It’s the historic 900th edition of Monday Night RAW, and having seen probably over 95% of the episodes, I’m hoping that something special happens here tonight.

With Smackdown in the building and Night Of Champions just a couple weeks away, this is sure to be an episode to remember one way or another.

The Six-Pack Challenge for the RAW World Title has already been announced.  A 5-on-5 elimination match reminiscent of the SummerSlam main event is going to occur tonight with 5 guys from RAW (Cena, Sheamus, Edge, Jericho, Orton) and the 5 non-injured members of Nexus.  What else is in store?

Let’s find out.

We start out the night with Bret “Hitman” Hart, and I’m totally in favor of that. Bret has as much history on RAW as anyone on the show other than potentially The Undertaker (who is reportedly in attendance tonight).  Bret mentions The Undertaker, is he going to call him out?  Oh, here comes Kane.  Should’ve seen this coming.

Why isn’t Kane bringing the World Heavyweight Championship with him?  He’s got a microphone, it’s not like his decision to show up was so rushed that he didn’t have a chance to come out prepared.

When Kane was describing Bret Hart as weak, feeble, irreversibly damaged, was anyone else thinking that Kane was actually sort of right?  Sad but true.

How cool was it when The Undertaker came to the aid of Bret Hart as two members of the old guard stepped into the ring with one another again.  How insane is it that the 900th episode of RAW features a main event of Bret Hart vs the Undertaker?  If only Bret was still able to “bump”.  Instead of anticipating the main event, I’m looking forward to seeing how they bait-and-switch their way out of this.

I’m loving these RAW flashback moments.  The first one definitely made me miss Bobby Heenan, though.  I remember him trying to get into the building on the first night of RAW.

How crazy is it that the second RAW flashback they showed, where Steve Austin showed up on a zamboni and attacked Vince McMahon, was from the night when Kane’s FIRST World Title reign ended back in 1998.

In this triple-threat tag match, (where Kofi Kingston teams up with Michael McGuillicutty, and “American Dragon” Daniel Bryan Danielson teams up with Kaval and the third team is The Miz and his rookie Alex Riley) is it ironic that Kaval and “American Dragon” have wrestled more matches than the other two teams combined and they’re seen as the “youngest” team? 

How insanely awesome was Kaval’s spin-around maneuver into the backpack dragon sleeper?  Is The Warrior’s Way (double foot stomp to the chest from the top rope) possibly the most dangerous looking move in the business?

LayCool in the ring with their Womens Championship belts, and an equally as hot duo come to the ring as the other half of this ladies tag match is Eve Torres and Melina.  Could they PLEASE turn this situation into the basis for the birth of the Womens’ World Tag Team Championships?

How disappointed must Eve Torres have been, to be booked in this tag match and to have never gotten in the ring?

Why would Melina want to agree to a Ladies Title Unification match?    And she wants a Lumberjack match (which should be LumberJILL)?  Opportunity missed.

If we’re going to spend time recapping episodes of RAW, why are we flashing back to June of this year?  Don’t people mostly remember that?

Did anyone else notice that the production crew cut “American Dragon” out of that recap video almost entirely?  That’s the night of the infamous “tie strangling” incident (which DIDN’T get AmDrag fired, as is obvious now).

Is a flashback to September of 2009 almost as useless as the flashback to June?  Bob Barker hosting RAW was cool, but it seemed like just a couple weeks ago, not 51 weeks ago.

Chris Jericho is threatening to leave RAW if he doesn’t win the Six-Pack challenge at Night Of Champions?  All things being equal his odds of winning the belt is less* than 16%.  Wouldn’t he want to wait until he gets a one-on-one shot where his odds are more like 50%?

* – I say “less than” 16% because 1/6th is 16.6%, however you have to figure into things that the champion won’t lose his belt on a count out or disqualification, which makes it easier to retain than for someone to take it from him.

How great do the production values ook on Syfy’s promo for Smackdown?

A number one contendership match to the World Tag Team Championships, and it’s an inter-promotional match?  That fulfills two of the aspects I was looking for out of tonight’s RAW.  Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre are a good pairing, for those of you who don’t watch Smackdown, you might not have seen them work together to take out Christian and Matt Hardy.

Oh look, it’s pants for bare legs! 

From their lower-body attire alone, how much cooler do R-Truth and John Morrison look?

The referee throws out the match… does this mean we get a triple threat at Night Of Champions for the tag titles?  Lawler thinks that neither team is going to get the opportunity.  I’d guess we’ll find out later in the evening.

Bret Hart vs Undertaker was the main event over a decade ago, and tonight, it’s a mid-show match.  I guess that makes sense, given Bret’s limitations and the other things happening on the show.

Again, why do a flashback at all if you’re just going to go back to a RAW during 2010?  Waste of time, and it’s not helping sell any DVDs like they could’ve if they’d feature more of the first 50 episodes of RAW.

Bret Hart comes to the ring, doesn’t get attacked.  He’s in the ring, now it’s time for The Undertaker’s entrance… and what are the chances that Undertaker gets attacked before he gets to the ring?  This match can’t actually happen, can it?

If the announcers had mentioned that the Undertaker’s very first ever opponent in the main event on the very first RAW was Damien Demento, how many people would recognize that name?

Wade Barrett shows up and tells us that this match isn’t going to happen… and will the GM have anything to say about this?

Attacking The Undertaker.. not a smart move by Wade Barrett.  Was there any doubt that The Undertaker was going to make him pay?

We hear the Undertaker’s gong and Kane shows up?!  The gong sounds again and now Kane is gone?  That’s an awesome aspect they’re adding to this feud.

