Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman

Something has to happen between these two where Braun Strowman can be done with Roman Reigns. This needs to end, at least for a few months, and if Reigns wins, that’s not going to get us there. So give Strowman the victory in this match and give Roman Reigns a vacation for at least two or three months. That would actually give Reigns the chance to come back fresh, perhaps more appreciated by the fans.

Cruiserweight Championship

I like Neville as a competitor, and as a champion, but it’s about time to give us another option. There are plenty of great options on 205 Live, but giving the belt to Tozawa actually helps more than just the division. Give credence to Titus Brand by letting him help lead Tozawa to a championship victory. Let Neville perhaps move on to fighting for the Intercontinental Title or the US Title or having another feud for a bit before returning to try to reclaim the throne as King Of The Cruiserweights. But let The Titus Brand get a huge win here that will resonate out towards Apollo Crews, and give Akira Tozawa get a huge feather in his cap.

And please, start building up Jack Gallagher. He’s easily the best entertainer currently on 205 Live and deserves a run with the belt. He’s 4 inches shorter and 60 pounds lighter than Chris Jericho, but he seems to be every bit the entertainer I saw in The Lionheart 20 years ago.

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