We waited a year for the big event with the huge headlining match and two World Title matches with a couple indy favorites looking to defend their straps against more established opponents. How did it fare?

Here are my thoughts on WrestleMania 28.

1 – Daniel Bryan getting destroyed in record time was a huge disappointment. He’s arguably the best wrestler they have on the roster, the fans have grown to love him (despite his status as a heel), and everyone deserved better than the one-move match we got in the opener. With all the other dreck presented to us throughout the four hours, they could have at least given these two five minutes. Making matters worse, this is how WWE decided to set the tone for their flagship pay per view, and the night certainly suffered because of it. If they wanted to pull a stunt like this, they should’ve done it at a different pay per view, because doing it at WrestleMania was absurd.

2 – Kane getting the victory was a shock to me, as he seemed like he was going to be the after-thought. He helped Cena bide his time until The Rock was officially back, and he seemed to be put into this feud with Orton because of the injury to Wade Barrett. Now for him to get a huge victory over Orton on the biggest stage of the year? Shocking. I definitely expect Orton to get a victory at the upcoming Extreme Rules.

3 – Cody Rhodes losing the title to The Big Show is an acceptable outcome. Clearly Cody is the one with more up-side to his career at this point, but The Big Show has been something of an MVP-candidate for the company for a decade, and his WrestleMania outcomes have been something close to atrocious. This gives the WWE’s giant the final piece in his championship collection, but nothing about the match really provided a WrestleMania “moment”. I fully expect (and hope) that Cody Rhodes will be the one to get the belt back from Big Show and have his second reign with the Intercontinental Strap be just as good as his first one, further cementing the idea in WWE Creative’s mind that he’s capable of being a World Champion. He’s not ready yet, though, and if they push him to that point before next year’s WrestleMania, they’re missing a huge opportunity.

4 – One of the things Big Show has done for WWE over the past few years is to make the Unified Tag Titles relevant from time to time, and it’s a continued frustration of mine that they don’t give the belts more focus. I wasn’t surprised that there wasn’t a title defense on the actual WrestleMania card. It’s a mild gesture by WWE that they did have a defense on the pre-show, though having Epico & Primo retain the titles was uninspired (again, not surprising). If they want to see whether or not people care, how about putting 20 seconds worth of segments into each show where competitors show that they’re interested in getting the belts… kinda like what they did with Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel in a segment shown on WWE.com to help “build” this match? That one little bit gave me enough interest to check it out.

5 – The Diva’s match was a bit surprising in how it ended, with Maria Menuonos pinning Beth Phoenix instead of Eve Torres. Not that the outcome of it mattered to me whatsoever.

6 – Team Johnny winning the 12-man tag was the right decision, and while most people expected Eve to turn on Zack Ryder like she did, the execution of it missed the mark. The way it played out, it appeared that Eve was supporting Ryder and decided to turn her back on him because of a mistake she made in celebrating too soon. A knowing glance at the crowd with a smirk BEFORE the kick is all that would’ve been needed to play this out well, but they didn’t do that. As for Teddy Long, he’s had a great career but he was getting stale as General Manager. If this is the end for him in the business, he’s made a good name for himself. I would like to see him as a manager again, however.

7 – Thank God that Triple H didn’t end THE STREAK, which would have been the worst decision they’ve made in a long time. The Undertaker appears to still be able to get the job done in the ring, so I’m hoping we see more of him over the next 12 months than we saw in the past 12… though it would be hard to see less.  Some of the younger superstars, who apparently aren’t good enough to match up with him at ‘Mania, could really use “the rub” of a feud with ‘Taker.

8 – I’m glad that after HBK hit Sweet Chin Music on Undertaker, he showed remorse/regret after Undertaker kicked out of the Pedigree which followed. I figured Shawn Michaels was going to kick someone, and I was afraid it was going to cost one of the guys the match. When it was all said and done with, Shawn didn’t appear to struggle with his decision to count the 3 on HHH, as he knew that Undertaker took MORE than HHH could dish out. It’s a huge turning point for Shawn Michaels as a character, as it marks the end of his cheating ways because there’s no other opportunity where HHH is going to face an opponent where he needs that kind of help ever again. It also establishes that HBK has finally – once and for all – realized that he shouldn’t meddle.

9 – CM Punk retaining against Jericho was the right decision. WWE partially botched Punk’s push over the past 10 months, getting only a fraction of the potential value, and to have him lose to Chris Jericho would have been a mistake. Punk needs to be treated as one of the top superstars in the business to match his overwhelming talent, and giving him this huge victory was a great step in that direction.

10 – The Rock beating John Cena was not unexpected, but it likely signals the end of The Rock’s involvement with WWE for the foreseeable future. Sure he mentioned something about wanting to be around for WrestleMania 29, but was that comment an off-the-cuff remark, or is it part of a much bigger plan? I’m guessing the former. What reason would he have to give John Cena a rematch for next year? What more could he possibly have to gain by squaring up with Cena again come April 7th, 2013?

The speculation can now begin about what matches we’ll get next year, but that’s a whole other article in itself.