Wrestling Review Theme for September

In the month of August I posted a series of reviews titled the Road to Raw 900, which featured matches from the early years of Monday Night Raw. I plan to give my reviews a theme each month. This doesn’t mean I will only review matches that fall under the theme, but I will try to do at least 10 reviews a month that fit the theme. So now the question is what will September’s theme be? I’ve decided to post some of my ideas here and see what you the readers are most interested in reading about.

Rage in the Cage: Steel Cage, Elimination Chamber, Hell in Cell, and War Games style matches

NWA/WCW Television title, The Early Years: featuring Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Dusty Rhodes, Bobby Eaton, Sting and more

Honor, the Early Years: Ring of Honor matches from 2002-2007

Shared Glory: Tag team matches from WWF/E, TNA, ECW, WCW etc

What Once Was: ECW

What Once Was: WCW

What Once Was: Mid-South Territory

What Once Was: AWA

TNA Trinity: Best of Samoa Joe, AJ Syles, Christopher Daniels

Gone to Soon: Matches from some of the best wrestlers who have passed away in the past 10 years.

Post in the comments what you’d like the theme for my September reviews to be. You can post additional suggestions not listed, but pick at least one from the list, because other suggestions would depends on what matches I have access to.

Also feel free to use this poll to cast your vote, though reply comments help expand on your opinion.