Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt

In the build-up to this feud, Seth Rollins has under-sold the threat of Bray Wyatt, a significant injustice after the beautiful feud Bray recently had with Randy Orton. The direction WWE should be going with Bray Wyatt is to have him be the next semi-supernatural, Undertaker-style character. So to make up for this, to move further on the path to having Bray Wyatt be the great asset in the tradition of the now-retired Undertaker, Bray Wyatt needs to win this match.

He doesn’t have to win EVERY big match, but when someone calls him out for not being supernatural, not being scary, he has to bite back and prove them wrong. Prove himself to be a monster. Prove himself to be a threat.

Seth Rollins can sustain a loss here without hurting his status as one of the top 3 talents on the roster. Bray Wyatt can only sustain a few more losses like this before he loses enough credibility that no one takes him seriously anymore. They will lift their cell phones and act like the fireflies in the dark during his entrance, but they won’t believe he’s a competitor on the level of The Undertaker, and that would be a huge loss to the WWE, because The Undertaker is hard to replace, and they have a guy who very well could do that, if for just a few years.

RAW Women’s Championship

Alexa Bliss is an amazing Women’s Champion, one of the best all-around female competitors WWE has seen in years. She is more well-rounded and a better entertainer than Bayley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks.

Well, perhaps Charlotte and Sasha Banks are questionable names on that list, but one of them is on Smackdown, and Sasha Banks isn’t in her proper role yet. Because Sasha Banks is a much more natural heel, which isn’t hard to believe because her cheerleader clapping for the likes of Bayley and Rich Swann doesn’t fit nicely with her “Boss” nickname. The Boss doesn’t clap for friends. The Boss is in control.

So Alexa Bliss has to do things to Sasha Banks to rip her out of the “happy clappy” mode and get her switched into Boss mode. Alexa Bliss needs to beat her here and get her to the point where she realizes that she can’t take the same approach as Bayley, an approach that already failed at beating Alexa Bliss.

It’s great storytelling, and although I’m certain that WWE won’t hit all the right notes in the build-up, it’s the way they need to go if they want to make the best use out of The Boss. Eventually, she should get the Women’s Championship, but not this month.

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