If Rey Mysterio loses to C.M. Punk in this match, he is forced to join the Straight-Edge Society.

Punk is wearing some awesome ring attire themed like G.I. Joe (same font, red/white/blue stripes, camouflage)

Rey Mysterio has an Avatar themed ring attire with a weird pony-tail built into his mask.

Great match.  Not a 5 star match because it didn’t get enough time and there were a couple near botches, but it was still really enjoyable.

It looked like Mysterio was going to lose after Punk avoided a top-turnbuckle headbutt drop.  Rey makes a comeback and before he can hit the 619, Punk’s female Straight-Edge Society member (Serena?) gets in the way.  The ref gets her to leave the apron, but Luke Gallows is on the apron on the opposite side of the ring, keeping Rey from being able to rebound.  Punk lifts up into the GTS position, but Mysterio battles out.

Rey and Punk with a good exchange that ends with Punk getting hit with the 619, then the Springboard Legdrop.

Mysterio with the win, doesn’t have to join the Straight-Edge Society.

Not the direction I would’ve gone, but I guess now Punk can do that to someone else.

Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon up next.