In efforts to create additional new content for the WWE Network, it is rumored that the sports entertainment juggernaut is considering the return of the Cruiserweight division.

Often credited with being a large part of the success of WCW when they were winning the ratings war between Nitro and RAW, the Cruiserweight division has been dead for several years.  WWE attempted to run the Light Heavyweight division, but when they merged with WCW there was no reason for both belts. WWE attempted to unify the belts in November of 2001 at Survivor Series, but the current Light Heavyweight champion X-Pac was unable to compete in the match with Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri. The Light Heavyweight championship was retired shortly thereafter. The Cruiserweight Championship was active on and off until September 2007 when it was retired during the reign of Hornswoggle.

Given the rise in popularity of MMA, the concept of weight-classes is more mainstream. The current crop of exciting competitors who fit the traditional mold for Cruiserweights, WWE has plenty of reason to bring back the division.

Rey Mysterio played arguably the largest role in the success of WCW’s Cruiserweight Division, and given that he is a former World Champion, he adds considerable credibility and visibility to a potential division. The World Championship scenes on both RAW and Smackdown are a bit crowded right now, and it would make sense to continue to cash in on Rey’s enormous popularity when he returns from injury while allowing for others to work in the main event scene while Mysterio helps recreate a division upon which his legacy is built.

Evan Bourne had gained considerable popularity before side-lining himself due to back-to-back wellness violations. His in-ring ability is good enough that if he can keep “healthy”, he could be this generation’s version of Mysterio. It’s likely that he could still perform as part of the AIR BOOM tag team with Kofi Kingston in addition to Cruiserweight division responsibilities if that’s the route WWE wants to go for him.

Sin Cara was a huge star down in Mexico and before his injuries, he was building considerable momentum. He’s potentially the biggest reason for bringing back this division, as his style of wrestling doesn’t translate particularly well to competing against considerably larger opponents.

Hunico is arguably a better wrestler than Sin Cara when taking into account everything he brings to the table, but with Sin Cara on the shelf, his progress has been stymied because the writers haven’t come up with much reason for the fans to care about him one way or another. In this division, especially if a WWE Network show is dedicated to it, Hunico could flourish.

Tyson Kidd has been in limbo ever since WWE inexplicably decided to break up the Hart Dynasty, but his in-ring skills are amongst the best; his ability to perform high flying maneuvers and demonstrate significant technical wrestling prowess draws comparisons to the late, great Owen Hart.

Trent Barreta barely gets any television time, but the kid’s got tons of skills which are evident to the trained eye even when he’s getting destroyed in a two-minute match on RAW or Smackdown. When given the time to perform, he opens eyes.

Primo and Epico have been part of rejuvenating the WWE Tag Division, but both of them would fit quite nicely into the Cruiserweight Division given their fast paced style.

It’s also rumored that former WWE Tag Team Champion “THE” Bryan Kendrick has left TNA Wrestling and is looking to make a return to join the group.

We will continue to monitor the situation for any updates.

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