With the first weekend of games in the books, it’s time to look at some recruits and a new format in the future. Since the season has started, I’m going to change this column to focus more on the actual games that happen. Not a week in review thing but more of a good, bad and ugly look at that weekend’s games. There was plenty of each this weekend, such as the collapses of Oregon State and Notre Dame and LSU’s big win over Oregon. That’ll be coming next week. I will probably add in a recruit or two to keep the recruiting theme going, especially if there are big ones.

Jarron Jones
6’7” 308 lbs
Defensive Tackle
Rochester, NY
Commitment: Notre Dame
ESPN: 4 star, #13 DT, 96th overall  Rivals: 4 star, #4 DT, 78th overall  Scout: 5 star, #2 DT

Pros: A very big guy with a big wingspan he uses to engulf defenders and tackle opponents, uses his size to get into the offensive backfield, adept at both pass rush and run defense

Cons: Can get a little too fancy in his moves, college blockers can take advantage of his height to get him out of position

Corey Jones
5’9” 165 lbs
Wide Receiver
Pittsburgh, PA
Commitment: Pittsburgh
ESPN: 3 star, #67 WR  Rivals: 3 star, #74 WR  Scout: 4 star, #41 WR

Pros: Possess great speed that he uses to beat defenders and in the return game, can be agile in dodging tacklers, very competitive

Cons: Small size will limit his effectiveness, will struggle against taller defenders, lacks the strength to go up high for passes

Luke Kaumatule
6’7” 268 lbs
Strongside Defensive End
Honolulu, HI
Commitment: Stanford
ESPN: 3 star, #39 DE  Rivals: 4 star, #18 DE  Scout: 4 star, #35 DE

Pros: Big size with projectable bulk, stays low in order to get leverage against blockers, good burst to get through gaps into the backfield

Cons: A little rigid at times when trying to get around blockers, can be a little too aggressive when tackling

Chancellar James
6’3” 185 lbs
Spring Valley, CA
Commitment: Boise State
ESPN: 3 star, #40 S Rivals: 3 star, #46 S  Scout: 3 star, #76 S

Pros: Well-rounded skill set, instinctive in coverage and how he tracks thrown passes, has the speed to recover from mistakes

Cons: Sometimes does not look fluid in turns and breaks, tackles high on the body, needs to develop more flexibility

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