I don’t want to hear anyone else refer to the team who wins the NBA Title as the World Champions.  You know who the World Champions are?  Whoever wins the Olympics.  Those guys.  Four years they can use the name.

The Los Angeles Lakers are not the World Champions, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs just to see how the Lakers are performing in international play.  The NBA Champions lost to FC Barcelona by 4, resulting in Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol to say that Barcelona would do well if they were to join the NBA.

You think so?  I’d say the results against the Lakers speak for themselves.

I have little sympathy for kids who naively run up big debts on their credit cards and forget about the fact that they have to actually pay back what they owe.  Their parents should smack them – and then most of them should be smacked themselves for not teaching their kids better.

When a grammy winning singer like Toni Braxton ends up roughly $50 million dollars in debt, I have zero sympathy.

When that same singer shows up at a Miami Dolphins football game wearing diamond-studded jewelry, $800 shoes and a designer bag, it makes me hope that the Repo Man heads to her house sooner than later.

Be ashamed of yourself, Braxton.  You used to be hot and sensible.  Now you’re just hot.