The Ghostbusters of Connecticut is a non-profit group who appear regularly at charity events, conventions, film screenings, and other activities. I happen to meet some of them while attending this years Hartford Comic Con. Being a big Ghostbusters fan, I enjoy seeing the guys in full uniform with all the equipment. But what got me excited is the fact that they had the Ghostbusters car with them. Thankfully I was able to exchange info with them and get them to answer a few questions for us here at GuysNation.com

 Mr. Incredible: What got you into the Ghostbusters?

 CT Ghostbusters: I think for the most part, it’s just one of those movies that hit all the right buttons. It has the right mix of comedy, horror and science fiction, paired with really cool tech and phenomenal acting that really made it one of those timeless movies from that period of the 80’s. Our group ranges from ages 26 to 45 and we all love the movies for similar reasons, even though some of us got to see it in the theater when it came out and a couple of us (I bring in the low end of the spectrum at 26 year old) only got to see it later when it was on TV and VHS. You have to admit, four normal guys staring down a Sumerian god with nothing but beefed up nuclear accelerators and a slim chance of survival is pretty cool, and for us, it’s one of those things that just stuck with us.

Mr. Incredible: Is there a favorite movie or cartoon episode that you guys like?

CT Ghostbusters: We’re all partial to Ghostbusters 1. Don’t get me wrong, Ghostbusters 2 is great, but the first is always the best. Those of us that watched it mostly agree that the first three seasons of The Real Ghostbusters weren’t half bad either, but the four seasons that followed with the new Slimer focus is something the fandom as a whole would like to forget.

Mr. Incredible: When I met you at the Hartford Comic Con, you guys where posing with a version of the car. But you said that you were also building one from scratch. What made you take on a project like that and what is the progress on it?10310661_670761319646212_3151235249647197800_n

CT Ghostbusters: Pure blind nerd obsession lol. The Ectomobile is one of those classic movie cars EVERYONE recognizes, whether you’re fanatical about the movie or not. For the group mechanic, Eric, it’s been a life-long dream to own one, and luckily we all share and support his enthusiasm for it. When we started the group, we went in with the knowledge that our group wouldn’t be complete without that iconic member, so it was always in the forefront of our group projects. We’ve been slowly collecting parts for it since we started the group in January of 2013, and this past March, Eric bought a 1962 Cadillac Superior Combo Coach(we’ve named her Madison) to start converting into an Ecto replica. She’s got a lot of heart, as well as a lot of rust and dust, but we got the tools and we got the talent! So far we’ve cleaned it out, stripped the bed floor, removed the hood and front bench seat for repair, reconditioned the original rims with fresh tires, and we’re currently working on rebuilding the hubs and drum brake system and replacing the rotted out floors in the front of the car.

Mr. Incredible: Can you tell us about the work that went into building the packs and traps?

CT Ghostbusters: Ah, the million dollar question, haha! Luckily enough, we ghostheads have an awesome community called Ghostbuster Fans (www.GBFans.com), where we can all get together and share info and builds, and our whole array of props and uniforms is a direct result from the decades of work and research from the members there.  The proton pack alone is one of those projects where the build time can be anywhere from a few months to a few years based on the level of screen-accuracy you’re looking to achieve and the availability of the parts. We’re lucky enough that most of the parts used on the screen props are still mostly available, and the others are custom fabricated by fans around the world. On my pack alone, my fiberglass body shell was hand made from a guy in Florida, while my main metal parts come from both a Colorado maker and from Eric. I will say it’s not for the faint of heart: no matter the style, the proton pack is a fairly complicated build, and for the most part, it’s never completely finished: if that isn’t a deterrent, the price will be. Packs can range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand, but it’s always worth it in the end when you strap it on. It took a few of us from 8-10 months to build ours, and we still meet monthly to do repairs and minor upgrades because as an active use prop, they tend to take quite a beating. The traps, at least to me, were a breeze in comparison. I built a stunt trap I carried at HCC, and it only took me maybe 12 hours worth of work and $120 in supplies, and I imported a few replica parts from the UK for it. It’s not as fancy in the lights and sound department as my pack is, but it does the job.

Mr. Incredible: How was it to be on the Colin McEnroe show?

CT Ghostbusters: I have to say, it was quite a humbling and awesome experience. I’ll admit when I got the email asking us to be on the show, I briefly wondered, “why on earth they would want to talk to us? We’re just a bunch of nerds who dress up like Ghostbusters.” But it was an honor to be asked to represent our small portion of the Cosplaying community and be a part of the awesome discussions we had on air. If anything, and I think Colin would agree, I only wish we could have gone on longer because we had a very good panel to explore a few of those topics a bit deeper. It was nice to be able to go support the PR effort for HCC, as it was our first “official” con appearance with a booth and we are extremely grateful for them taking the chance and having us be a part of the convention this year. We had a blast and being on NPR only a few days before made that week that much more awesome.

