Of all the “limited time only” options I’ve seen from American fast food establishments, I’ve yet to see anything as crazy interesting as what Wendy’s is offering in Japan.

It started with the “IBERIAN Bacon Chili Premium Deluxe”, which featured Iberian (Spanish) bacon, chili sauce, jalapeňos and Cheddar cheese. That burger only cost the Japanese equivalent of $12.50 (roughly ¥980).

Not out of the ordinary enough for you? I agree. But how about the “Rossini”, a Foie-Gras & Truffle Burger that’ll set you back about $16? That’s a bit more exotic.

What I’m really excited about the prospects of is the addition of menu items incorporating lobster (oddly enough, imported from Canada, meaning the meat’s closer to U.S. Wendy’s restaurants than those in Japan).

First is the surf & turf option, which has lobster meat atop the traditional Wendy’s Burger.

Secondly, there’s an option that doesn’t include a beef patty, but instead features caviar.

Both are priced out at $16.28, and they will put the lobster & caviar on a salad for you if that’s the route you want to go.

The Lobster options? No doubt I’d get one of each (though not on the same day). The Foie-Gras & Truffle? I’d try it, but you have to admit, it doesn’t exactly LOOK appetizing…

Source: BurgerBusiness.com