The NCAA doesn’t have a monopoly on great tournaments in March… so I present to you the WrestleMania Madness tournament! I’ve taken a list of the wrestlers who have competed at the prestigious event, picked out 64 guys, seeded them, and now the bracket is ready! Listed below are each of the matches to vote on!

The West Coast Bracket

In something of a rematch from WrestleMania IX, Hulk Hogan takes on one-half of the team he and The Barber were unable to defeat, I.R.S. of Money Inc.

The Dirtiest Player In The Game goes up against a man who preaches Integrity, The Olympic Gold Medalist.

The World’s Largest Athlete has a rocky history at The Grand Daddy Of Them All, and The Bizarre One is still seeking his WrestleMania Moment.

The Native American never quite grasped the brass ring despite getting close, and a first-round win over The Animal would be huge for his legacy.

The Best There Is, The Best There Was, And The Best There Ever Will Be gets to test whether or not The Architect Of The SHIELD deserves to be known as The Future.

Captain Charisma and Sid have both had their 15 minutes at the top, but neither were able to stay there very long. Will Christian be wishing this were a tag match?

The Beast squares off against one half of the Natural Disasters.

They’re both men of money. One lives the high life in Texas, while the other is a traveler always looking for new deals to be made.

The Connecticut Bracket

Even before he was married to the boss’s daughter, The Game was making a name for himself in big time matches at WrestleMania. Brutus Beefcake can be credited with helping Hulk Hogan stay atop the business for part of his run.

Two of the stronger competitors of their time, The All American Narcissist squares off against The Celtic Warrior.

Battle Of The Big Men, Vader never got a WrestleMania Moment for the ages, and taking out the man for whom a Memorial Battle Royal is named would be a good start.

The non-conformist who considers himself The Best In The World takes on a man who got close to greatness but was never able to overcome the odds.

Mr. WrestleMania had plenty of great matches, but his seeding suffered because of the losses on the big stage. The Mountie was never considered one of the top players, but he got some big wins because of the lengths he was willing to go.

One of them battled for years to overcome the perception that he couldn’t compete atop the card because of his size. The other is getting opportunities somewhat early in his career partially due to his size, strength and heritage.

They both got recognized for their cruiserweight style early in their careers. One fought his way to the top alone, while the other chose friendship and a partying lifestyle instead of reaching for the top.

The Devil’s Favorite Demon stalks his opponents in a methodical and evil manner. The Hot Rod is often unpredictable, but can go toe-to-toe with just about anyone.

The Death Valley Bracket

It’s a WrestleMania XV rematch, and The Big Boss Man gets the opportunity to avenge his loss inside Hell In A Cell.

The man who is tasked with taking individuals and turning them into soldiers meets the man who prides himself on success through Lying, Cheating, and Stealing.

Two men who can’t be trusted, one of whom mingles in Hollywood, and the other owns a giant snake.

One of them works to stay “Ravishing”, preferring style over substance. The other strives to be the best wrestler on the planet and is a man of few words.

The Great One accomplished more than most people at The Grand Daddy Of Them All, but he wasn’t perfect. The Beast From The East never backed down from an opponent and lacked the big WrestleMania Moment.

The Bad Guy played a huge role in ending Goldberg’s huge winning streak. Tazers aside, will Razor Ramon make another WrestleMania Moment, or will Goldberg get his revenge?

Both great wrestlers in their own right, Tito Santana had underrated matches, while Randy Savage had some of the biggest moments in the first decade of WrestleMania’s existence.

One of them likes to hit people over the head with a guitar, while the other made a career of getting hit with things and continuing to fight.

The Armed Forces Bracket

Never give up, never surrender, John Cena is going to do battle with a guy who never stops joking and has a history of bringing in doppleganger backup to help him succeed.

It’s another WrestleMania rematch, only this time there’s no big championship belt on the line.

One of the largest champions in WWE history made his career by winning championship matches at WrestleMania. The Honky Tonk Man never ascended beyond the Intercontinental Championship.

Two competitors with lots of success in the 70’s and 80’s, this match is one for the ages.

They’re both extremely unpredictable. One of them is among the most accomplished superstars at WrestleMania, while the other is just starting what looks to be a promising career in WWE.

They both accomplished a lot in both the singles and tag team divisions. One of them often gets credited with his political clout backstage really damaging WCW, while the other hit his stride towards the end of the company’s existence and was a shining beacon in otherwise dark waters.

The Rated-R Superstar took his tag team success and translated it into singles gold, while Mr. Perfect had a promising career cut short due to injuries and questionable alliances.

The Viper wants to be the Apex Predator and will take out anyone who stands in his way. Owen Hart started on the path towards singles success until politics and tragedy struck.

The field gets cut down to 32 soon, so keep checking back to vote the winners on-wards to glory!