Mr. Incredible: Why form the Connecticut Ghostbusters?

CT Ghostbusters: It’s a long story. The CTGB first started in late December 2012. Eric had a pack, and had posted on gbfans seeing if there were any local guys looking to get together and nerd out. Matt, Dan, and I replied, and through a few emails agreed to meet up. So on a frigid Saturday night, January 19th, 2013 to be exact, the four of us met up, and over a few plates of wings and a few beverages, discussed at large what we wanted to do with the hobby. None of us had any real gear to speak of yet, but we had seen the other groups around the country start up and do charity work, and we liked the idea. So the next day we started the Facebook page, Dan made a logo, and we were off to the races. The best part is that we do it all for charity. We started with the idea that we wanted to do as much good for our communities as possible through this fandom, like the 501st does for star wars. So we started doing charity walks, and at our booth in HCC this year, we were able to collect $300 for The St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Our first event as a group was the Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade: we started with 5 guys, 2 uniforms and a proton pack. As of today, a little over a year later, we’re up to 10 guys with uniforms and proton packs; we owe this to the fantastic support of the community of our fellow fans.  You see, that’s the funny thing about Ghostbusters “Franchises”, they’re everywhere. There’s at least one group in every state of the USA including Hawaii and Puerto Rico, as well as many international groups in the UK, Canada, South America, Germany, Norway, Italy, just to name a few. And it’s such an unbelievable tight community to boot; in the past two years, I’ve met so many awesome and talented people through this hobby it’s insane. It’s all thanks to Ghostbusters that I’ve made friends with folks from as close to Massachusetts to Wisconsin, even California. It’s such a passionate community of people, who take time to do a lot of good charity work through this fun hobby that makes putting on the gear worth it.

Mr. Incredible: Have you had a chance to meet any of the original Ghostbusters?


CT Ghostbusters: Yes, actually! One of the first things we did as a group was going to a Crystal Skull Vodka signing in Norwalk, CT to meet Dan Aykroyd last year. Four of us met him that day and got the chance to hang out with our friends in the Maine, Baystate and New Hampshire Ghostbusters. Since then, Most of us have been able to get to meet Ernie Hudson at local conventions, and a few of us are taking the chance to meet Dan at a signing up in Peabody, MA later this month. It always an awesome experience getting to meet your hero’s, and those two always treat their fans well.

Mr. Incredible: Tell us about the team members?

CT Ghostbusters: The CTGB is beyond lucky in that we have a crew of diversely and extremely talented individuals. As far as day jobs, we have everything from nurses to puppeteers, digital media experts, electronics workers, as well as some guys with corporate jobs, even an antiques dealer. It really does go to prove that anyone can be a cosplayer these days.  Since we’ve started, we’ve gone from having a small garage workshop with a couple of saw horse work tables, to a small machine and wood shop with room enough for the ambulance and all the work space working on props requires. We’ve grown into a band of brothers since we started, and while we have our squabbles from time to time, we all see each other as family. One of the mantra’s we hold close is that family comes first, whether it be group or blood based, and I think holding our relationships closer than the costume is one of the keys to our increasing functionality as a costuming group. No one could honestly in good conscience ask for a better bunch of nerds to hang around, and you can believe me there isn’t a day that goes by we aren’t thankful for it.

Mr. Incredible: Do you guys plan on doing any videos or short film?

CT Ghostbusters: While I cannot say anything specific yet: We have a lot going on as we get closer to Connecticut ComiCon in August, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and twitter!

Mr. Incredible: Well thank you for taking time out to answer some questions for us. Is there anything else you would like to say to the fans or readers?

CT Ghostbusters: Man, where to begin? A hearty and firm Thank You to all of our friends, family and followers for supporting us through this crazy adventure. If it wasn’t for your ongoing love and support, we’d just be five guys hanging around in a garage talking about Ghostbusters. Not that we still aren’t, but we’d just be a lot less productive. You can check us out at our website, www.CTGhostbusters.com, or our Facebook, www.facebook.com/ctghostbusters, and please follow us on twitter and Instagram @CTghostbusters. We’re always up for assembling for a good cause, no job is too big, and no FEE is too big! A big thank you to Guysnation for reaching out to us and offering this fun opportunity!


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