While watching the WWE Championship Match at the Battleground pay per view event, an idea came to me regarding the belt itself and its customized face-plates on either side of the belt face. As the belt is currently in abeyance, I was curious which face-plates are currently affixed to the belt.

Perhaps generic WWE plates?

Or maybe WWE jumped the gun and just affixed the plates of whichever competitor was booked to win the match. Not very likely.

Then the thought occurred to me that maybe they have the custom plates on there for both of tonight’s competitors, one for Daniel Bryan and the other for Randy Orton. That’s when the idea occurred to me what I would do with those faceplates if I were in charge.

When the belt changes hands and the faceplates are changed, have the former champion’s custom face-plate on one side (maybe the left side) and the new champion’s face-plate on the other side. That way you have a championship belt which reflects history.

As an example, at WrestleMania XII, the match was Bret Hart (c) defending his championship against challenger Shawn Michaels. The Hitman won the belt by beating Diesel at Survivor Series 1995, and for the six months which followed, in my scenario the belt would hold Diesel’s logo on one part of the belt, and Bret’s on the other.

Diesel's Face-Plate

Diesel’s Face-Plate

Bret Hart's Face-Plate

Bret Hart’s Face-Plate

When Shawn Michaels defeated The Hitman at WrestleMania XII, the face-plate from Diesel would no longer be needed, so it would be removed and could be presented to Bret Hart in a ceremony as a physical token of rememberance for his accomplishment. That ceremony could, on occasion, be used to spark new feuds. Imagine if someone shows up and wants to take that token from an opponent who cheated to defeat them? Perhaps a young Turk could interrupt the ceremony.

As I digress, Bret Hart’s face-plate would be switched over to the side of the “former” champion, and in this scenario, it would be replaced with Shawn Michaels’ face-plate.


Shawn Michaels’ Face-Plate

Whatever WWE is currently doing with the face-plates, they’re missing out on a good opportunity.