As a fan of wrestling for the past 20+ years, I’ve seen a lot of things.  Some awesome, some disturbing, others confusing or exciting or enticing or frightening or just strange.  A few of the more memorable moments have been the funny ones, and not all of those moments have been from the organizations with million-dollar production values on network television.

Recently I was introduced to a tag team called the Osirian Portal, working out of a company called CZW, and their act is truly original and laugh-inspiring.  In a good way.

Their outfits aren’t the biggest part of what make them funny (at least, not in my opinion).  To fully appreciate this tag team, you have to witness a spot from one of their matches which shows just how original they are:

Not only do they hypnotize their opponents, but they dance and then make their opponents dance (and also make part of the locker room join in on the hijinx), all leading up to the big finish where they “break the spell” and hit their finisher on the opponent for the pinfall.

Brilliant, right?

These guys need to team up with Delirius from Ring of Honor.  Or maybe they already have and I’m not aware of it.  One thing’s for sure, I’m going to be looking for more matches on the internet and DVD of the Osirian Portal.