According to Marc Stein with ESPN, the Washington Wizards have completed a trade with the New Orleans Hornets to bring Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza to D.C.  In exchange, the Wizards have sent Rashard Lewis and the 46th overall pick in this year’s draft to New Orleans.

The Wizards have been speculated to be parting ways with Lewis this off-season or next, with his large contract being a huge part of the reason. The Hornets are even said to be looking to waive Rashard prior to July 1 so they can cut the salary cap liability by about half.

Okafor and Ariza are seen as significant upgrades on the defensive side of the game for the Wizards. Okafor averaged a double-double over the past few seasons, and Ariza was seen as a key component to the LA Lakers championship in 2009.