If you’re the kind of person who is adventurous when it comes to food, then you’ll totally understand why I tried Wendys Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. Chances are you’ve tried it yourself. If you haven’t, I’ve got you covered, because you have a limited time in which to decide whether you want to try it or not.

What Wendys Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Involves:

Before I get into my thoughts on each aspect, here’s a nice build-up from Wendys to show you what it’s all about. (And in case you’re wondering, they didn’t provide me with this, it was on their website. This review is unbiased, as I paid for it myself and haven’t been in touch with them at all)


I didn’t have the red onions, lettuce or tomato on mine. I don’t like onions or tomato on my burgers, and I’ve found that lettuce deludes sauce… which is the reason I decided to forego the greens.

The Pretzel – if you’ve never had pretzel bread before, just think of it like a soft pretzel, only bigger, built more like a bun. The times where I’ve had a good pretzel role that I’ve enjoyed it, the bun was a bit crispier than what Wendys provided, and had better Pretzel flavor. The bun on this burger was decent, but not great. I’ve had worse pretzel bread before, so I wouldn’t say this bun detracted at all… but it wasn’t as great as what it could’ve been. My wife, who is a big fan of soft pretzels, echoed the sentiment.

The Bacon – when it comes to bacon, Wendys does it about as good as anyone can for fast food (and better than a lot of diners and restaurants I’ve visited… nowhere near as good as what I do at home though).  Its rich, smoky flavor mixed in very well with not only the burger, but the sweet and cheddar-y sauces.

The sauces and cheese – the cheese underneath the burger was standard fare for Wendys. The sauce above the burger is what really helps finish off this burger. The special honey mustard sauce they put in there is the right mix of smoky and sweet, and the extra cheddar cheese sauce they put on the burger helps blend all the flavors together.

Judgment: An upgraded bun would make this a great sandwich, but this is a drive-thru experience we’re talking about here, not a restaurant. If not for the quick turnaround expectations on the cook-time, and if the cooks were better skilled, that might be a reasonable expectation in terms of preparing it just right. Given that the buns are delivered, the sauce is likely prepared elsewhere and the means of preparation are standard, I can’t imagine having a bad experience with one of these burgers.

Bottom Line: Absolutely try it, but have lowered expectations.

Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger