The Washington Redskins have come to terms with the St Louis Rams and will acquire the #2 overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

The new league year begins on Tuesday, so the trade won’t become official until that point.

The Washington Redskins have apparently traded their first round draft picks for this year’s draft and also the next two seasons. Also included in the deal is reportedly a second round draft pick as well.

It’s widely speculated that the top two draft picks will be at the Quarterback position, with Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III as the consensus options. The Indianapolis Colts are likely to take Andrew Luck in the top spot, though some analysts indicate that Robert Griffin III has just as much potential.

Robert Griffin III likely to be Washington Redskins QB

Robert Griffin III likely to be Redskins QB

More on this story as the details become available.

It was reported that sources close to Peyton Manning indicated that the future Hall Of Fame QB does not want to sign with Washington in his current Free Agency search for a new team.