As part of the Women We Love series of articles, this interview seeks to delve deeper into finding out what makes the female sports reporter and radio personality Liz Drabick tick.  She was kind enough to take some time to answer my questions, and I believe that the more readers get to know her, the more they’ll appreciate her.

Liz Drabick is the star of a future radio show here in Washington D.C., but is she from around here?

Hardly a star but I like where your head’s at. That’s mostly a yes; split my youth between Rochester, NY and the mean streets of Columbia, MD.  Am fortunute enough to have lived and worked all over the Baltimore, DC metro area since returning to the area post-college.

Around here they call it the “DMV” if you’re hip.  DC… Maryland… Virginia.  Took me six months to figure that out (as I’m not hip).  Switching gears, I haven’t seen your resume, mostly because you’re far more experienced and talented than I am so there’s no reason I would’ve needed to see it, but where’d you go to college?

If you had seen my resume I’d be a little nervous.  Although I supposed you can find anything on the internets.  College was UNC-Charlotte, one of the lesser known UNC’s to be sure but an absolute blast nonetheless.  Was accepted to the real UNC but with the crush on Roy Williams…  Well that sentence kind of ends itself.

So who got you interested in sports?  Your dad?  Brothers?


Sports got me interested in sports.  No brothers and a dad that enjoyed a passing interest with anything that wasn’t a stock car racing in a circle.  There’s also probably some boyfriends to attribute for following some sports more closely i.e. golf, hockey and more of that pesky NASCAR.

That would explain the “Under the Hood” segment on the Mike Wise show,  yes?

Ah, the short lived weekly NASCAR feature.  It was a pseudo-renaissance of my days as a NASCAR expert on The Ed Norris Show on 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore.  I was cleverly named “NASCAR Liz”.  It was a delight.

You mentioned golf.  Any favorite golfers?

A two-way tie for Tiger Woods and Nick Faldo.  Just imagine if I’d had a third favorite.

Two favorite golfers is more than I ask of anyone.  I’m just glad you didn’t mention Leftie, because the pairing might be a bit odd, he and Tiger.  Did you play any sports growing up?

As a glutton for punishment, I was a soccer player and a ballet dancer for what felt like a million years.  There was also some light tennis, horseback riding, swimming and the occasional backyard recreational sport (think horseshoes and badminton and does Slip ‘n Slide count?)  Oddly I went to a high school that had sports for all four years so I can tell you I’ve done archery.

I can guarantee you that amongst those reading this right now, there’s some sort follow-up comment about the Slip ‘n Slide that they want me to say, but that would be unprofessional and I won’t stoop to it.  Just as a point of recommendation, if anyone in the DMV asks if you’d like to play cornhole, you might give it a go.  I was a bit frightened and disgusted at the first offer, but I can assure you that it’s quite like horseshoes, only beanbags are used and the target is a hole cut in an inclined board.

There are plenty of adult leagues around the area, are you currently playing a sport of any kind?

I’m an avid distance runner who falls a lot while running.  Clearly not coordinated enough for interaction with others or sports equipment of any kind. Probably not of note, I run exclusively to podcasts of The Dan Patrick Show.

That’s an interesting coincidence, I nap exclusively to podcasts of Mike & Mike In The Morning.

Actually, that’s a lie.

Sometimes I include the Colin Cowherd show.

How’d you get your start in radio?

A wacky FM afternoon show abused me as an intern in Charlotte, NC.  Best.  Job.  Ever.  Included a free trip to Aruba and some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working near.  There were also scavenger hunts, eating contests and melting a 200 lb block of ice by myself.

If there are pictures of the ice-melting, we could double our readers.

Vault, they are in the vault.

Since it appears I’m clearly going to gain no traction on the ice block topic, who are the three most interesting sports personalities you’ve met along the way?

Tiger Woods, NASCAR’s Elliott Sadler, Former NFL-er Jarrod Cooper (Dexter Manley receives an honorable mention)

For anyone who has met Dexter Manley or heard him speak on the radio, I’m not sure how Tiger Woods would be more interesting… actually as you’re a female sports reporter, I can understand, and honestly I’m afraid to clarify.

Actually, that’s a joke.  I really don’t mean to insinuate anything improper there (though if there’s a backstory, which of course there isn’t….)  I can totally understand how Tiger Woods would be a very interesting athlete to meet, even disregarding anything which has come to the public eye in the past 7 months.

Sorry, did I tell you this would be my first and last interview?  Just do me a favor and tell the boss that you understand that I just have a pathetic sense of humor and that you weren’t offended.  Unless you are offended, in which case, I’m sorry that my parents didn’t ensure I had a funny bone before I was taken home from the hospital.

Who are the three most interesting radio personalities you’ve met along the way?

Other than every single one of them?  Ed Norris, Steve Czaban, Dr Drew

Ah yes, Dr Drew… How big of a loss to MTV is it that Love Line isn’t shown anymore?

I mostly miss it taking .5 seconds for Adam and Drew to ask any given stripper which relative she was assaulted by.

I have to think that a decade ago, your job might be quite a bit different as a well-informed, attractive young woman in a mostly male dominated profession, had there not been a nipple-slippage during a certain Super Bowl.  Do you think the FCC has taken the fun out of radio (and to some extent television) because of what happened with Miss Jackson (since I’m nasty)?

Ok, my problem with the Janet (that’s Jackson, if you’re nasty) gate was that I was at the Superbowl when it happened and missed the entire thing.  My outrage is thusly doubled.

Who are the top three athletes / sports personalities who you’d most want to meet?

