As you might expect, it started off with DiBiase and Rhodes working together to double-team Orton, but when it looked like Orton might get pinned, Cody Rhodes went to the top rope to look for a moonsault, DiBiase attempted a pin, and then all allegiances were broken.

There was an awesome spot in there where Randy Orton hit his hanging DDT with the feet of both DiBiase and Rhodes extended from the middle rope by their ankles.

Just as expected, Orton boots Cody in the head, then hits the RKO on DiBiase after avoiding Ted’s “Dream Street”. ¬†Pin on DiBiase.

Match could’ve been better, and it definitely ended the feud between those guys. ¬†Somewhat of a disappointment, but there are lots of matches on the card tonight, so I’m sure there wasn’t enough time to have it be longer.

Next up, Money In The Bank