After the television tapings for Smackdown were finished, WWE came to terms on the releases of five of its competitors. These roster cuts provide evidence as to the short-comings of WWE’s creative team. For years WWE has failed to adequately utilize the talent on their rosters, and the competitors on this list are indicative of those failures.


The Hart Dynasty

David Hart Smith

Unquestionably the WWE creative team dropped the ball with the Hart Dynasty, but that’s another symptom of WWE’s neglect of their tag team division as a whole. Even if they didn’t think David Hart Smith was worthy of keeping on the roster, at the very least they could’ve used him to help put over former tag team partner Tyson Kidd, who by all accounts does have what it takes to be an above-average WWE Superstar – especially at a time when Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are both in the World Title picture. With Natalya turning heel, D.H. Smith could’ve been a male valet for her, something I can’t recall seeing in WWE, and with his accompanying heel turn along with his cousin, Smith wouldn’t have to rely as much on highly proficient wrestling in his matches. As a heel, he could use typical under-handed tactics to tell the story in matches. I’m sure his uncle Bret would’ve been willing to give him some tips on how to portray a villain in WWE.

Chris Masters

Given how Chris Masters was used the past few months, he could’ve been cut a long time ago. He could’ve been used in the tag division, or to help put over someone like Mason Ryan or Ezekiel Jackson in a battle of the strong guys. Remember the angle with Drew McIntyre and Kelly Kelly? Why not have Chris Masters get a date with the buxom blonde babe and have Drew McIntyre beat the hell out of Masters and start a little feud there? It’s not like a potential angle with Kofi Kingston or Alex Riley, where you would have to minimize the negative impact on those guys. If you’re going to have Masters as a complimentary talent, then he could’ve easily taken the fall in all the key spots when faced with a potential future main eventer like McIntyre.


For a time, Melina was the best heel Diva on the roster, but then she tried to be a fan favorite, and despite that falling flat, every time she returned from injury, the storyline writers decided to try to get Melina popular with the fans once again. With only one championship for the women and no signs of the WWE having any interest in giving the fairer gender a tag division, there wasn’t much reason to keep Melina around. I suspect she’ll end up with TNA Impact Wrestling in the near future.

Vladimir Kozlov

WWE tried and failed to get Kozlov to be a credible threat to singles championships, but the chemistry he had with Santino Marella made him valuable as a side-kick to one of the most charismatic individuals in the business. The WWE could’ve turned them into a legit tag team and helped build up other teams against them, but instead the WWE goes with teams who lack connection with the fanbase (The Usos, New Nexus, Slater & Gabriel… and that’s the only teams I can think of at this point).  If they wanted Santino to be a singles competitor and an even bigger fan favorite, they could’ve at least kept Kozlov around for another 45 days and had him turn his back on Marella. A win at a pay per view would’ve even given Santino some much needed credibility.

Gail Kim

In TNA Wrestling, Gail Kim established herself as one of the best female wrestlers in the business, and when she came to WWE she barely got an opportunity to step foot in the ring. The only thing of note she has done in the past year is to act as a catalyst for the Daniel Bryan / Bella Twins angle, which helped with the Bellas heel turn. From what I’ve heard, Gail Kim asked for her release (which is not something attributed to the other four roster moves I’ve mentioned in this article), and I can’t blame her. Sometimes it’s better to be a big fish in a little pond then to be in a huge pond but never get to swim.