For the first time in the history of the business, WWE presents BATTLEGROUND!!! Sounds crazy awesome, right? It very well might be a historic night of action to go along with the historic first time they’ve had a pay per view event with this name. In the GuysNation Wrestling Podcast, we predict some history is made.

We also preview the event and talk about some of the craziness from RAW and Smackdown this week.

Big Show has been a big part of both RAW and Smackdown over the past six weeks, so what will his involvement be in the pay per view? It’s maybe not what you think…

Los Matadores and Torito: How long will they be around? Are they a team we should take seriously?

What did one of our hosts think of the HHH DVD?

Should we have expected the direction things are taking between Paul Heyman and Ryback?

All that and more…

Part 1 | Part 2

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