The first article on the subject was so popular, I’ve put together a second part to it to celebrate even more Halloween-ready lovely ladies of professional wrestling! Once you’ve seen the first article, see whether you like these options better!


Trish Stratus as a more traditional Wonder Woman. She wouldn’t need that golden lasso to make me tell the truth!


AJ Lee rockin’ the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume.


Maryse as Catwoman… Melina as Spider-Woman… and it continues…Maryse_Catwoman_121 Melina_LIgOvLu maria-kanellis-halloween-bunny-costume

Maria Kanellis as a bunny… reminding us how hot she looked in Playboy.


Kaitlyn as the Ultimate Warrior…pTxiHvQ

And now Kaitlyn looking FINE as a cat of sorts.


Velvet Sky in the very iconic Slave Leia outfit.sd29oct10

LayCool looking WAY hot next to Spider-Woman Melina!

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