The Washington Wizards lost their 24th straight road game Monday, 102-92 in Dallas.

How can the Wizards be so much better at home (13-10) than on the road?  The disparity in records doesn’t make sense because the Verizon Center crowd isn’t known for being particularly enthusiastic, and Washington ranks just 20th in the NBA in attendance.

The Wizards are too young, and are in danger of perpetuating a culture of losing and having players that don’t know how to finish games.

It’s true that the team won’t be turned around overnight.  Washington has been mostly bad for the past thirty years, since the Bullets won the NBA championship.

But it’s still admirable to try to win as many games as possible instead of writing off the season as a lost year and building solely for the future.  D.C. fans deserve better.

They deserve better from owner Ted Leonsis, coach Flip Saunders, and rookie John Wall.

It’s fine to get young players, but you need to mix in some players who have winning experience.  The strategy of having all young players is a veiled way of essentially losing on purpose in order to gain a better draft position.  Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

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