Nexus surrounds the ring, targeting the Undertaker, and could we be seeing the foundation of Nexus making something of a move to Smackdown?  That’s another thing I was hoping to see tonight.

The lights blink out again and The Undertaker finds himself in the clutches of Wade Barrett?  That’s awesome. 

How excited must Justin Gabriel have been to be able to use his 450 splash on The Undertaker?  How great would it have been if he sat up before Gabriel could leap off the top rope?

How sad does it look when the Undertaker tries and fails to do his sit-up?  He struggles… and just patheticly falls back to the mat.

Does it seem like forever since Jack Swagger was on RAW?  Now that he’s set to face Evan Bourne, does anyone else feel like we’ve seen this match before?  Is it because Evan Bourne seems like a younger, more athletic version of Rey Mysterio?

Is Alberto Del Rio really interrupting a match between Jack swagger and Evan Bourne?  For what reason?  Wouldn’t it have seemed better if he had interrupted a different match?

Why is Jack Swagger not offended that Alberto Del Rio took his spotlight immediately after Swagger beat Evan Bourne?  I would think that the All American American wouldn’t want to be shown up by a man who considers himself the pride of Mexico.

How prophetic does my comparison of Evan Bourne to Rey Mysterio seem now that Alberto Del Rio has decided that he’s going to recreate his attack on Mysterio by attacking Evan Bourne in the same fashion?

Is that the coolest Mark Henry has looked in years when he bulled through the potential chairshot by Alberto Del Rio?

Flashing back to 1999 for the classic moment involving The Rock and Mick Foley?  THAT is how the RAW flashback is done.

CM Punk bringing the Straight Edge Society to the ring, sans Serena, and instead of starting off with an explanation of Serena being gone, CM Punk talks trash about The Rock. 

CM Punk says that The Rock epitomizes RAW… but does Punk realize that the Friday Night show he’s on every week was NAMED after The Rock?

Wow, CM Punk mentions the Katie Vick segment?  How insane is that!  I love it!  I don’t need to YouTube it, I remember what happened when they had Kane pretend to commit necrophilia.

When CM Punk mentions Property Damage and we immediately cut to a time where someone’s fighting in a house, I was hoping they’d show Steve Austin and Brian Pillman.

When CM Punk mentioned that he’d never throw another competitor into a body of water, does no one remember when he threw Chavo Guerrero into the Gulf Of Mexico?

Yes!  They showed the Beer Bath from Steve Austin… but they showed the 2007 version, not the late 1990’s version, which was far better.  Wow, and now Punk is not only ripping on The Rock, but he’s also ripping on Stone Cold Steve Austin… even taunting him to possibly show up with a beer bath on Punk.

GLASS BREAKS… and Austin’s NOT really there!  How awesome is CM Punk for setting up this ruse!?  How many people fell for it? 

Brock Lesnar sighting!  Granted it was in a historic clip from Smackdown where Lesnar superplexed Big Show off the top rope and the ring caved in… and CM Punk no-sells Brock Lesnar… but it was a Lesnar sighting nevertheless!

Big Show appears… and he mentions doing the sumo thing… and did anyone else remember that his opponent’s name was Akebono?

Was anyone else just WAITING for Big Show to do the big palm strike on CM Punk’s chest during that segment?  He had it set up for like a minute.

Anyone else disappointed that we don’t get to hear Punk explain why Serena wasn’t there?  Cross it off the list of things I had hoped we’d hear about on the 900th episode of RAW.

Just when I thought “Rear View” Josh Matthews wasn’t going to get his chance to live up to his nickname on the historic episode of RAW, he starts doing an interview with Sheamus and is then forced to watch the speech… from behind Sheamus.

When Sheamus says that never before has a champion been treated so poorly on RAW, does he not know about what happened during Kane’s first run with the title?  Sheamus was treated like a king last week.

I don’t think most of the WWE Universe understood the “Bunson & Beaker” reference from Edge, but I gotta give him credit, Sheamus does look like Beaker on steroids… with awesome facial hair.

Is it just me or does Heath Slater seem like he’s the ony one who doesn’t belong as part of Nexus? 

Did RAW only devote 5 minutes to a 5-on-5 elimination tag match to end RAW?  Jericho gets himself eliminated, and we shouldn’t be surprised, since he hasn’t been a team player at any point during this Nexus storyline.

Now Edge gets himself disqualified, making it a 5-on-3 advantage over Nexus?

Does anyone else think that Heath Slater looks like he could be a younger cousin of Sheamus?

Is there a week that goes by that Sheamus doesn’t thank his lucky stars that he didn’t have to go through the Nexus angle, despite working with a lot of those guys down in Florida Championship Wrestling?  He could easily be in the Wade Barrett role.

How good does it make Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater look that they worked together to eliminate the WORLD CHAMPION, Sheamus?

WHY does the WWE allow the 900th episode of RAW to end more than 5 minutes over schedule?  Don’t they know that some people setup DVRs and give 9 minutes of over-run, only to find themselves in need of the last couple minutes of footage to see how things shook out to end the evening?

Is there a more glowing review of Justin Gabriel than allowing him to eliminate John Cena from this match?

No one should be surprised that Randy Orton got to eliminate Justin Gabriel and David Otunga, given how hot they’re pushing Randy Orton these days.

Was anyone else surprised that Wade Barrett was able to eliminate Randy Orton?  That’s quite a bit stronger than I expected they’d treat him.  Looks like there’s 0 chance Barrett will be taking home the gold at Night Of Champions.