Wondering what your movie options are for the April 1st weekend?  We’ve got the list of options for you, whether you want to head to the theater or check something out on DVD.


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Jake Gyllenhaal is sent back in time using crazy technology which doesn’t really exist, he tries to stop a bomb and in the process seemingly falls in love with some woman and wants to try to help her escape the blast.  Doesn’t look like an Oscar worthy flick, and I’m guessing it won’t be as good as Deja Vu (with Denzell Washington & Jim Caviezel), but it still looks entertaining… if you like sitting on the edge of your seat watching cool special effects.


I don’t enjoy creepy movies, so I doubt I’ll ever be seeing this one, but it does look REALLY REALLY creepy, and I’ve heard that there are subtle things which happen which make it even creepier.


Rainn Wilson doing a different take on the Kick-Ass theme in a darker, more violent way?  Sounds excellent!  It probably won’t be at the top of the box office for this weekend (or any weekend), but I’m guessing that the people who go to the theater knowing how violent this film is will be entertained.


The next Easter bunny wants some freedom before he takes the big job?  Doesn’t look great, but I do commend them on targeting the holiday for a movie, which I don’t believe I’ve seen occur before.  I’m guessing the only people who are going to see this are people whose young kids drag them to the theater, so there’s no real suggestions here on my part.

Cat Run

I had never heard of this before doing research on the flicks coming out this weekend.  Apparently it’s an R-rated film about a high-priced prostitute, played by Paz Vega, who is being chased down by some guys in the government because she found some incriminating information about them.  The writers of this film earn their first big screen writing credits on IMDB, so there’s not much to go on when trying to anticipate the quality of this script given things they’ve done in the past, so I’ll defer to the trailer which actually makes it look like a fairly decent (albeit probably not award-worthy) indy flick.  Make your own decisions:

Holdovers from last week

  • Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2
    (even as a kids movie, it looks funny)
  • Sucker Punch
    (it looked cool, but I keep hearing that it’s very disappointing and convoluted)
  • Limitless
    (I don’t always/usually like Bradley Cooper, but this movie looks halfway decent)
  • The Lincoln Lawyer
    (Matthew McConaughey does good work as a lawyer, and the rest of the cast looks really good)
  • Rango
    (it looks way better than HOP, and the writer has some ridiculous credits on his resume like Gladiator, Any Given Sunday, The Aviator, The Last Samurai…)



The Tourist

How Do You Know

Yogi Bear

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