We started with 64, then your votes brought it to 32, and a second round of selections has us at 16. These eight matches force some tough choices… proceed when ready!

The West Coast Bracket

Hulk Hogan practically owned WrestleMania for the first nine years of its existence, but the one time he faced an opponent with the strength and intensity of Batista, he came out on the losing end. Can The Immortal “Hulk Up” again, or will The Animal shake the ropes after being victorious?

The Hitman has a history of finding ways to defeat all varieties of opponents, exploiting their weaknesses. The problem he faces now is that Brock Lesnar appears to have few – if any – weaknesses. Who prevails?

The Connecticut Bracket

The Game defeated Lex Luger and his metal-plated forearm, and CM Punk upped his legendary status by taking down Andre The Giant. Now the Authority’s lead takes on the non-conformist in a match likely to be one of the top in the tournament. Will the man who calls himself The Cerebral Assassin defeat the guy who makes a good case to live up to the name Best In The World?

The Heartbreak Kid and Chris Jericho have done battle on The Grand Daddy Of Them All once before. They’re two of the greatest showmen in WWE history; which of them advances to the Elite Eight?

The Death Valley Bracket

There is only one man who has defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania, but if anyone had a better night at WrestleMania XXX than Brock Lesnar, it was Daniel Bryan. If the two of them had faced off, would The American Dragon have defeated The Deadman that night?

Two of THE MOST electrifying superstars in the history of the business, The Rock taking on The Macho Man Randy Savage is a match that all long-time wrestling fans would love to see.

The Armed Forces Bracket

One of these men rushes through life at the beat of his own drum, while the other does his best to represent as many of his fans as possible and never let them down.

They both walk something of a “Rated R” path. One defies authority, whereas the other is willing to sleep with the woman in power even if her beauty doesn’t match up with the typical Divas. A drive towards power that borders on insanity, or a fanatical drive of defiance?