Should the Redskins trade up to draft quarterback Robert Griffin III of Baylor?

One of the greatest franchises in NFL history has become nationally irrelevant. The Washington Redskins finished the 2011 season with a record of 5-11, one game worse than last season’s 6-10 mark. While the Redskins are getting younger and deeper, any improvement hasn’t been reflected in their record. Fans of the team, who have only seen three playoff appearances in the last 19 years, are more than anxious for a winner.

With a rabid fan base, two sports talk radio stations, several newspapers and countless blogs in town, coverage of the Washington Redskins can get a little out of hand at times. However, crazy as it may sound, saying something loudly doesn’t necessarily make it true.

So here’s a list of five common opinions about the Redskins that are more myth than fact.

Myth 1: The Redskins should not trade up to get a franchise quarterback. 

Should the Redskins trade multiple draft picks in exchange for a potential franchise quarterback such as Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III, or for Peyton Manning or Sam Bradford if they are on the block?  The majority of fans and members of the media say no, based on failed moves in the past by the Redskins.

However, those trades and free agent signings that didn’t work out are a sunk cost – they are over with, can’t be changed, and shouldn’t affect future decisions. Those missteps shouldn’t scare the Redskins away from attempting moves that could potentially help the team.

The Skins should absolutely consider trading for Manning if he’s available and healthy, or for the rights to Griffin.

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