Mark Grace, Jim McMahon, Dale Sr

Wow, Mark Grace and Jim McMahon, really?  As a guy who has lived in Chicago, I have to ask what the attraction is for a girl from Rochester?  Tell me the Super Bowl Shuffle had something to do with it.

The Rozelle headband and drunken BYU antics.  I mean, BYU!

What’s this I’ve heard about you having a crush on Tar Heels coach Roy Williams?

I like powder blue, southern drawls and championships.

For those of us on the outside, what does the typical work-week look like for you?  It almost sounds like you’re at the radio station 10 hours a day, Monday through Friday?

Yup.  But I promise you it very rarely ever feels like work.  I was always told that’d happen when you love what you do.

I did hear that quote once about work not being difficult if you love it.  Regretfully my search continues.

Maybe I should keep that to myself so I don’t lose this job.

If you had to work in a market other than D.C., where would you want to go?

Somewhere with palm trees and sports teams.

Speaking of palm trees, does Florida really deserve to have two hockey teams?

It’s a travesty.

Surely Phoenix doesn’t.

That’s a mockery.

A woman who has a great personality and can talk about sports all day, surely you have a boyfriend / fiance / husband (or at least countless offers)?

Color me flattered by the the assumption; single and surprisingly boring, I promise.

I’ve heard you don’t watch much television other than sports.  Do your friends and family ever talk about a show that you’ve never watched and it made you want to rent it on DVD?

I have an addiction to The West Wing reruns.  I have never, ever seen an episode of American Ideal, Survivor or anything like it.  Is that bad?  I’m curious about Glee, though. Oh, and Mad Men; I dvr-ed Mad Men! But that was short lived because then football season started.  I’m in a pop culture vacuum.

Might I suggest watching MORE of Mad Men and also picking up a copy of Aaron Sorkin’s SportsNight.  The latter I can guarantee you’ll enjoy.  Guaranteed.

What’s the best time of year based solely on the sports calendar and your viewing interests?

Oh, I’m year round.  The sense of anticipation for football season is second to none but NASCAR and golf keep me anchored in the “offseason.”

What’s the worst time of year based solely on the sports calendar and your viewing interests?

That first Sunday after the division championship is a killer.  Because then you know you only have the the Superbowl left and that hurts. Waiting between majors is no picnic, either.

Which do you own more of, professional sports team jerseys or little black dresses?

Is it bad if I don’t own any jerseys at all because I don’t.  A couple baseball caps and team t-shirts (including “I do it with my Sox on” and “I Heart Dick Jauron”) then it’s all unnecessarily expensive attire.  I feel so ashamed writing this.  I swear I’m more down to earth than my wardrobe would have you believe.

I believe there’s certainly some innuendo regarding that Sox shirt.  Have you ever had sexual relations while a television in the same room was showing a sporting event?

Let’s just say I don’t like to miss either sexual relations and or sporting events.

If so, has that sport ever been golf?  We find the metaphor to be too good to ignore as a possibility.

I sense a hole-in-one pun, perhaps?  Beats taking a golf nap.

Which do you prefer – a Cosmopolitan, a Red Bull & Vodka, or a beer?
Yes, please.

Now we’re back on track.  What sort of beer do you prefer?
Equal opportunity, really, anything from Bud Light to some Abita Strawberry something that’s really hard to find.

Did I happen to notice a Notorious B.I.G. reference the other day in a Twitter post?

Why yes, yes you did and I even got called hip for doing it. I have a Rain Man like ability to store incredible amounts of lyrics especially when it comes to hip hop.  I was really something growing up in the suburbs of Md all clad in Gap singing along to Biggie, TuPac, Ice Cube, Tribe, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.  The lyric retaining memory doesn’t stop at rap, though; it’s all encompassing.  And I can’t believe I just answered that with a straight face.  I’m a puzzle.

On the radio last week I heard one of the co-hosts mention that at one point in his young career he signed a deal with a radio station for “low 6 figures”.  I always figured that some of the on-air radio personalities made some really good money, but the individual I’m talking about is not even the host of his show.  Am I wrong to think that if he got the contract a couple years ago, it would’ve had to have been a multi-year deal?
Depending on the talent, it’s usually a one year at a time kind of deal.  And unless you’re primo talent you’re probably not making a whole lot.  Not everybody’s Howard Stern (tongue firmly planted in cheek.)

On average, how many sporting events do you attend in person in a given month, and out of those games, how many do you have to pay to get tickets for?

Let’s go with a minimum of 6 sporting events per month though it’s down in the NFL season because I don’t attend a whole lot of those.  Mostly I shamelessly abuse the press pass unless I’m on vacation and get the chance to see a team or avenue I wouldn’t otherwise get to see.  So the average paid for ticket is 0 to 1.  Just one one the perks.

On average, if you didn’t have any other personal obligations and your weeknight evenings were otherwise free, how many opportunities would you have to attend professional sporting events in a given month without having to buy a ticket?

I’m going to sound like such an a-hole but hypothetically I could go to all for free (Redskins the lone exception.)  The magic of a press pass is wondrous.

The freebies you get, does it end with sporting tickets?
T-shirts.  There are a lot of free t-shirts.  And a beach ball once.
You’ll be getting a GuysNation tshirt as soon as possible.

We at are thrilled that Liz Drabick lists our site as one of her new favorite places to go for information and for a laugh or two.  We are also very grateful that she has agreed to be a willing participant amongst the madness and contribute her insightful and entertaining views on whatever topics she deems interested in at a given moment.  You can hear her work at 106.7 The Fan FM in Washington, D.C., through the various podcasts for The Mike Wise Show and The Lavar Arrington Show With Chad Dukes, and you can also follow Ms. Drabick on her Twitter page – @ldrabick.