So I’m back with a full week of Wisdom, and alot to get to, so let’s start.


R-Truth: Giving him the opening segment shows the WWE has faith in him. I’m not really a fan of his heel turn, but he is growing on me.

CM Punk: I’m not really digging the slicked back hair, it doesn’t seem to fit him. I liked the style he had when he first joined Nexus (such as in the photo shown) How awesome is Punk’s theme? It’s a great fit with his persona. For that matter, how funny was it when he mocked Bret Hart’s signature gesture right in front of him? And the Canada insult during the match too? And he joins commentary during the tag title match. He needs to be on the mic as much as possible.

KaneShow: At least the titles were being defended. How is a kick to the back of the head enough to take out Show? From the post match interview, when was the last time you saw Angry Show? I thought that might be a character change for him, but then he’s taken out. Speaking of character changes, how about Kane showing compassion and yelling for help after the hit on Show? Just seems a bit out of character to me.

Evan Bourne: He really needs to ditch the peace signs. It’s hard to take him seriously when he does that. ‘Air Bourne’ is becoming ‘Jobber Bourne’. His sole purpose in a match is to hit the Shooting Star Press. He’s a prime candidate for a gimmick change.

The Miz: Skinny tie? I was out shopping the weekend before RAW and saw some skinny ties on sale, now I know I should’ve got one. To further prove my point from the last RAW Wisdom article about how great a mic worker Miz is, I point to his berating of Riley and specifically the way his facial muscles quivered when he yelled. It’s just him selling what he’s saying. However after Riley laid him out and the inevitable fued between him and his former protege, Miz has to come out the victor in that battle. If the WWE is really intent on making him permanently a main eventer, they can’t have him lose to a rookie like Riley.



Opening Promo: How many people were actual surprised by Christian interrupting Orton, then Sheamus, then Henry? It’s a tactic that has been used time and time again when they want to set up multiple contenders. Teddy Long coming out and setting up the Triple Threat match was even more predictable when you consider what happened before it.

Triple Threat Promos: They were all good, Christian has obvious ability, Sheamus has underrated mic skills and Mark Henry was better then I expected. Sheamus’ comment about Henry not being relevant since the Clinton administration was funny and kind of true. Christian’s underdog story was suspiciously close to being Cena-esque.

AJ & Kaitlyn w/ Natalya: Could this be the beginnings of a coherent Divas angle? Knowing WWE probably not, since they don’t really seem to care about the division. However, there is some potential as Natalya is one of, if not the, best wrestling Diva and she could mentor Spunk & Beauty.

Booker & Cole: Seriously, what was the point of this segment? Are they going to continue to rag on Cole for his foot kissing at Over The Limit? Yeah the guy was a dick for the last few months, but so far he’s apologized and has moderated his heel commentary to the point of not bickering all the time with the other announcers.

Randy Orton: Why would he introduce himself in the opening promo? Is he trying to be Alberto Del Rio? And it wouldn’t be a WWE show without an RKO, as he delivered one to Henry during the Triple Threat match. Alas there were no Five Moves of Annihilation, as I’m calling his version of Cena’s Five Moves of Doom.

Sheamus: I’m actually a fan of Sheamus and am glad he is getting the WHC title shot. Not that he will win, but consistently putting him the main event scene is key to rebuilding his credibility. Why would they set the championship match for next week on Smackdown? Does this mean Orton will face Christian again at Capitol Punishment? Or perhaps Henry?


Well there ya have it. As always let me know what you think, if the column needs a title change, etc.