Heading into the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble here in 2018, thus far WWE has only announced the names of 18 entrants, leaving many to wonder how it’s even going to be possible to get 12 others. Not only is it possible, but we’ve got a list of names and their odds of winning a spot at WrestleMania against one of the two WWE Women’s Champions.

Those Already Declared

Mandy Rose
Probability: Low

Arguably the lowest odds out of any of the 18 women who have already declared for the match, Mandy Rose hasn’t been given enough time for fans to understand what she’s all about, other than being part of one of the female invading trios. She also has the least in-ring experience. Although I’m sure WWE is working to increase this beauty’s skills in-ring and on the mic, she’s certainly not ready to be involved in a very high profile match at WrestleMania this year, so she won’t get the honor of being the winner of the first Women’s Royal Rumble.

Liv Morgan
Probability: Low

She’s absolutely more skilled in the ring than Mandy Rose and has shown a lot more personality. But she still hasn’t been given a role other than just being one part of one of the invading female trios. Barring injury, I’d predict she makes quite a bit of progress up the “ladder” in 2018, but I would be shocked if she won the Women’s Royal Rumble. Not necessarily disappointed, but shocked.

Sarah Logan
Probability: Low

Basically exactly what I said about Liv Morgan can also be said for Sarah Logan.

Sonya Deville
Probability: Low

At this point it might seem like lazy analysis to keep saying the same thing about why these women won’t win the Royal Rumble, but yet again, I have to say the same thing for Sonya Deville. I could see her making good progress over the next 12 months, but WrestleMania won’t be part of that.

Probability: Low

WWE did show signs that they might be interested in giving her a small push, but she hasn’t done anything to make me think they’re very serious about getting her to the top of the card, and she hasn’t shown anything to make me think she deserves it. There were signs that Carmella might start getting a decent push before she won the Money In The Bank, and we’ve seen nothing of the sort for Tamina, and this would be a huge leap WAY up the “ladder” if Tamina were to win. It’s a huge stretch of the imagination to think it might happen, too. Don’t bet on it.

Dana Brooke
Probability: Low

She’s essentially the executive assistant for Titus Brand Worldwide at this point, right? I haven’t seen her wrestle two shows in a row in as long as I can remember. No chance she gets a title shot at WrestleMania.

Alicia Fox
Probability: Low

WWE should push Alicia Fox into a better position in the division, given her above-average mic skills AND in-ring skills, but they’ve never shown that they have any intention of her actually being given a title run, so a WrestleMania title shot doesn’t seem like a possibility this year or any year in the future. She would probably need to have a title shot at a pay per view before I start thinking she might be a contender to be a fixture at the top of either division. She would benefit quite nicely from WWE adding a Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Probability: Medium-Low

On one hand, she did have multiple title shots when Naomi was holding the belt, but on the other hand, it seems like she has all but retired from active in-ring competition since then. I guess I can envision a scenario where she wins this, but I had trouble even typing that sentence.

Ruby Riott
Probability: Medium

Now we’re starting to get into interesting possibilities. On one hand, Ruby Riott hasn’t been on the main roster very long, but she has been something of a high-profile addition as the leader of an invading trio. With Paige on the shelf, the odds of her taking a big step up definitely increased… But I don’t see it happening. She has quite the “alternative” look, which is not to say she isn’t pretty, because she is. But WWE often has trouble pushing “alternative” competitors, and I don’t see them giving Ruby Riott her first pay per view title match by way of a Royal Rumble victory. In the next 18 months, not only do I see her getting a title shot, but a title run. This title shot is an extremely high profile spot, and the odds are far better for other competitors.

Becky Lynch
Probability: Medium

There was quite a bit of excitement when Becky Lynch joined the main roster, but for whatever reason, she has fallen off quite a bit since then. She’s certainly talented enough in-ring and charismatic enough to be champion, I just don’t see the jump happening at this WrestleMania.

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