Ok so I know I said in mt previous entry this was going to be a weekly thing, and I was planning on waiting until after next week’s Smackdown to do the next one, giving my ‘wisdom’ for the full week. However I got some good material on the last Smackdown before Over The Limit. So moving on…

Opening Match: Good match, but the post match antics were what stood out to me. It just shows how thin the heel roster on Smackdown is, when Sheamus and Mark Henry are being showcased like that. I do like Sheamus as a heel and think he has above average mic skills and potential. I just hope his move to Smackdown will move him back to the top of the card. Mark Henry just doesn’t strike as the top heel that Friday Nights need.

Natalya: Hey an actual Divas match! Natalya got to showcase her skills and it is apparent that she is one of the best Divas in terms of wrestling ability. It’s not like the rest of the division is much of a match, but Natalya needs to get more airtime.

Cody Rhodes: Rhodes is becoming one of the better characters on Smackdown. His anti-Dashing persona works well and he sells it perfectly. His way of speaking, evenly and with little variance in tone or pitch, really enhances his overall performance.

Ted DiBiase: Did Rhodes really have to continue the destruction of Ted’s career? The whole Corpus Christi thing was just cheap heat and what was with DiBiase’s accent when he had the bag over his head? Hopefully, Ted gets fed up with Cody and we have the former members of Legacy feuding. I do like the flower/shrub analogy Cody used to describe Ted because it perfectly describes his career over the past year.

Matt Striker: Thankfully, he is no longer an announcer. His style was just really annoying and got old really quick.

Randy Orton: He is becoming the John Cena of Smackdown. He’s practically imposible to beat cleanly, plus he’s developing his own version of The 5 Moves of Doom. The clotheslines, Rope Hung DDT, Scoop Slam, mat pounding and finally the RKO make up Orton’s 5 Acts of Annihilation. I will be using that phrase more in the future. At the end of the show, when Mark Henry had him set up for the World’s Strongest Slam and Christian saved him, he dropped to the mat and skipped right into pulling off an RKO on Henry. I believe this ‘Skipping RKO’ should be used more often.