I normally do Movie news, but who ever said that TV news couldn’t be part of this? A TV is just a  small Film Screen in anyway… In a sense… Not really, but you get what I mean… Anyway,  I found these but none of them really had enough for their own articles, so I took all my headlines and put them here.. I’ll try to make this a weekly thing.


 Green Arrow Hits the Bullseye?

CW is making a new series ala Smallville, based on the DC Comic hero. There has been a recent casting breakdown (Sorry cant give out links because the breakdown services are subscription only) and it confirmed Dinah Lance aka Black Canary as the female lead of the show.  Dinah’s “day job is a legal aid attorney aiming to bring down the 1%. Other characters known so far are Oliver’s teenage sister, his mother Moira, and a trust fund friend Tommy. Justin Hartley who played Green Arrow in Smallville IS NOT set to reprise his role, though it’s a shame because I actually thought he was a great Oliver Queen.


Office Lives On… On A Farm?

The creators of the office are creating a spinoff of the show which would star Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, and it would be a family comedy set at the beet farm and bed and breakfast. The spinoff will be introduced later this season when an episode of the Office is set at the farm. If the show gets picked up for a new season (which more than likely it will, Rainn will be on the show up through the midway point, of the season, and then would transition to the new show, which is planned to be a midseason show.


It’s Elementary Dear CBS

CBS is in twubble. Due to the success of BBC’s Sherlock series starring Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, CBS approached them about remaking it in the US. BBC quiet easily said no, but was a bit surprised when news popped up anyway of a new show in development at CBS which is a modern retelling of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles titular series…. Sherlock holmes…. DUHN DUHN DUHN… So… it’s no surprise that BBC is a bit paranoid and have their Lawyers on speed dial. Margaret Tofalides, the Copyright specialist for the show said that if the CBS show reproduces the modern settings, plots, characters, clothes, and distinctive visual style, there’d be a Copyright claim, and they’d be on them like the English were on us during the revolutionary war.


Big Ben

Ben Stiller has signed on to star, direct, and Executive Produce HBO’s Comedy pilot “ALL Talk”, which is about the drama of a Jewish family in Washington DC. Sounds kind of boring until you see that Alan Alda is in talks to Co-Star.


Frank Darabont and LA Noir Take on Zombies

Spurned creator of the Zombie series Walking Dead Frank Darabont isn’t letting his firing get to him. He has already created a new show and it is in development with TNT. It’s called LA Noir,  (no relation to the Video Game). It’s Based on John Buntin’s book, and the story chronicles the true story battle between former Los Angeles police chief William Parker and mobster/former boxer Mickey Cohen in the 1940’s and 50’s. Now new reports are out that Frank has a little resentment, and has Jay Bernthal who plays kick ass Sherriff Deputy Shane Walsh on the Walking Dead in early negotiations to play the lead in this new show.

Speaking of Walking dead…  AMC ordered another 3 episodes to the season bringing the episode count for this season up to 16.  Kind of strange seeing this seeing as how one of the main problems this year was budget, AND the reason Frank was fired. So the fact they are paying for three more episodes is kind of a huge deal.

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