Here we go, main event of the evening, and the Undertaker is putting his Undefeated Record (17-0) at Wrestlemania on the line against Shawn Michaels – who must retire if he loses this match.

Regular entrance from Shawn Michaels, whom I expected to have a more grand entrance.

Staredown, Shawn Michaels playing mind games, doing the R.I.P.  / slit your throat taunt.

HBK off to a fast start, lots of chops.  Undertaker gets the comeback.

Undertaker going for his Old School, but Shawn Michaels puts a stop to that.  Shawn gets a shoulder to the chest a couple times, then Taker gets the Old School, goes for a Chokeslam, but HBK starts pounding on Undertaker’s leg, which looks injured at this point.

Undertaker looking for the Tombstone piledriver, but Shawn Michaels avoids it.  They battle, Taker goes for another chokeslam, but Shawn again avoids it.

Shawn Michaels goes for the Sweet Chin Music, but Undertaker just barely avoids it.

Shawn Michaels keeps working over the Undertaker’s leg, but Undertaker works over Shawn’s arm and uses plenty of strikes to the head with those boxing style jabs and hooks.

Undertaker throws Shawn out of the ring, and he looks like he’s going to do the over-the-top leap, but HBK gets back into the ring and chop-blocks Taker down to the match.

The action goes out of the ring and Taker sends HBK back-first into the corner ring post.

Undertaker puts HBK up onto the ring apron, putting his neck across the edge of the apron… ‘Taker with his trademark legdrop… and he hits it!

Shawn is able to get up first, and when Undertaker gets back into the ring, Shawn takes him down and locks in a Figure Four Leg Lock.

Undertaker struggles, it looks like he might tap out, but then he rolls over and Shawn Michaels gets the business end of the move before releasing.

Shawn doing well to work over the Undertaker’s leg, and now they’re trading chops.  Irish whip, HBK with the flying shoulder block to send Undertaker down.

Both men to their feet, Undertaker with a huge chokeslam, but he only gets a two count.

Tombstone piledriver attempt by Undertaker, but Shawn Michaels rolls through, puts in an ankle-lock… and Undertaker can’t get to the ropes.  Shawn drops to the mat and grapevines his legs, keeping Undertaker in place.  The announcers sell the idea that it would be tough to imagine Undertaker tapping out at Wrestlemania, and I fully agree.

Undertaker breaks the hold by kicking Shawn in the face with his free leg.

Things get back to their feet and Undertaker goes to the outside.  Shawn Michaels leaps over the top rope, Undertaker catches him… TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER OUTSIDE THE RING!!!

Action goes back into the ring and Undertaker looks for the Last Ride, but Shawn Michaels counters it, slamming Undertaker’s head into the mat for a two count.

Shawn Michaels outside, climbs the turnbuckles, goes for the elbow drop from the top turnbuckle… UNDERTAKER”s KNEES UP!!

Undertaker tries to lock in the Hell’s Gate, but Shawn Michaels counters it into a pinfall attempt for the two!


Another setup for Sweet Chin Music, warming up the band… Undertaker blocks it, kick to the gut, Last Ride… TWO COUNT!!

Fans and competitors alike can’t believe that the match is still going.  Undertaker throws Shawn Michaels to the outside, and the fans in my house are worried for the Spanish Announce Table.  Turns out it’s the English Speakers who might be without commentary.  Viva Espana!!

Looks like we’re going to get Last Ride onto the announce table… Sweet Chin Music!!  Undertaker ends up on the announce table!

Shawn Michaels to the top rope, MOONSAULT!!!  HBK jumps right back up and then collapses.

Shawn Michaels hits the Sweet Chin Music… TWO COUNT!!!

Undertaker with a Chokeslam… Tombstone… TWO COUNT!!

HBK begs Undertaker to finish him off, slaps the Undertaker, then Undertaker lifts him up, TOMBSTONE!!


Shawn Michaels has to retire!!