Usos in this match?

I hope no one was surprised.

Sheamus doesn’t have to sit at ringside for this match?  What if Santino or Kozlov win the match single-handedly?  Wouldn’t that potentially warrant a World Championship match?

Am I mistaken, or did Michael Cole just make fun of Jerry Lawler for “having gone through divorce court”?

Did Jimmy Uso really think that Tamina was going to let him attack Santino?  I know he wasn’t on the SummerSlam card, but was he not even watching?  I hope he noticed when she blew him a kiss.

During WWE Classics on Demand, when they were telling us that back in this week in 1986 there was a huge event in Toronto, did anyone else think that was the first Summerslam?  Is there a worst place WWE could’ve held SummerSlam (for the sole reason that most people don’t equate “Summer” with “Canada”?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Toronto.  I actually prefer it to New York City.  The Hockey Hall Of Fame was amazingly fun and their version of Broadway is almost as good as New York City… at a fraction of the cost.

(should I include my contact information just in case the Canadian Tourism Association wants to hire me?)

While Sheamus was backstage during the tag team match, do you think he took that time to use the restroom and grab a drink from the refrigerator?

Since Maryse is coming to the ring with Ted DiBiase, could Sheamus pick HER for Night Of Champions?  I’d pick her for a night of something… and I could assure you she’d pin me.

The slow motion camera was actually AT ringside, all ready to go for John Morrison, and WWE seriously couldn’t remember to use it when Maryse did her hair flip thing?  How many times do I have to remind them?

Why is Randy Orton even in this match?  Is there ANY chance that Sheamus would CONSIDER picking him for Night of Champions, after all he has said?  Wasted spot.  They could’ve at least put Evan Bourne into that spot, or Wade Barrett (now that the title-opportunity ban has been lifted from Nexus).

As the match devolves down to John Morrison vs Randy Orton… could we be seeing a future ppv main event here?

Sheamus doesn’t stick around to watch the end of the triple threat match, and does that make it any more apparent that he isn’t going to pick Randy Orton?

Why would Sheamus say he’s going to make his announcement in the ring if he knows that Orton is out there?  Didn’t he go backstage to avoid Orton?  Couldn’t he do just as good a job backstage with “Rear View” Josh Matthews?

Is anyone a more fighting champion than Sheamus?  He decided to wrestle at the end of RAW, defending his belt against the very worthy… Zack Ryder?

I think we know who’s having the best night on RAW tonight, as Ryder goes from an after-thought who is typically left out of the RAW lineup completely, to now he’s got a “World Title shot” in the “main event” on RAW.  What a farce.

Did WWE REALLY just bury Zack Ryder with a single kick?

Is Sheamus really using the rules and regulations to avoid a pay per view pay day at Night Of Champions?

Does Wade Barrett get “face points” by showing up and forcing Sheamus into a WWE World Title match at Night Of Champions, the opportunity he won by winning Season 1 of NXT?  I heard more than a few cheers.

RAW’s World Title match at Night Of Champions becomes a six-pack challenge?  Barrett, Jericho, Orton, Edge and John Cena all vying for Sheamus’ belt?

They could’ve at least included someone else who could’ve used “the rub” from a pay per view main event appearance.

When Wade Barrett was surrounded by 5 of RAW’s superstars, where was the rest of Nexus?  Haven’t we heard how cohesive that group is?  Not only did they not show up to help him out, but they never showed up.

With Randy Orton left standing at the very end, is there any doubt who the odds-on favorite is to win the Six Pack at Night Of Champions?